About Us

The STOPP Team:

Jim Sedlak, ALL Vice-President

Rita Diller, National Director

Our Beginnings

In 1985, the idea of STOPP was conceived. As the work moved from local to national to international, new groups were formed. STOPP INTERNATIONAL has led the fight since 1994. The acronym which forms our name was taken from our purpose, i.e., to STOP Planned Parenthood. To be completely correct, we suppose we should have called ourselves STOPPP, but that seemed a bit of an overkill. The acronym has provided us with many light moments as we have seen PP try to figure out what it stands for. PP used to print that it stood for STamp Out Planned Parenthood. More recently, they have called us "the Society To Outlaw Planned Parenthood." Whichever they use, the meaning is clear.

Our Purpose

The purpose of STOPP is really quite simple. We intend to cause such discontent with Planned Parenthood programs that it will have no choice but to close its doors and get out of town! That doesn't seem like too much to ask of an organization that has been ruthlessly attacking our children for years-abusing them in the womb and in the classroom.

Our Supporters

STOPP is an organization of parents. Parents who share the belief that we have the God-given right and obligation to raise our children, from the moment of conception. Parents who believe that our obligation extends to making sure that any monies collected from us (either by the government, by a company that sells us products, or by some charitable fund) is not used to support the slaughter of innocent babies or the abuse of our growing children. And, finally, parents who believe our school systems should be dedicated to educating our children on basic skills and not using their time for the social engineering programs of PP and other groups.

Our Principles

STOPP is a Christian organization and, as such, we do all of our work in accordance with the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The main guidance of our work is the Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter 10. Anyone who wants to understand us need only read that passage.

Our Tactics

STOPP endorses all nonviolent activity which is in accord with the laws of God. We support the no-exception legislation position of American Life League. We believe all these activities are necessary and must be joined with an all-out assault on the failed sex ed programs of Planned Parenthood if we are to restore the family to its true place and protect our children.

Our Funding

STOPP INTERNATIONAL is totally supported by free-will donations from concerned people. It is only through your generosity that we are able to continue.

Our Contribution

STOPP provides expert speakers and literature to combat PP programs. Through our newsletter, we keep parents abreast ofwhat PP is doing and how others are successfully fighting PP. We are involved in fights against PP sex education in schools and in stopping local government funding of PP. We are willing to travel to help you defeat PP in your community.