Successful Battles Against Planned Parenthood
Beginning the Fight Against Planned Parenthood

Since 1985, STOPP's newsletter has chronicled some of the victories pro-lifers have had against Planned Parenthood. Here, below, are some examples. STOPP wants to make it clear that we attribute ALL of STOPP's success to the fact that we proclaim ourselves as a Christian organization. It is Jesus Christ who guides our efforts and allows our success. It is only through HIM that we can accomplish anything.

Monrovia, California
In 2001, pro-lifers from Monrovia, CA swung into action when they found out Planned Parenthood planned to open a new abortion clinic in their city. Monrovians against Planned Parenthood (MAPP) began their fight in prayer, and they got the local clergy involved. MAPP's president, John O'Neill, contacted STOPP for advice. MAPP found out that that an existing PP clinic had been getting rent-free space at the county health department for 35 years. The pro-lifers wrote a letter of protest and only one week later the chief of the county's public health operations wrote to PP telling it to vacate the Monrovia Health Center. MAPP flooded the city with letters opposing the new PP abortion clinic as well. They held several rallies, picketed, and spoke out at city council meetings. The crowds at these meetings became so large that they overflowed outside of the city hall. Then MAPP led a court battle against the city. Their lawsuit claimed the city interpreted zoning codes so that Planned Parenthood's plans would not be subjected to public notice requirements. As a result of MAPP's persistent pressure on the city, Monrovia ended up buying the brand new abortion facility from PP in 2002 for over $800,000 and is tearing it down under the guise of redevelopment of the neighborhood. The PP abortion facility never opened, and no babies were killed there as a result! MAPP's website is at:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
When Planned Parenthood announced that it would do abortions at its clinic in Lancaster, pro-lifers swung into action. STOPP was invited to speak several times in the city and served as a strategy consultant. Regular pickets of Planned Parenthood's facility were begun. Pro-lifers also contacted the boards of all the area hospitals and initiated legal challenges. Lancaster United for Life argued that abortions were not allowed at that clinic under the existing zoning laws. At first the Lancaster zoning hearing board and the city zoning officer determined that abortions could be performed at the clinic. Had pro-lifers given up at this point, babies would now be dying at PP's Lime St. clinic. Instead they persisted in a two-year battle and organized an appeal of the zoning board's ruling in the courts. On June 6, 2001, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from Planned Parenthood over a lower court decision that found in favor of the pro-lifers. During the battle 40,000 people signed a petition against the abortion clinic!

Dutchess County, New York
From 1985 to 1992, STOPP was involved in the battle to end county funding of PP in Dutchess County, New York. In the beginning, the Dutchess County Legislature voted overwhelmingly in favor of funding PP (26-9). STOPP publicized the recorded vote as a means of persuading pro-lifers to put pressure on and educate the pro-PP legislators. Hundreds of pro-lifers attended the county budget hearings to protest this abuse of their tax dollars. In 1986, STOPP succeeded in having the Dutchess County Legislature remove a school based clinic advocacy program from a funding bill of an agency sponsored by the Dutchess County Youth Bureau. In 1989, STOPP got a local PP Girl Scout program cancelled. By 1990, STOPP succeeded in having the Dutchess County Legislature stop funding PP through the County Youth Bureau. And finally, after seven years of patient and relentless effort by STOPP, the tables turned and the Dutchess County Legislature voted in 1992 to defund PP completely (26-9)! The very tactics described in detail in STOPP's Plan For Defeating Planned Parenthood related to defeating government funding were honed in this battle. STOPP's efforts in this region also postponed the opening of a PP abortion mill for a few years in Poughkeepsie, NY.

South Carolina
When Planned Parenthood announced that it was looking to open a new clinic in Beaufort, local pro-lifers invited STOPP to come to town and make presentations about PP. STOPP visited Beaufort twice. The second time, PP used its influence in Washington to get a talk by STOPP at the local military base canceled. The meeting was quickly rearranged and held in a church hall. Despite pro-lifers best efforts, Planned Parenthood opened its clinic in 2001. But the work of the pro-lifers paid off. Planned Parenthood was never able to attract customers to its facility and could not get community support. Nine months after opening, it closed down.

