Wednesday STOPP Report - December 04, 2019

Planned Parenthood Direct is nothing new

Planned Parenthood launched its new Planned Parenthood Direct (PPD) app to much fanfare during 2019. It has talked about how its new services were going to be a game changer for rural America. Over the last three months, we did two articles on PPD: Planned Parenthood’s Next Target and West Texas – Planned Parenthood Direct, and kicked off more research. When we contacted researchers in the contraceptive industry, we were met with much disinterest.

As people who understand that about 90 percent of the so-called contraceptives on the market today actually kill preborn babies, we usually don’t keep up with developments in contraceptive sales. But, since this involved Planned Parenthood, we dug deeper.

It turns out that the new development in the way Planned Parenthood is prescribing, selling, and delivering deadly birth control is nothing new for the industry. Others have been doing it for a lot longer than Planned Parenthood. One of the big names in the industry is NURX—that was founded in 2014. NURX has a board of directors that includes Chelsea Clinton (yes, THAT Chelsea Clinton). It offers the same services to the same 28 states as Planned Parenthood and has been doing it longer. In addition, where Planned Parenthood delivers only 10 birth control products (all made by PP spin-off, Afaxys) through its app, NURX offers many more products— including the morning after pill and PrEP products.

An article on CNET actually listed another dozen companies that currently offer online services similar to that offered by Planned Parenthood and NURX. These included Alpha Medical, Blink Health, Hers, HeyDoctor, Lemonaid, Maven, Pill Club, PlushCare, Prjkt Ruby, Simple Health, and Twentyeight Health.

What Planned Parenthood has done in rolling out this product and spending millions of dollars in advertising it is alert the entire pro-life community to an anti-life threat that may have gone by under the radar otherwise.

We all need to understand that, whatever the annual abortion numbers coming out of the CDC or Guttmacher are, the future of abortion in America is NOT the surgical or birth control buildings at which we pray, counsel, protest, and mourn. The future is the at-home, self-managed abortions that are already taking place daily and will escalate as quickly as we will let it. The mechanisms are all being put in place by Satan and, by advising his clients to use the word “contraceptive” instead of “abortion,” he is advancing quickly.

I first found out that so-called contraceptives actually end the lives of preborn babies when Planned Parenthood told me in 1986. That’s right; the other side has always known that contraceptives kill human beings in the womb. They just cleverly manipulated definitions so that killing those babies was not called an “abortion.” And, if it was not “abortion,” then the majority of the pro-life movement ran away from it and would not even try to save those babies.

If we do not, as a community, expand our fight in 2020 to include the protection of every human being facing death after he or she is created, we will be destined to lose the war.

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

Planned Parenthood Comings and Goings


Planned Parenthood of Maryland announced “Jay Hutchins was named vice president of public affairs with Planned Parenthood. Hutchins will lead the strategic direction of Planned Parenthood of Maryland’s advocacy to advance policy and legislation that protects and expands reproductive health care and maximizes the ability to deliver health care and sex education. He will work in close coordination with the national organizing team to build power for the reproductive justice movement.”

In short, Hutchins is being hired to protect and expand the killing of preborn children. Let’s pray that he realizes quickly the truth about Planned Parenthood and he leaves.


Planned Parenthood closes doors in Benton Township, Maryland. Planned Parenthood said closure was due to a lack of customers. According to the article, it had only 851 patients in all of 2018.

Planned Parenthood taken off website. Students win! Pro-life activists scored a win at Edgewood College last month when the Catholic institution removed Planned Parenthood from its list of wellness resources, following a massive petition demanding the abortion provider be stripped from the school’s website.

The petition was started by TFP Student Action, an organization that seeks to “proudly affirm the positive values of tradition, family and private property.” It was addressed to Mary Ellen Gevelinger, the interim president of the Madison, Wisconsin, college.

Spotlight: Houston Coalition for Life

(As the battle against Planned Parenthood continues to rage across the United States, we meet a large number of groups and individuals who fight Planned Parenthood in their own towns. We have decided to add a section to our Wednesday STOPP Report to put a spotlight on these great groups that engage the enemy every day. If you have a group or individual you believe should be a subject of one of these articles, please send an e-mail with SPOTLIGHT as the subject to [email protected]).


