Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America and has over 815 facilities. It attempts to increase the number of its clinics/facilities, but the hard work from local pro-lifers has stopped Planned Parenthood in many ways.

Over the period of 2005-2009,

  • Chemical abortion facilities have been declining.
  • Surgical abortion facilities have been declining.
  • The total number of Planned Parenthood facilities has been declining.


  • Medical abortion facilities have been increasing.

It is very important to get involved to defeat Planned Parenthood. Whether Planned Parenthood has a facility in your community (visit our Map Room) or if Planned Parenthood plans on building a facility in your area, you need to equip yourself and the people around you with the following information.


Chemical abortions: These are abortions caused by drugs that, at least some of the time, prevent the implantation of the already-created human being in the uterine lining. Some common chemical abortion drugs include the birth control pill, patch, IUD, Plan B and other birth control products.

Medical abortions: These are abortions that involve the administration of drugs specifically intended to abort the child, sometimes referred to as abortion pills or medication abortion. Some common drugs include Mifepristone (RU-486) and Methotrexate.

Surgical abortions: These are abortions that involve an invasive procedure. Some types of surgical abortions include suction aspiration, dilation and curettage (D&C), dilation and extraction (D&X), and dilation and evacuation (D&E).

Chemical abortion facilities: These are Planned Parenthood facilities that distribute birth control products that, at least some of the time, result in chemical abortions.


Medical abortion facilities: These are Planned Parenthood facilities that commit chemical and medical abortions.

Surgical abortion facilities: These are Planned Parenthood facilities that commit chemical, medical and surgical abortions.

Express facilities: These are Planned Parenthood facilities that engage in limited expedited activities, such as quick pick up of birth control.

There are two different routes Planned Parenthood uses to attack our communities. One is through its physical facilities, including express clinics, chemical abortion facilities, medical abortion facilities and surgical abortion facilities. The second is through its sexualization programs. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has, since 1970, pushed for sex education in public schools. In 1986, its president, Faye Wattleton, stated that PPFA had established a goal of getting kindergarten through 12th grade sex education mandated in every school district in the nation.

Planned Parenthood uses its immoral sex education programs to desensitize, sexualize and indoctrinate our children with PP's philosophies — philosophies that include the acceptance of abortion and deviant sexual practices, philosophies that encourage sexual activity with minors in violation of the law, philosophies that are in direct opposition to the teachings of most churches in this country.


Before starting, it is important for you to realize that most people in your town either have not heard of Planned Parenthood or have some idea that it is a benevolent group. Most people in your town are not aware of the background, philosophies and programs of Planned Parenthood. Most do not know that it is a group that will come between parents and children. Most are not really aware of its dedication to killing preborn children.

Therefore, your first effort should be one of education. Educate your friends, school officials, clergy and local businesses. An easy way to start this is by simply writing letters to the editor in your local newspaper or online forum.

The Notebook. One of your best tools for educating the community is to put together a notebook that contains objectionable pages from Planned Parenthood’s web site for teens called Teen Talk and other Planned Parenthood publications such as "Happy, Healthy and Hot," which can be seen here. Your notebook should also include information about objectionable items distributed by your local Planned Parenthood, such as It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris. It’s Perfectly Normal bears an endorsement on the back cover from Planned Parenthood and is recommended for children ages 10 and up. A Washington prison refused to carry this book because it was deemed too obscene and sexually explicit, yet Planned Parenthood recommends and distributes it to children.

Your notebook should be distributed to pastors and church leaders, parents, school board officials, city and county officials, and other community leaders. It will be an integral tool in educating those in your community about Planned Parenthood.


There are a number of legal, non-violent ways to expose Planned Parenthood, thus eroding community support, which will result in fewer clients and eventually in Planned Parenthood leaving town.

Education – The first thing you should do is start educating your community. You must reach out to your community and alert them to the coming danger of Planned Parenthood. Read more on how to exactly do this by visiting The Plan section of our web site. Be sure you incorporate into your education plan the notebook mentioned in Keeping Planned Parenthood Out! (above).

Prayer vigil with signs – The single most effective thing you can do to fight an existing Planned Parenthood facility is to establish a regular (at least weekly) prayer vigil with signs that bring Planned Parenthood’s agenda into focus. This one act will prick the consciences of those working inside Planned Parenthood and its potential customers. It will also result in increased public attention to the immorality and depravity of its programs and philosophies, thus lowering PP’s credibility and its client load. Onsite prayer can move mountains and close Planned Parenthood facilities.


To learn more about how to defeat Planned Parenthood’s plans for your community, go to The Plan section of our web site.

If you are looking for resources and statistics to educate the people in your community, visit Reference Materials and Stats and Analysis.

Thank you for getting involved in the fight. Let us all work together to protect our families.