2) Abortion
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The number of innocent babies Planned Parenthood kills every year via abortion procedures continues to increase. PPFA reported that it performed 227,375 abortion procedures in 2002. That represents a 6.7% increase over the previous year. The state of New York legalized surgical abortion on Sunday, July 1, 1970. On July 2, 1970, Planned Parenthood of Syracuse, N.Y., opened the first freestanding abortion clinic in the nation. While STOPP does not have accurate numbers for Planned Parenthood abortions for the early years, STOPP does have the numbers of abortions PPFA reported dating back to 1977. Since that time, PPFA has reported doing 3,246,934 abortions up to and including 2002. Remember that this figure does not include pre-implantation abortions caused sometimes by the anti-implantation effects of various birth control drugs and IUDs.

If we compare the 2002 PPFA abortion procedures to the generally accepted figure of about 1.3 million abortions procedures per year in the U.S., we can estimate that PPFA performed about 17.5% of all U.S. abortion procedures in 2002. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country, running about 190 abortion facilities nationwide. Please view the chart, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Abortions 1977 – 2002, which shows the annual number of PPFA abortions. See also the chart, Percent of Total US Reported Abortions Done by Planned Parenthood 1977–2002 that shows how Planned Parenthood’s percentage of total U.S. abortions has grown throughout those years.

Based upon an estimated average cost of $400 per abortion, STOPP estimates that PPFA had a total income of $90,950,000 from abortion procedures in 2002. STOPP has made a yearly estimate of PPFA’s abortion income for each year 1977 – 2002 based upon an estimated average cost of an abortion in each particular year. Please view the results in the chart, Estimated Planned Parenthood Abortion Income 1977 – 2002. Adding up each year’s estimated abortion income from 1977 to 2002 gives a total of about $985,000,000 of income from abortion during that period.

Please view the data table, Planned Parenthood Abortions, Estimated Abortion Income, Percent of US Abortions 1977 – 2002, which includes the actual numbers used to create the previous PPFA abortion related charts. There is a PDF version and an HTML version.