Planned Parenthood committed 21,702 late term abortions in 2008
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Planned Parenthood often brags that it commits abortions early – as if that makes killing the child any less egregious – and has been known many times to say that what it is aborting is just tissue.

Though Planned Parenthood doesn’t report the number of late term abortions it commits, STOPP researchers did the math and found that the abortion giant committed 21,702 late term abortions in 2008.  Here is how we arrived at that number.

In 2008, Planned Parenthood Federation of America reports that it committed 324,008 abortions.  The abortion giant also reports in its New England Journal of Medicine study cited above that it committed 96,738 medical (abortion pill) abortions representing 32% of first-trimester abortions in Planned Parenthood facilities. That means it committed 302,306 first trimester abortions in 2008.

When we subtract the number of first trimester abortions committed at Planned Parenthood in 2008 (302,306) from the total number of abortions (324,008) we see that 21,702 late term abortions were committed by Planned Parenthood in 2008

Pro-life advocates have responded in so many heroic ways to lend real support to women so that they will not feel forced into abortion and are turning out in droves at Planned Parenthood facilities to pray and bear witness to the Gospel of Life.  These are essential elements to stopping Planned Parenthood. 

But until we cut off Planned Parenthood’s ever increasing sources of government funding, the abortion giant will continue to grow fatter and fatter as it gorges itself on the money it absorbs from the government, using that money to promote itself in the community and sexualize our children so that it can gobble up the money it generates by killing preborn children – including second and third trimester children -- at the apex of its business day.

Visit the new STOPP website to find information on stopping government funding of Planned Parenthood, and please act now to implement the plan.