Lincoln, Nebraska
Nebraska was the site of one of STOPP's first full-day seminars on Planned Parenthood. Pro-lifers turned out for the event in the late 1980s and helped spread the word about the true nature of PP. During the 1990's, Lincoln, Nebraska pro-lifers came out by the hundreds to protest a $13,000 city grant to PP. Thanks to their efforts, over a span of four years at the city council meetings, the grant was ended.

Hancock, New York
Starting in 1992, pro-lifers in Delaware County, NY began using STOPP's tactics after STOPP's president, Jim Sedlak, gave a presentation to local pastors. These pastors then motivated members of their flock to oppose a new PP clinic. Pro-lifers formed Delaware County Right to Life and were eventually successful in 1999 in getting PP to close a clinic it opened in 1993 in Hancock, NY. Along the way they got PP kicked out of two facilities run by Delaware Valley Hospital in Delaware County, NY, helped establish the Lourdes Hospital Prenatal Clinic in Hancock as an alternative to PP, cut back a program Delaware County had with PP for family planning "education," stopped a proposed school based clinic in Hancock, opposed a condom-pushing PP affiliated AIDS task force, and picketed a Binghamton, NY abortionist weekly for several years until he closed his doors in 2002. For more detail on how Delaware County Right to Life put STOPP's methods into action visit DCRTL's website at:

Texas pro-lifers have always been receptive of STOPP's message and have opposed Planned Parenthood. When Rev. John Yanta was pastor of a parish in San Antonio, he hosted a STOPP speaking tour revealing the truth about PP. Then, when Fr. Yanta was named auxiliary bishop of San Antonio, he invited STOPP back to give sessions on Planned Parenthood to all the respect life leaders in the diocese.

In 1997, when Bishop John W. Yanta was installed as bishop of the Diocese of Amarillo, there were eighteen Planned Parenthood clinics in the diocese. He immediately invited STOPP to come to Amarillo and educate the diocesan pro-lifers on PP. He stated a goal of seeing all the PP facilities shut down. In the year 2001, there were only five PP facilities left! One of Bishop Yanta's first public appearances as Bishop of Amarillo was at a protest of a Planned Parenthood fundraiser where abortionist Henry Foster was the featured speaker. Bishop Yanta has continually taken a strong stand against Planned Parenthood and the culture of death by attending many of the weekly prayer vigils that take place outside Planned Parenthood facilities throughout the diocese. He also established a weekly diocesan Respect Life Mass. In October of 1998, he sent a message to all Catholics of the diocese regarding Planned Parenthood: "As your bishop and shepherd, I ask all Catholics not to use their services, not to belong to any of their boards, not to serve as a volunteer and not to be employed there. In resigning your employment there, I will be happy to assist you in finding employment elsewhere so you will not be cooperating in these immoral practices and being a source of scandal both within and outside the Church and community. I make this plea, in love, as my duty to continue the mission of Jesus Christ: to teach, to sanctify and to govern."

Danville, Iowa
Planned Parenthood was planning to have Girl Talk II A Mother/Daughter Overnight Retreat at the Girl Scout Camp L-Kee-ta Troop House in Danville, Iowa in April 2001. A pro-lifer sent anti-PP packets to the Girl Scout Camp and to the Girl Scouts of Shining Trial Council, Inc. and to the Girl Scout Council's elected officers and members of their board. One day before the talk, Des Moines County Sheriff Mike Johnston reported that the PP event at the camp was canceled.

Coronado, California
The PP website for teens ( is so disgusting that in 2002, when John Bowen, a father in Coronado, CA, showed some of its pages to the local school board, the board promptly canceled Planned Parenthood presentations in the school's health classes. John said, "What's important here is that there wasn't a person that I brought this information to who wasn't surprised. One board member spoke up and said she was a pretty liberal person herself and that she was shocked by what she saw" (San Diego News Notes, 5/5/02).

After STOPP revealed that Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin was PP's largest affiliate in the nation, pro-lifers in Wisconsin, including Pro-Life Wisconsin and Missionaries to the Pre-born, decided to focus their efforts on fighting PP. STOPP was invited to do a statewide tour and also to give a full-day seminar.

In 2000, STOPP received the following account of the closing of one of PP's Wisconsin clinics from Mark Gabriel who works with Missionaries to the Pre-born.

"For about four months, I joined a faithful little group once a week to hold signs, pray, talk to people about PP and abortion, hand out literature, etc., at the New London Planned Parenthood facility. Praise be to God, they are now closed! No small stir was caused in that town of about 6,500. PP had been there for years, but when a few Christians decided to get serious about resisting the devil, he fled!"

