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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


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  • PP exploits WTC tragedy
PP exploits WTC tragedy

As Americans mourned the loss of life in the senseless and horrific events of September 11, 2001, Planned Parenthood was at work exploiting the tragedy to promote a deadly agenda of its own. On September 18, Planned Parenthood of New York City posted a press release which said, in part:

"To provide for the many New York women who have been displaced or may otherwise be in need due to the World Trade Center tragedy, PPNYC will be offering complete reproductive health care from September 18th through September 22nd free of cost. Any woman who has been unable to obtain care can visit any of our three centers for free comprehensive reproductive health services during this week, including GYN care, birth control, emergency contraception, and STD and HIV testing and counseling, among others."

STOPP called the PPNYC phone number listed on the press release and confirmed that the free services would also include abortion! On September 21, PPNYC posted another press release on its web site which announced that PPNYC would extend the offer for free services until September 29. This release also said, "The response has been overwhelming. PPNYC health centers have been booked to capacity and have had 100% show rate for appointments."

How tragic! PPNYC's free abortions will only increase the death toll in New York. Planned Parenthood should be ashamed of itself, and no American should ever support this organization or its activities. PPNYC obviously made this offer in an effort to garner some cheap publicity during this time of national crisis.

This is not the first time Planned Parent-hood has tried to exploit a tragedy. During the refugee crisis in Kosovo, Planned Parenthood thought the proper response was to provide people with emergency contraception (the morning-after pill). This drew blunt criticism from the Vatican, which noted that such pills were often abortive.

The loss of human life on September 11 was enormous. Certainly STOPP would not want to minimize this tragedy in any way, and we urge our supporters to keep the victims of terrorism in New York City, Washington and Pennsylvania in their prayers. But let us remember those in the womb who are also victims of terrorism. Where is the national outpouring of grief for them? Does anyone suppose a baby going through a partial birth abortion or a saline abortion or a suction abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic suffers any less terror than did the victims of September 11?

Planned Parenthood Federation of America caused the deaths of 182,854 innocent children by surgical abortion procedures in 1999. Those numbers are from PPFA's own annual report, and the report doesn't even include the countless others who were killed in their embryonic stage of development by the abortifacient products that PP provides. These products often prevent human embryos from implanting in their mothers' wombs. The number of deaths due to the NYC tragedy is estimated at 6000. Planned Parenthood killed about 30 times more human beings in 1999 than died in the tragedy on September 11. Considering the 2,608,362 abortions that PP reported it did from 1977 through 1999, that's about 435 times more deaths than occurred from the World Trade Center disaster!

Again, these comparisons are not meant in any way to minimize the September 11 tragedy, but it seems quite hypocritical for the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Gloria Feldt, to issue a statement extending her "deepest sympathies to all who have suffered a loss" in the events of that week. After all, she sponsors a network of clinics which have stacked up a death toll far greater than that caused on September 11 by the network headed by Osama bin Laden.

Feldt continued to exploit the tragedy to advance her own agenda when on September 21, she sent out a "Message of Support After the Tragedy in America," via the Planned Parenthood Action Network, in which she said, "We at Planned Parent-hood have lived and worked for many years with the threat of terrorism. Sadly this is now a bond we share with the entire nation… I know it magnifies my anger that anyone should have to live with either the fear or the reality of terrorism."

STOPP certainly condemns any act of violence aimed at Planned Parenthood or any abortionist, but we are concerned that Planned Parenthood's definition of terrorism is much broader than that and includes the peaceful and nonviolent speaking of the truth about abortion in front of clinics around the country.

In 1998, Planned Parenthood received $142,976,618 in federal money according to a July 2000 audit by the General Accounting Office. This money came from various federal programs, but a big chunk was from Title X, the so-called domestic family planning program. STOPP estimates PP will get about $66 million of the $253.9 million that President Bush proposed for Title X for 2002. Couldn't all this money be put to better use helping the victims of terrorism or preparing the defenses of America against future attacks? Please call your congressman and senators and President Bush (202-456-1414) today and ask them to do just that!

