STOPP International's plan for
defeating Planned Parenthood

Beginning the Fight Against Planned Parenthood

STOPP International has put together a plan for defeating Planned Parenthood that has been used successfully in hundreds of communities around the world. You can read that plan, and immediately know what you should do, by going to Plan for Defeating Planned Parenthood.

If you wish to understand the background of this plan, we strongly recommend you take the time to read the following documents:

  • First, you must understand the basic underlying philosophies that drive Planned Parenthood's work. These are contained in Humanist Manifesto II. Although many at Planned Parenthood will deny that they spread this doctrine, a number of the leaders of the organization are either signers of the document or have received awards for spreading its philosophies. Among these leaders are:
    • Margaret Sanger (founder of PP) - Humanist of the Year 1957
    • Albert Ellis (member PP leadership committee) - Humanist of the Year 1971
    • Alan Guttmacher (president of PP) - Signer of Humanist Manifesto II 1973
    • Mary Calderone (medical director of PP) - Humanist of the Year 1974
    • Betty Friedan (member PP leadership committee) - Humanist of the Year 1975
    • Isaac Asimov (member PP leadership committee) - Humanist of the Year 1984
    • Faye Wattleton (president of PP) - Humanist of the Year 1986
    • Lloyd Morain (member Board of Directors of PPFA) - Humanist of the Year 1994

  • Next you should understand why classroom sex education is wrong. Planned Parenthood's work is based on getting to our children in the classroom and other group settings and indoctrinating them into the PP philosophy. We invite you to read A Psychoanalytic Look At Sex Education, an article written for American Life League by Dr. Melvin Anchell.

  • The basis for fighting Planned Parenthood follows the realization that Planned Parenthood supports ideas, philosophies and actions that are completely opposed to the Ten Commandments given to us by God. If people would live their lives according to those Commandments, Planned Parenthood could not exist. Thus, a large part of our work is to spread the word of God in our communities. To understand how to do this, we encourage you to read, and re-read often, the Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter 10.

  • Planned Parenthood continually claims to be a health care organization. Yet, its own 25-year plan shows it is not. To prepare yourself to refute that claim, please read Planned Parenthood Health Care Hoax.

Please remember that we, at STOPP headquarters, are always ready to help you in your efforts against Planned Parenthood. You can reach us by e-mail or you can call 540-659-4171 and ask for Ed or Jim in the STOPP office.


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