Planned Parenthood announces "Free EC Day"
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It’s the holiday season and retailers all across the country are scurrying to attract shoppers into their stores. The super sales on “Black Friday” have given way to price cuts and free giveaways as the giant chains go after every customer they can get.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain and one of the biggest drug chains in the country, is no exception. The organization’s affiliates are beginning to announce participation in a “Free EC Day” on December 6.

On that day, women will be able to go to many of Planned Parenthood’s clinics across the country and be provided with a free EC kit (one kit per customer).

CALL TO ACTION: We encourage every fighter of Planned Parenthood to be outside every one of its clinics on Wednesday, December 6 and hand out accurate information on emergency contraception. You can order copies of our full color brochure online or you can download a black and white copy free and take it to your local copy shop to get copies for distribution.

We must not let Planned Parenthood deceive people that day. We must tell them the truth.