NJ Planned Parenthood caught billing fraudulent Medicaid claims
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Planned Parenthood affiliates in New Jersey have been caught ripping off taxpayers by improperlybilling Medicaid claims.  They join the ranks of several other Planned Parenthood affiliates that have been recently exposed for systematically filing fraudulent claims.

Over the course of four years, New Jersey family planning facilities were found by the US Inspector General for Health and Human Services to have inappropriately billed an accumulated $3 million, according to a recent press release from New Jersey Right to Life.

A 2008 audit report entitled, "Review of Outpatient Medicaid Claims Billed as Family Planning by New Jersey" says, "During our visits to family planning clinics throughout the State, many providers (especially Planned Parenthood providers) stated that they billed all claims to Medicaid as 'family planning.' Therefore, officials at these clinics often populated the family planning indicator field on Medicaid claims even though the service provided did not meet the criteria for 90 percent Federal funding. By populating this field, the MMIS designated the claim as eligible for 90 percent Federal funding."

As a result of fraudulent claims uncovered in three audits, the State of New Jersey has been asked to pay back the $3 million improperly billed by New Jersey family planning facilities to the federal government.

In light of this revelation, coupled with the discovery of Medicaid fraud by PP affiliates in California, New York and Washington, and the missing millions that are unaccounted for in a recent report by the GAO on Planned Parenthood expenditures of federal funds, American Life League is renewing its ongoing call for defunding of Planned Parenthood, and encouraging attorneys general throughout the United States to investigate and pursue legal action against Planned Parenthood affiliates guilty of defrauding the government.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie recently laudably cut $7.5 million from the New Jersey state budget that was earmarked for family planning, most of which would have gone to Planned Parenthood. He subsequently vetoed an attempt by legislators to restore the funding.