What to Bring to a Protest
Be Prepared to Avoid Potential Problems

While conducting a peaceful, prayerful protest outside Planned Parenthood is your First Amendment right, and these events are almost universally without incident, we recommend you prepare yourself to avoid any problems.

Be prepared

We commend you for deciding to protest at Planned Parenthood.  Before you hit the streets, take a minute to review this list.  You must be prepared to protect yourself and others in your group.

Bring a friend

We do not recommend that anyone be out in front of Planned Parenthood alone. Please bring at least one other person with you so that, in the unlikely event a Planned Parenthood employee or customer should harass you, there will be a witness to whatever occurs.

Video camera

Almost all protests take place peacefully, but things happen on occasion.  If you have video evidence of the protest, you can prove to the police and the court, if necessary, what exactly took place.  And bringing a video camera helps deter negative activity, since no one wants to be recorded breaking the law.

Cell phone

This item is also important for your protection.  More than likely, you will never need to make an emergency call from your protest site.  But you never know when someone might become ill or have car trouble.  It’s always best to be prepared.

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