Objectionable PP Resources

The best way to fight PP is to provide copies of its highly objectionable materials to community, education and government leaders. These can be compiled in notebook form, for the convenience of school board officials, county and city officials, and others.

Your notebook should carry the words: WARNING: This notebook contains samples of Planned Parenthood resources and web pages. IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN OR TEENS.

It’s Perfectly Normal — This book is recommended on its cover for children ages 10 and up and is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  It can be checked out from any public library, youth section, and copies made of some of the most offensive pages.  Here is a link to a report on this offensive book http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42fP58EcBuY by ALL’s Michael Hichborn.  Here is link to the February 24, 2010 Wednesday STOPP Report article on the book.

Info For Teens — PP’s highly objectionable website for teens http://www.plannedparenthood.org/info-for-teens/

Take Care Down There - Another highly objectionable Planned Parenthood web site http://www.takecaredownthere.org/#/watch/find-the-sti/

IPPF Healthy, Happy and Hot — An incredibly brash Planned Parenthood brochure that "supports sexual pleasure" and pushes "sexual rights" as human rights for young people who are living with HIV, encouraging them to have sex and including the "right" to not disclose their HIV status to sexual partners.