"The same thing happened in the town of Cedarburg, a sort of quaint old German tourist town, located north of Milwaukee. I had nothing to do with that one, though I believe another group of local saints picketed there... Many regular pickets started up after the Unmasking Planned Parenthood Tour last summer. We did large, high traffic street presentations to expose their evil deeds in all 27 cities where they had facilities. We passed out thousands of pieces of literature in the neighborhoods of the towns and cities we visited too."

Sullivan County, New York
In 1986, STOPP supporters in Sullivan County, NY defeated an effort by Planned Parenthood to have its programs funded through the Sullivan County Board of Supervisors. In 1987, STOPP supporters in Sullivan County managed to keep a PP style sex ed program out of the Minisink School District despite $10,000 in funding secured by the program's backers. STOPP supporters in Sullivan County were so effective against PP that in November, 1987 PP to begin training people in other agencies to present PP programs!

Mt. Vernon, New York
The school district in Mt. Vernon, NY was the site of Planned Parenthood's model sex education program for the country. It was operating in the fifth through the eighth grade. In 1986, the Family Life Education coordinator in the school was working to get the program expanded down to the fourth and up to the ninth grade. She was also trying to get a school-based clinic installed in the school. STOPP was asked to get involved and worked with local parents for over three years in educating the community. In 1987, STOPP supporters in Mt. Vernon got 20% of fifth grade parents to keep their children out of the sex ed program. The result of their persistent activity was that the school-based clinic was thrown-out of Mt. Vernon schools, the sex ed program was not expanded to other grades and was in fact scaled back in content, and the position of Family Life Education Coordinator was eliminated!

Onteora, New York
In 1986, STOPP supporters in the Onteora (NY) School District were able to get Planned Parenthood barred from their schools after PP gave an offensive program to seventh graders that included passing around contraceptives and a price list. Parents took their objections to the school principal and his action was swift and decisive.

Baldwinsville, New York
In 1987, STOPP supporters in Baldwinsville, NY were able to reverse a school board vote approving a Family Life Education program and began a lengthy information campaign which exposed the program and the PP type organizations who were pushing it. STOPP supporters in Baldwinsville succeeded in having a Peer Education program shelved because of fear of community reaction.

Hyde Park, New York
Hyde Park is in Dutchess County, NY - site of the STOPP battle against Planned Parenthood described earlier. In 1989, STOPP supporters in Hyde Park (NY) found PP's Family Life Education manual in the schools and school officials, not wanting to be drawn in to the local major controversy, immediately took steps to remove all PP material from the schools.

Dover, New York
Dover is also in Dutchess County, NY and parents there found objectionable sex ed material in the schools and began a concerted effort which resulted in the removal of the material from the Dover/Wingdale School District.

Plattsburgh, New York
Plattsburgh, NY is on the Canadian border and has strong local pro-life leaders. During the late 1980s, STOPP was invited to do a full-day seminar and also do other talks on the truth about Planned Parenthood.

The headline in the May 12, 1990 edition of the Press-Republican newspaper in Plattsburgh, New York read: "United Way drops Planned Parenthood." The article went on to explain that the United Way of Clinton County had decided to drop Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood from its list of member agencies. Planned Parenthood had been receiving funds from the United Way for thirteen years and received $16,000 that year. Area pro-lifers had fought Planned Parenthood funding for many years and were successful in convincing many to contribute directly to charities rather than using the United Way. As a result, the United Way campaign failed to meet its goals in 1989 and in 1990. The executive director of United Way of Clinton County told the press that "in order to raise the necessary resources (United Way) would have to part company with Planned Parenthood." The success of pro-lifers in Clinton County, New York shows that we must be persistent if we are to win. United Way officials stated that the final decision came after a poll of local residents showed a 65-70% of the respondents stated that Planned Parenthood's association with the United Way had an adverse effect on the United Way's ability to raise funds.

Huntsville, Alabama
In the 1980's, pro-lifers in Huntsville, Alabama successfully defeated a school-based clinic and in 1986 they began a fight against the city, which was giving PP free office space. Although their initial attempts were met with a lot of "buck passing," these pro-lifers didn't give up the fight and by 1990 the city finally forced PP to pay for its office space.

