Outrage: Planned Parenthood tries to lower age of sexual consent to 14 in Peru
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2010-11-24

Peru is a country in which fewer than 15 percent of young people below the age of 18 are sexually active. Yet International Planned Parenthood Federation is pushing legislation there to lower the age of sexual consent to 14.

Lifesite News reports the shocking story and says that Planned Parenthood's excuse for attempting to lower the age is so young people will not be prosecuted for consensual sexual intercourse. The legislation obviously opens the door for adults to have unrestricted sex with boys and girls 14 years of age and older without fear of prosecution, making Peru a haven for sexual predators and a cashbox for Planned Parenthood's contraceptive and abortion business.

International Planned Parenthood has recently published documents that clearly state the intent to guarantee "sexual rights" to everyone, including very young children. Planned Parenthood's radical document Sexual Rights, an IPPF declaration, purports to create "change," promote and ensure "sexual rights" as human rights -- even for little children, and promotes the use of legislative and judicial action to enforce these supposed rights against those who stand in its way.

The sexual rights declaration was followed by another IPPF document entitled Stand and Deliver, which is designed to place contraceptives and sexually explicit information in the hands of every child beginning at the age of ten, while insisting that prepubescent children have sexual rights that should be "free from administrative restrictions and obstacles." It seeks to make Planned Parenthood's immoral, perverse "comprehensive sex education" a human right that must be afforded to all children.

We now see Planned Parenthood aggressively pushing that agenda worldwide.

Parents, remain vigilant. Now is the time to find out what your children are being taught in school and in youth groups and clubs of all sorts. Planned Parenthood is constantly making inroads into any group that involves teens and young children, and especially loves to be involved with church groups. We must have strong parents on the local school boards and boards of directors of local youth organizations to hold the line against Planned Parenthood and its evil agenda that seeks to steal the souls of our children.

Our website, www.stopp.org is devoted to stopping Planned Parenthood's aggressive attacks on our children and teens. Please study it today and take action.