PP's "patriotic" condoms

Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge is offering "patriotic" red, white and blue condoms at its Virginia clinics in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Blacksburg and Lynchburg according to an Associated Press report on September 28. "Offering patriotic condoms will hopefully stem the increase of unintended pregnancies while letting Americans to [sic] display their colors proudly," said David Nova, president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood office. PP says the proceeds will go to the September Eleventh Fund created by the New York Community Trust and the United Way of New York City.

Americans should be displaying their colors proudly via the American flag. This PP condom is utterly disgusting and totally inappropriate. No amount of donations can compensate for the fact that Planned Parenthood's so-called "patriotic condom" makes light of terrible events and is a desecration of our national colors. This organization is shameless; it has stooped to the lowest level in exploiting a national tragedy for cheap publicity.

Next year's elections

As an educational organization, STOPP cannot endorse or oppose any particular candidates for public office. We can, however, provide you with factual information.

As we look ahead to the 2002 elections, there are 34 members of the United States Senate whose terms expire in 2002. Listed below is the name, state and party of each of these senators along with Planned Parenthood's rating of them.

Name State Party PP rating
Jesse Helms NC R not running
Strom Thurmond SC R not running
Jean Carnahan MO D no rating
Tom Harkin IA D 100%
Richard Durbin IL D 100%
John Kerry MA D 100%
Susan Collins ME R 100%
Jack Reed RI D 100%
Carl Levin MI D 100%
Paul Wellstone MN D 100%
Max Cleland GA D 100%
Robert Torricelli NJ D 100%
John Rockefeller WV D 100%
Max Baucus MT D 100%
Mary Landrieu LA D 80%
Tim Johnson SD D 80%
Joseph Biden DE D 71%
Ted Stevens AK R 33%
John Warner VA R 29%
Pete Domenici NM R 14%
Tim Hutchinson AR R 0%
Mitch McConnell KY R 0%
Thad Cochran MS R 0%
Robert Smith NH R 0%
Chuck Hagel NE R 0%
Phil Gramm TX R 0%
Jeff Sessions AL R 0%
Larry Craig ID R 0%
Pat Roberts KS R 0%
Gordon Smith OR R 0%
James Inhofe OK R 0%
Michael Enzi WY R 0%
Wayne Allard CO R 0%
Fred Thompson TN R 0%

STOPP helps fight PP in Mich.

In August STOPP's national director, Ed Szymkowiak, traveled to Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula to help local pro-lifers oppose a new clinic. Planned Parenthood of Northern Michigan announced in June that it would open in Houghton by the end of the summer.

When Pastor Keith Snyder of the Copper Country Church of the Nazarene heard the bad news that PP was coming to town, he swung into action. He organized a petition drive against the clinic and formed Copper Country Pro-Life. CCPL created a web site (address below) and ordered "Planned Parenthood profits from heartaches" bumper stickers. In July, Pastor Keith contacted STOPP for advice and to make plans for Ed's August trip.

Pastor Keith's wife, Sally, kicked off an intense letters-to-the-editor campaign on June 29, which continues right up to the date of this writing. Readers wishing to see how such letters can be effectively used to educate the community and gather media attention can go to The Daily Mining Gazette web page and click on the archives for letters and stories.

Ed's first stop was in Marquette, Mich., on August 8. As often happens when one group invites STOPP to a region, visits to other nearby groups can be worked into the trip. (Readers should check STOPP's speaking schedule to see if Ed or Jim is scheduled to speak in their region.) Gayle Hoenke invited Ed to speak at Respect Life of Marquette's annual banquet before he traveled to Houghton.

After lunch and a short walk and swim along Lake Superior's crystal clear (but cold) waters with Gayle's beautiful large family, the Hoenkes took Ed to Mass at St. Peter's Cathedral in Marquette where Fr. Thomas Ettolil was the celebrant. Then it was on to the banquet at St. Louis the King Catholic Church.

Here Ed met the chancellor of the Diocese of Marquette, Fr. Alex Sample, who said he had been reading the many statements of bishops against Planned Parenthood that are posted on STOPP's web site. (See the article on page 5 about the excellent subsequent statement against PP from Marquette's bishop, Most Rev. James H. Garland.) Ed was interviewed for an article by Angela Johnson which appeared in the diocesan paper, The U.P. Catholic, on August 17.

