Wednesday STOPP Report - November 17, 2021

Planned Parenthood working to make California the USA abortion haven

By Jim Sedlak

Planned Parenthood has always seen California as the center of its abortion empire. Although Planned Parenthood Federation of America has its executive offices in New York City and a major lobbying office in Washington, DC, its abortion business is very much centered in California.

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Planned Parenthood Greater Texas' "Empowerment Kits"

Planned Parenthood is hurting in Texas. Most abortions after six weeks gestation are prohibited. 

Suddenly, even though Planned Parenthood says that abortion is only 3-4 percent of its “services,” it says it is struggling.

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Vermont schools provide free Planned Parenthood condoms to students

In 2019, Vermont governor, Phil Scott, signed into law the bill that mandated that all middle schools and high schools in the state make condoms available to every student for free. The law made Vermont the first state in the nation to mandate access to free condoms in public high schools and middle schools.

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States fighting Planned Parenthood rejoining Title X

In the last issue of the Wednesday STOPP Report, we told you about the Biden administration changing the rules so Planned Parenthood could rejoin Title X and start receiving the $60 million it lost due to the Trump administration. There is a correct way to change the rules. It is time- consuming, but it follows the law. The Trump administration did it right and it took them two years to make the change. The Biden administration couldn’t wait; they just by-passed the law and declared the rules changed.

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