Planned Parenthood's psychopathic pummeling of Komen
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2012-02-08

Hell hath shown its fury when Planned Parenthood was scorned. Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards showed just how deep fury can run as she unleashed a coup to destroy Komen for the Cure or force it into submission, following Komen’s change in funding criteria that would exclude the abortion giant from future grants.

When Komen attempted late last year to quietly stop future Planned Parenthood grants, Richards apparently went to work right away behind the scenes, putting together a campaign that would force Komen to continue funding it or pay the ultimate price of being publicly destroyed, despite an ongoing investigation into its handling of government funds.

One of Planned Parenthood’s fiercest public campaigns in history played out last week against Komen, even though the half a million dollars that it receives annually from Komen comprises only half of one percent of PP’s annual billion dollar budget.

Why would Planned Parenthood make such a big to-do over such a comparatively small amount of funding? Is it trying to protect its self-proclaimed image as the great savior of women—when the facts are clear that it is the greatest public enemy of women and children? Is it in a protracted rage because it didn’t get what it wanted? Or is it building a wall of powerful allies in an attempt to protect itself in its death throes? All those scenarios seem to be coming into play.

The attack on Komen has made it abundantly clear that Planned Parenthood doesn’t care who it destroys in the process of getting its way. If organizations could be given a collective psychiatric diagnosis, no doubt Planned Parenthood’s performance would place it neatly into the sociopath category.

The psychopathic attack on Komen seems to have ended, at least for now, in Komen’s backing down and rewriting its grant qualifications, in order to get the abortion giant off its back before Planned Parenthood and its allies go in for the final kill.

Let me be clear: Komen has never taken a pro-life position, but appeared to be at least working toward an abortion-neutral stance by divorcing Planned Parenthood. It was attempting to shed itself of the pariah that Planned Parenthood has become to those organizations it associates with. According to Jill Stanek, a source stated that Komen CEO Nancy Brinker was “spending nearly half her time dealing with the Planned Parenthood issue.” Brinker wanted to be free of that burden, and instead she and her organization became the latest victims of Planned Parenthood’s assault on women.

That Planned Parenthood was joined by such public figures as Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York—who donated $250,000 in matching funds to those who would support Planned Parenthood in its time of “loss of funding”—and a vast array of powerful leaders, both in Congress and at large, shows just how entrenched Planned Parenthood has become in the halls of Congress and among the mega wealthy.

The fact that Planned Parenthood was able to raise $4 million in three days in the wake of its poor-Planned-Parenthood/nasty-old-Komen-campaign shows that it has no need for government funding.

Planned Parenthood was able to bully Komen into apologizing to the American people for attempting to decline grants to the nation’s largest abortion chain. The fact that the abortion giant was able to rally enough powerful people and organizations to bully Komen is indicative of a society that has completely lost its moral bearings--a society that is reeling in the wake of chaos that results when the wholesale slaughter of millions of innocent children for profit is allowed and even rewarded, praised, blessed and defended.

Planned Parenthood must be stopped. The killing must be stopped. The bullying must be stopped. It is time for all public funding to Planned Parenthood to cease.

For more information on stopping Planned Parenthood funding, visit our Defund Planned Parenthood Action Center today.