During his talk, STOPP's director pointed out that even though the Planned Parenthood clinic in Marquette did not perform surgical abortions, it was responsible for the deaths of living human embryos via the abortifacient effects of so-called contraceptive drugs and devices PP sells and from which it profits.

The Marquette clinic is located very close to the campus of Northern Michigan University. Ed urged his listeners to picket the PP facility and reach out to save individual girls from using contraception and having abortions. He recommended that they tell these girls about the abortifacient effects of many of the most common forms of contraception and also about the evidence that shows increased risk of breast cancer that comes not only from abortion but also from use of the birth control pill. Planned Parenthood's finances and sex education agenda were also reviewed, and people were urged to keep PP's sex education programs out of the schools.

The next morning, August 9, Ed was at the Houghton Baptist Church hall, some 100 miles west of Marquette, for a clergy breakfast. Here he covered a wide range of topics including Planned Parenthood's links to the Godless humanist philosophy (See Ryan Report, Sept. 2001). He also pointed out how important it is to pray and to support our clergy in the battle against PP by using examples from his own experiences in removing a PP clinic from Hancock, N.Y.; WLUC-TV6 sent a cameraman to the meeting as well.

Next, Pastor Keith Snyder took Ed to Calumet, Mich., for an in-studio interview with WBKP-TV5 Action News midday anchor Lindsay Gantner. Then it was back to St. Ignatius Loyola Parish in Houghton to give a luncheon speech for various community leaders. Three days earlier St. Ignatius devoted a day of fasting and prayer in opposition to the opening of the new PP facility. Here WLUC-TV6 also interviewed Ed about Bush's impending stem cell decision. Afterwards Ed attended a Mass offered by Fr. Wayne Marcotte at a local senior citizens assisted living facility.

Later that evening, after Pastor and Mrs. Snyder treated Ed to a delicious dinner of fish from local waters, they headed to Houghton High School for the largest event of the day-a presentation to the community at large regarding the evils of Planned Parenthood. Local TV and newspaper reporters covered the event as Ed spoke about many of the same things mentioned earlier in this article. Like Marquette, Houghton also has a large college-age population and that, no doubt, provided the main reason for PP's decision to open a clinic there. People again were urged to maintain a peaceful, prayerful and persistent picketing presence in front of the clinic.

The next day Houghton's Daily Mining Gazette's front-page article was entitled "Speaker says clinic profits from teen sex." Included was a picture of Ed holding a picture of Planned Parenthood's disgusting Joe Sperm cartoon character designed to get kids interested in sex (see Ryan Report, Dec. 2000). The article did a good job of relating many of the facts Ed gave about PP which show it is a profitable business that targets our youth. The reporter also confronted the executive director and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Northern Michigan, Scott Blanchard, with Ed's offer to debate PP officials. Blanchard answered, "We have no interest in being in a verbal brawl with STOPP."

After Ed's trip things continued to heat up in Houghton. On August 11, Bishop Garland's letter appeared in the local paper urging people to defend themselves against PP (see p. 5). Copper County Pro-Life distributed anti-PP yard signs and placed a booth at the local fair. When the clinic opened on August 23, the local newspaper reported that about 20 protestors picketed throughout the day and handed out literature. WBKP-TV5 ran a viewer opinion poll asking "Do you support the opening of the new Planned Parenthood in Houghton?" The results: 89% of the respondents said "no" while only 11% said "yes."

Evidently the poll reflects the excellent job that Pastor Snyder and Copper County Pro-Life have done in educating the region about the evils of Planned Parenthood. STOPP was happy to be a part of this well organized campaign. We thank all the wonderful people in Michigan's Upper Peninsula who welcomed Ed and have been working so hard to oppose PP. Readers are urged to keep their efforts in their prayers and to visit the CCPL web site.

Planned Parenthood "Pledge-a-Picket" in Houghton, Mich.

Planned Parenthood of Northern Michigan is trying a publicity tool tactic in Houghton, Mich. In an effort to discourage picketers at its new facility there, PP announced that it would begin a Pledge-a-Picket campaign in Houghton. This very same PP affiliate has tried the same tactic for some years at its clinics in Petoskey, Traverse City and Marquette.