Springfield, Illinois
STOPP gave its full-day seminar in the Springfield area and local pro-lifers were inspired to form a group they named Springfield STOPP. Members of Springfield STOPP stacked up an impressive string of victories over Planned Parenthood - Springfield Area (PPSA) by 1996. These included getting PPSA banned from Springfield School District 186, the Porta School District, and the Petersburgh School District.

Sarasota, Florida
In the mid 1990's, STOPP joined with Voices for the Preborn to expose Planned Parenthood of Sarasota's intention to start committing abortions, which despite its initial denials, it eventually did. All the publicity and public outcry resulted in the Sarasota County Commission deciding not to give PP $15,000 for teenage education programs. Additionally, the United Way of South Sarasota County decided to drop PP from its supported organizations.

San Juan, New Mexico
In the late 1990's, the San Juan Sun newspaper in San Juan, New Mexico had been, for months, carrying a column titled "Ask P.P." In this column, readers wrote and ask questions related to women's health. Planned Parenthood, as the supposed expert, answered the questions in the column. Local pro-lifers were outraged and the San Juan County Right to Life began a project to put an end to this column. They began educating the paper's staff. When that didn't result in any change, they headed a campaign which included letters to the editor, telephone calls and radio spots. Local pastors were contacted, educated about Planned Parenthood and urged to contact the paper's publisher. After several months of persistent activity, the publisher decided to drop Planned Parenthood's column.

Boonville, New York
In 1997, as soon as Vickie and Joe Kraeger found out that Planned Parenthood had made plans to open an office in Boonville with a group of local doctors, the Kraegers immediately went to picket the doctors' office with signs and literature. Soon a doctor came out to talk to them and agreed to postpone the PP grand opening. The Kraegers then contacted pro-life pastors and lay people and collected over 700 signatures on a petition against the clinic. Boonville Area STOPP was formed and group members spoke out at the local Chamber of Commerce meeting to alert the members to the harmful effects of having PP in the community. A presentation was made to the village board as well which included presenting the board with copies of the petition. Because of the action of the pro-life community in Boonville the doctors changed their minds and no PP office was opened there.

Rockland County, New York
For many years pro-lifers in Rockland County, NY fought county funding of PP. Then, in 1996, the legislature voted against the $18,000 funding PP was requesting for the following year. Persistence paid off!

Ukiah, California
The Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Ukiah, CA was opened in 1989. It was picketed weekly, and at times twice weekly, by local pro-lifers. In 1993, Planned Parenthood tried to raise money off the picketers by instituting an "Adopt a Picketer" program whereby PP supporters would pledge money based upon the number of picketers present. The pro-lifers ignored this tactic and continued picketing, praying, and sidewalk counseling. In 1994, the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was brought to the site where the Rosary was prayed and a priest from the nearby Mt. Tabor Monastery recited an exorcism prayer. Seven months later, on Dec. 14, 1994, the Ukiah Daily Journal reported that the executive director of PP announced the closing of the killing center saying, "We're in a grave financial situation." This story shows the power of prayer and that pro-lifers need to ignore "Adopt a Picketer" programs.

Raleigh, North Carolina
In the 1980s, pro-lifers in North Carolina sponsored a statewide Mountains-to-Coast speaking tour by STOPP revealing the truth about Planned Parenthood. In 1993, Planned Parenthood of the Capital and Coast received $22,500 from the Raleigh City Council. In 1994, Planned Parenthood sought to increase the amount to $38,000. Pro-lifers in the region found out about this and launched a campaign to end the city's funding of PP. The battle lasted three months. Pro-lifers wrote letters, made phone calls and spoke out at the city council meetings in an effort to expose the true nature of PP. The city council not only refused the increase PP was seeking, but reduced the amount 11 percent from what it got the year before.

Hamilton County, New York
In 1988, Hamilton County pro-lifers succeeded in getting their county board of supervisors to end all funding of Planned Parenthood. Supervisor Morrison J. Hosley, Jr., of Long Lake said, "I'm so joyous this board has moved to quit giving county money to Murder, Inc." He added, "We have finally been released from the black cloud of death."

Fulton County, New York
In 1988, the Perth Bible Church discovered that the Fulton County, NY preliminary budget had $7,000 earmarked for Planned Parenthood. They launched an all out effort to educate the county board of supervisors on the true nature of PP which resulted in the board voting to end the funding.

Morris County, New Jersey
In 1988, pro-lifers in Morris County, NJ defeated $30,000 in funding for Planned Parenthood.

