Planned Parenthood's dastardly deception: "Abortion is 3 percent of our business"
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Planned Parenthood continues its attempts to deceive the American people in order to increase its government funding and abortion business in the face of growing opposition to abortion and to Planned Parenthood in our nation.

By playing games with the numbers, Planned Parenthood claims once again in this 2008 service numbers “Fact Sheet” that abortion is 3 percent of its business.

It arrives at that number by dividing the number of abortions it commits by the total number of “services.” In 2008, that would be 324,008 divided by 10,943,609.

To illustrate the absurdity of such a statistic, we could say that if Planned Parenthood hands out 97 condoms, it would count that as 97 “services.” Then it does 3 abortions, and claims that, because it also handed out 97 condoms, abortion is 3 percent of its business. This is a dastardly display of deception, specifically designed to lead the American people and the legislators who continue to give government money to Planned Parenthood to believe that a very small portion of Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion-related.

A better way to illustrate Planned Parenthood’s abortion-centered business model would be to see what percentage of its total clinic income is attributable to abortion. When we do the math, we see that Planned Parenthood’s estimated $152,283,760 2008 abortion income amounts to 40.6 percent of its 2007-2008 clinic income.

If Planned Parenthood wanted to accurately portray the extent of its abortion business, it would use the 40.6 percent figure instead of the deceptive 3 percent figure that it constantly regurgitates.