Planned Parenthood silent on violent video;
does organization agree with its message?

"Why has Planned Parenthood Federation of America not condemned a Planned Parenthood affiliate's violent animated short?" asked Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International. "Despite widespread revulsion over the online video, the organization is ignoring the controversy swirling around this dangerous piece of propaganda."

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate recently put an animated short on its web site that condones and promotes violence against pro-lifers. "A Superhero for Choice" portrays "Dianysis," a character apparently based on Planned Parenthood Golden Gate CEO Dian Harrison, who drowns an abstinence educator in a garbage can full of liquid, then vaporizes zombie-like pro-life demonstrators with exploding condoms. Since STOPP issued its first release on this situation on August 8, several news agencies have asked Planned Parenthood Federation of America to comment on the piece. To date, PPFA has refused to respond.

"Surely PPFA is aware of the video," said Sedlak. "The only logical conclusion from Planned Parenthood's silence is that the national office sees nothing wrong with having its affiliates advocate killing abstinence educators and peaceful pro-life demonstrators, and assaulting elected officials who disagree with the Planned Parenthood agenda.

"STOPP calls on Karen Pearl, interim president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, to immediately condemn this animated short," said Sedlak.

The eight-minute animated feature may be viewed online.

Release issued: 16 Aug 05


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