Long Island, New York
In the mid 90s, when pro-lifers in Suffolk County, NY learned that PP was scheduled to give a workshop during a health fair at the Lindenhurst High School they began complaining to the school. Soon the Diocese of Rockville Center became involved and urged churches to run announcements in parish bulletins calling for Catholic teens to boycott the health fair. The school principal withdrew the invitation to Planned Parenthood citing concerns about people picketing and putting school policies into question. The ripple effect of this battle was felt in Riverhead, Long Island where the local high school decided not to send its students to a PP conference and in Bellmore where a school workshop on puberty was canceled because the group that was going to present it had a connection to PP.

Troy, New York
In the early 1990s, pro-lifers in Troy, NY found out that Planned Parenthood was filing a "Certificate of Need" with the state health department for a proposed abortion clinic in that city. They mounted a fight against it by demonstrating, writing letters and attending meetings and praying. Despite their efforts the state health department granted permission for the abortion clinic. However, during this fight the landlord of the building PP was renting fell upon hard financial times and sold the building. The new landlord terminated the lease with PP. In 2002, Planned Parenthood was operating an abortion clinic in Troy, so it might seem that the pro-lifers eventually failed. Not so! Every day pro-lifers delay the opening of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is a day that no babies will die there. Surely, if the efforts of these Troy pro-lifers saved even only one baby from death, the efforts were a victory.

Bettendorf, Iowa
Pro-lifers in Bettendorf invited STOPP to do a series of talks on PP as they were opposing the opening of a Planned Parenthood education office in the quad-cities area. Although warned that PP would eventually want to do abortions in the area, local politicians believed PP when it said it would never do abortions and only wanted to open an education office.

Then, in 1995, Planned Parenthood announced that it wanted to build an abortion clinic in Bettendorf, Iowa. Pro-lifers mobilized and fought hard. They prayed, picketed, gathered about 4500 signatures on a petition against the abortion facility, and spoke out at the city council meetings urging the council not to allow the abortion clinic to be built. They even got local realtors involved. These realtors did an extensive study which they presented to the city council. The study concluded that the PP abortion facility would have a detrimental impact on the community as a whole, and on property values in particular. The city sided with the pro-lifers. Planned Parenthood was forced to take the city to court four times during a span of about 5 years. After repeated attempts, Planned Parenthood finally convinced a judge to order the city not to enforce its zoning ordinances. The first killings at the PP facility took place in 2000. While this may seem like a defeat, think of the many babies that weren't aborted because of the huge delay pro-lifers caused in the opening of the PP killing center. Furthermore, the pro-lifers did not give up. They continue a prayerful peaceful protest at the abortuary and they established a crisis pregnancy center right across the street from the PP killing center to help save even more babies.

College Station, Texas
Pro-lifers in College Station invited STOPP to give presentations in the area when they found out that Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas wanted to do abortions at its clinic near Texas A&M. Although PP eventually opened its abortion facility, its plans were delayed for a number of years and local pro-lifers succeeded in making PP (which had been in town for over 20 years) into a controversial organization. PP was thrown out of the Chamber of Commerce and pro-lifer's activities are so persistent that national PP leaders still refer to the area as the most "anti-choice" area in which PP operates. The group in that region leading the fight is The Brazos Valley Coalition for Life. Its website is at:

Houston, Texas
Building on their efforts in College Station, pro-lifers are also now fighting other clinics run by Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas. In 2002, after becoming informed about the offensive nature of the Planned Parenthood promoted book, "It's Perfectly Normal," at a Houston Coalition for Life informational meeting, one of the attendees of the event mobilized citizens of Montgomery County to have the book removed from local libraries. As a result, Montgomery county commissioners agreed to ban the obscene material. The shocking book targets children "age 10 and up" with dozens of indecent cartoon pictures. The controversy was covered on multiple major television networks and news radio stations. The Houston Coalition for Life website is at:

Menlo Park, California
In 1999, The Menlo Park (Calif.) Planned Parenthood Clinic on Middlefield Road, site of numerous anti-abortion protests, closed its doors. PP claimed that shifting demographics led to the decision to sell the Menlo Park clinic. But clinic was the site of weekly anti-abortion protests held by Belmont resident Ross Foti. The protests were so effective that the city enacted a sign law which banned signs on public streets, sidewalks and walkways and limited to three square feet the size of signs carried, by protesters.

