Medicaid fraud alleged against Planned Parenthood in Texas
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2011-11-09

Another former Planned Parenthood employee has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, alleging millions of dollars fraudulently billed to the government by the abortion giant.

The suit, filed by Karen Reynolds, levels six counts against Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast (PPGC) for violating the Federal False Claims Act and the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act. Reynolds worked for Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas, now known as Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, from October 1999 through February 2009.

The complaint alleges: “PPGC trained and instructed the employees at its twelve regional clinics to bill the government for medical services that were not medically necessary, to bill the government for medical services that were not actually provided, to bill the government for services that are not covered by Medicaid, and to falsify information in patient medical charts that was material to claims submitted to the government for reimbursement in an effort to evade detection of Defendant’s fraudulent billing practices.”

Reynolds details in her 35-page complaint how Planned Parenthood trained employees to maximize billing of government programs in order to meet monthly revenue goals for each program billed.

The complaint goes on to state:

PPGC even utilized cross-training of employees whereby employees from “under-performing” clinics were sent to higher-performing clinics to train on methods of increasing revenue billed to state and federal health care programs. For example, PPGC corporate directors instructed the Lufkin clinic to send assistant director Regina Wittmann to the Greenspoint Clinic in Houston for several days for training on how to increase the average “price per visit” for WHP, Medicaid, and Title XX patients.

You can read the entire complaint here.

Former Planned Parenthood employees are beginning to put a real strain on the abortion giant’s business through lawsuits and their public witness about the reality of what goes on inside the facilities.

When you are at Planned Parenthood praying and witnessing, always be aware that your best ally in bringing the abortion giant down may be currently working inside that facility. It is up to you to pray for those employees every time you are there and to reach out in love to them. Many of them are extremely uncomfortable with working in the abortion industry and are looking for a way out. God may very well send you to rescue them from Planned Parenthood. And the very employee you rescue may be the one who holds the evidence that will bring Planned Parenthood down.