For our very first SPOTLIGHT group, we want to bring you information on those that are fighting the largest Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the nation, the 78,000 square-foot building in Houston, Texas.

The vision of the Houston Coalition for Life is: A community that loves, respects, and protects every human life from conception until natural death.

Its mission statement: Ending abortion in Houston . . . peacefully and prayerfully.

Its success: One of its primary efforts is to operate a mobile crisis pregnancy center (CPC), known as the “Big Blue Bus,” a refurbished 44-foot motor coach parked daily outside Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion facility in the United States. By offering expectant mothers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and Christian counseling, our program saves lives. Since early 2011, we have had over 13,000 visits to the Big Blue Bus. Of the expectant mothers, more than 92% chose life and continued their pregnancies to full term. We proudly put our second CPC, called “Baby Blue,” on the road on a part-time basis in November of 2014.

With the opening of their Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center, they increased the number of mothers they served as they began to offer pregnancy tests and ultrasounds—free of charge. In 2016, they achieved one of their long-term goals of reaching women who have negative pregnancy tests. They continue to stay in contact with them by offering them the Curriculum of Life Program. Since they know such women have considered abortion, this program enables these women to value the human dignity of the unborn child and helps to build a solid family foundation. They believe this program helps decrease future abortions.

So far, in 2019, the Houston Coalition for Life, with prayers and support, has helped 1,266 moms escape abortion and choose life for their babies (almost five every day on average). That's 200 more moms than at this same point in 2018!

Its History: The Houston Coalition for Life (HCL) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2002 which works with dozens of churches and thousands of individuals who are dedicated to ending abortion in Houston. HCL offers hope and encouragement to expectant mothers who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. From its website:

Tragically, many women facing a crisis pregnancy consider abortion because they feel trapped and they do not know about the assistance in the community. When shown life-affirming resources, especially the ultrasound, where they see the life residing within them, their minds and hearts are changed.

We encourage each expectant mother to choose life by introducing her to her unborn child through a free ultrasound and by counseling her on the life choices available. This essential work is accomplished primarily through the ministry of Stand & Pray, Sidewalk Counseling and through our mobile crisis pregnancy centers which offer free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and Christian counseling.

In 2015, we turned a new page by opening our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center which houses our Maternal Assistance Program and Curriculum of Life Program. New mothers, expectant mothers and young women who need our help are offered weekly classes on Parenting, Natural Family Planning, Breastfeeding, and other life skills needed to nurture mother and child. We also provide baby items to mothers in most need and reward them with diapers for attending our classes. Throughout our contact with these women, HCL staff and volunteers also promote the virtues of chastity, and emphasize the dignity of human life.

We have continued our program now that we have just moved on June 1, 2018 to our new location at 2925 W. T.C. Jester Blvd!

Pray the Rosary with Judie Brown on December 9th

As the Marian Blue Wave spreads across the world, we note that the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary will be celebrated by the Catholic Church this coming Monday, December 9 (because the normal feast day of December 8 falls on a Sunday, the celebration has been moved to Monday this year).

As you know, when you join the Marian Blue Wave, you commit to saying a Rosary a week for the intentions of the MBW.

This Monday, December 9, you will have the opportunity to say that Rosary together with Judie Brown, president of American Life League, at 7:00 PM (Eastern Time); 6:00 PM (Central); 5 PM (Mountain); and 4 PM (Pacific).

To say the Rosary with Judie, go to

The intentions of the Marian Blue Wave include:

  • Shut down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States.
  • Shut down every abortion facility in the United States.
  • Expose Catholics who advocate for or promote abortion in any way so that we can pray for them and reach out to each of them in love. Our goal is to change hearts by teaching the truth.
  • Our prayer petitions include:
  1. The Holy Father, bishops, priests, and deacons. May each of them have the courage to defend Christ in the Eucharist and lead their people in praying the Rosary and asking Mary to intercede for us in this struggle.
  2. Families damaged in any way by abortion and its aftermath. May they all find peace in God’s mercy.
  3. Expectant mothers who fear they cannot carry their babies to term, as well as those who will help them and comfort them. May they all feel the hope of Christ’s loving embrace.