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Help fight Planned Parenthood by starting a protest in your area.

Holding a frequent (at least weekly) protest outside of your local Planned Parenthood facility is very important in the effort to spread the truth about Planned Parenthood. It does not make any difference if the local Planned Parenthood does surgical or medical abortions, or if it “just” sells products that end the lives of babies in the womb by preventing implantation (a chemical abortion). The presence of peaceful, prayerful people outside its facilities telling the truth about its programs and philosophies is very effective in undoing its slick press image.

We encourage you to get together with two or three other people in your area and begin your prayerful presence outside your local Planned Parenthood.

Please first read through all of the information we have available on this web site.

If you are ready to submit information regarding a new protest or one that you are aware of that is not listed in the Map Room,

The Latest ALL Report Exposes How Planned Parenthood is Hooking Kids on Sex

Warning: This video is not appropriate for children.

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