The concept behind the Pledge-a-Picket campaign is to discourage pro-life picketers by claiming that the more picketers who show up, the more money Planned Parenthood makes. The whole idea behind Pledge-a-Picket is to have people adopt a picketer and pledge a level of support for a picketer they "adopt." Then those contributions come rolling in every time these people are out on the street.

STOPP supporters should know that the Pledge-a-Picket campaign has been tried by PP facilities all over the country, and STOPP knows of no instance where it ever discouraged picketers or raised a lot of money for PP.

The reaction of pro-life picketers in Houghton is typical of pro-life reaction across the country. Pastor Keith Snyder told the Daily Mining Gazette (8/2/01) that the program is a "little gimmick." "It sounds impressive, but it will not net them any more money," he said.

Congratulations to the faithful fighters against Planned Parenthood in Houghton. Your persistence and forthright statements show us the right answer to these scare tactics of Planned Parenthood. May God bless your efforts.


I am saddened to learn that Planned Parenthood is attempting to open an office in Houghton. This is bad news because the anti-life values promoted by this organization will harm the youth and families of the western Upper Peninsula.

The support for abortion, contraception and sexual expressions outside of marriage contributes to a society that is dangerous to children. One-third of the children who are conceived in our society today will be aborted. Another third of our children will be born into single-parent families with fathers and mothers who do not love each other enough to marry.

Of the remaining one-third, 40 percent will experience a divorce of their parents before reaching adulthood. That means only one-fifth of the children conceived in this country today reach adulthood in an intact family, with a father and a mother.

This is a massive rejection of children. Ours is a society that is dangerous for children.

A culture of death permeates our society. It is the result of the promotion of values opposed to life, values that choose abortion as a good. This dangerous environment for children results from a contraceptive mentality that separates sexual pleasure from procreation and chooses convenience or material gain over a self-sacrificing love for the child of one's womb who can be the joy of one's life.

What is more unnatural and evil than a mother killing the baby of her womb? When people seek to eliminate or remove children from their lives they are confusing evil with what is actually good.

It was not very long ago that all Christian churches considered contraception immoral and beneath the dignity of the human person…

The Catholic Church continues to hold that reason rightly understands that marriage should be open to children while contraception is beneath the dignity of the human person and abortion an assault on innocent human life in the womb.

Planned Parenthood's philosophy and actions are contrary to the law of nature and the consistent Catholic teaching about the sanctity of life. God who creates life alone has dominion over human life. The freedom of choice Planned Parenthood promotes is a choice to kill an innocent baby.

The freedom of human reproduction it espouses is largely responsible for the disintegration of respect for traditional marriage. In its place we see "partnerships" and "sexual self-expression" with an aftermath of children who are denied the nurture of a two-parent family.

Planned Parenthood proclaims a view of human life and sexuality that flies in the face of the law God has written in our hearts and in the face of Jesus' teaching in the Gospel. For the future good of our children and families I hope that people in the Houghton community will defend themselves against Planned Parenthood's philosophy and values by every legal and ethical means at their disposal.

Thank you to Bishop Garland! His words have been an inspiration to those fighting Planned Parenthood in Upper Michigan. STOPP supporters are encouraged to write to Bishop Garland and thank him for this statement. His address is 444 S. Fourth St., P.O. Box 550, Marquette, MI 49855. The statements of other bishops against PP can be found on STOPP's web site.

PP sued for hiding abortion/cancer risk

In August, the Ann Arbor-based Thomas More Center for Law and Justice announced that it had filed a lawsuit in California against Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its San Diego affiliate. The suit claims PP is in violation of the state's business code by failing to provide women with truthful information about the breast cancer related risks of abortion.

The suit was filed in San Diego Superior Court on behalf of Agnes Bernardo, Pamela Colip and Sandra Duffy-Hawkins. They are seeking no monetary damages but instead want the court to order PP to properly inform women seeking an abortion about the increased risk of breast cancer that abortion causes.