Saratoga County, New York
In the mid 1980's, the Saratoga County, NY board of supervisors voted 17 to 6 to drop Planned Parenthood from its list of agencies approved to receive state aid. One supervisor stated, "It's a question of whether the county wants to give... public funds to a national organization that has abortion as its goal. It's a question of whether this organization is good for our society."

Charlotte, North Carolina
In 1985, pro-lifers in Charlotte, NC started a battle against county funding of Planned Parenthood. The funding had started in 1978. During the first year of the battle they were not able to convince any county commissioners to vote against PP. In 1986, the vote was 5 -2 in favor of PP. But in 1988, after PP was getting over $100,000 yearly from the county, the commissioners voted 4 -3 against Planned Parenthood funding. Persistence and prayer pay off!

Sussex County, New Jersey
In the late 1980's, pro-lifers in Sussex County, NJ succeeded in getting all county funding for Planned Parenthood removed from the budget.

Trinidad, Colorado
The Peublo Chieftain newspaper reported on March 24, 1989 that pro-lifers in Trinidad, CO had attained a major victory over Planned Parenthood. After months of activity, which included prayer, and the sending of 1,000 postcards to the chairman of the Animas county health board, the pro-lifers were able to have the health board vote 5-2 not to renew PP's lease and have PP move out of Animas county health department's offices.

Canastota, New York
In the 1980's, parents in Canastota, NY conducted an effective fight against a harmful Planned Parenthood program in their schools. PP apparently recruited a qualified counselor to interest the local school board in starting a PP sponsored program to counsel children in the school who had been victims of child abuse. Parents publicly decried the fact that an organization that killed children in the womb and inflicted mental child abuse on children, through its sex ed programs, was trying to "buy" public support by sponsoring a small "good" program. After a very heated public debate the school board was swayed by the qualifications of the counselor and agreed to the program. But six months later the counselor left the area and the school board later told parents they decided not to restart the PP program because of all the controversy it generated among the parents.

Watertown, New York
For almost 20 years Planned Parenthood had been receiving funds through the Jefferson County, NY budget. The budget for 1990 was passed with a total of $13,700 in funds for PP. Members of Right to Life of Watertown asked to have the monies withheld. They mounted an effective campaign which raised the issue of parental involvement. As a result, the PP funds were tabled for a month. During this month, the pro-lifers educated the county legislators about PP. The pro-lifers exposed some examples of PP's obscene literature and showed the legislators that, despite PP's claims to the contrary, it was lobbying for abortion freedom at the state level. After all this activity the legislators voted to de-fund PP!

San Diego, California
In 2002, one woman, Pat Martin, of San Diego, CA took it upon herself to oppose a PP home tour fundraiser in her neighborhood. She prayed, fasted, sought the intercession of The Blessed Mother, contacted STOPP for advice, circulated a petition, wrote a letter to the local newspaper, and planned a prayer vigil to coincide with the day of PP's home tours. Soon, local newspapers and television were interviewing her. She had to defend herself by responding to attacks in the letters to the editor column of the San Diego Tribune. On the day of the prayer vigil there were enough people present to keep the 50-person tent she obtained full for six hours. Two TV stations sent crews to cover the vigil. While PP went ahead with the home tours, Pat's efforts were a public relations victory for the pro-lifers. Pat used PP's own event to focus the region on the truth about PP and abortion.

Houghton, Michigan
In 2001, Copper Country Pro-Life (CCPL) mounted an intense campaign against a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Houghton, MI. CCPL educated the community about the evils of PP via letters to the editor and a series of presentations by STOPP. The local Catholic Bishop, Most Rev. James Garland, joined with a letter of his own urging people to defend themselves against PP. A large banner that said "Planned Parenthood Kills Babies" was hung on the side of a local bridge and picketers began a regular presence at the clinic. Then the city threatened to pass a sign ordinance that would have severely restricted the protestor's rights. The pro-lifers said they would take the matter to court and the city backed down. The pro-life protesters plan to continue the efforts as long as the clinic is open. CCPL leader, Pastor Keith Snyder, says, "They hope for an early end to the battle, but as long as the clinic is open, it provides a focus for the efforts of those who desire to call people to repentance for their selfishness, sexual immorality, and willingness to sacrifice the next generation on the altar of convenience." CCPL's website is

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