In its press release of August 15, the Thomas More Center quoted endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind, "Out of 37 independently published studies, 28 show a causal connection. And of those, 17 provide positive associations that reach statistical significance suggesting a 95 percent certainty that this association is not due to chance. This is scientific evidence which simply cannot be ignored."

Agnes Bernardo, who had an abortion and has been treated for a non-malignant tumor, said, "I am very concerned about developing breast cancer as are most women. I strongly believe women should receive complete information about the studies linking induced abortion and breast cancer before making a decision to have an abortion."

Attorney John Kindley explained some of the ways Planned Parenthood has misled women. "It's their practice to make claims about the safety of abortion based on very incomplete data. At the same time, they attempt to discredit the very real scientific work which has been done showing an abortion-breast cancer link…Then they assure their clients that the case for a connection is unproven. This is not only bad science, it's disingenuous to the point of being unethical."

Dr. Brind explained how abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. The estrogen surge in the early stages of pregnancy causes an increase in the number of breast cells to prepare the mother for nursing. "In the last eight weeks of a full-term pregnancy, other hormones cause the increased tissue to stabilize into milk-producing cells. But at the early stage of rapid development, breast cells are in an undifferentiated state and highly vulnerable to mutations that can cause cancer," he said. Abortion interrupts the natural process of cell differentiation and cuts off the final sequence that provides a woman with protection against cancer.

STOPP supporters are urged to publicize this information and get out in front of Planned Parenthood clinics and let women know what PP is hiding from them. For more information and brochures about the link between abortion and breast cancer, visit or call 877-803-0102. Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, author of the book, Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, has also written a pamphlet on the connection between breast cancer and abortion as well as one that reviews scientific information about the link between the use of the birth control pill and breast cancer. His works are available from One More Soul (800-307-7685) and are good sources of information to hand out to girls and women going into PP clinics.

Komen Breast Cancer Foundation gives to PP

On July 18, 2001, Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer ( blasted the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for donating funds to Planned Parenthood. The Komen Foundation is known for its "Race for the Cure" fundraising walk-a-thons that take place in cities throughout the U.S. Komen's headquarters web site at has an annual report posted that says the Komen Foundation had gross revenue of $85.4 million in 1999.

Some of the Komen money is going to Planned Parenthood. Malec revealed that Komen affiliate chapters in Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas have all donated funds to local PP affiliates. Further research by STOPP discovered evidence that the following Komen chapters also donated money to local Planned Parent-hood affiliates: Connecticut, Denver, Pheonix, Ohio/Northern Kentucky, South Florida, Puget Sound, Southwest Michigan, Lubbock and Dallas. In addition, the national Komen headquarters gave Planned Parenthood Association of Cameron and Willacy Counties, Inc. (Tex.) a research award. Most of the evidence STOPP found was right on Komen chapter web sites.

Malec said, "We find it appalling that an anti-breast cancer foundation would help fund Planned Parenthood, whose sales of birth control products and abortion 'services' contribute significantly to the breast cancer rates in this country. Planned Parenthood markets itself as a servant of the poor, but it serves low income women about as well as a tobacco company providing screenings for lung cancer to the poor. How does it benefit a low income woman to patronize Plan-ned Parenthood if her breast cancer was induced by birth control products or an abortion procured from that organization in the first place? Planned Parenthood is profiting on both ends of this deal."

STOPP supporters can join the campaign to get the Susan G. Komen Foundation to discontinue its funding of Planned Parenthood by writing to its national headquarters at 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250, Dallas, TX 75244 or by sending e-mail to . Karen Malec also suggested to STOPP that pro-life groups could hold demonstrations during the Komen "Race for the Cure" cancer walk-a-thons around the country, exposing the fact that Komen gives money to PP.

United Way funding of PP

STOPP often gets inquiries about United Way funding of Planned Parenthood. Yes, it does occur, and yes, there is something you can do about it. There have been many battles around the country over this matter. Remember that it is the local UW chapter that controls this funding so this is a local battle. Not all UW chapters fund PP. A classic case occurred in 1990 in Plattsburgh, N.Y. UW of Clinton County dropped PP from the list of organizations it would fund because UW said that PP was hurting UW's fundraising campaigns. Pro-lifers in the region had urged area residents to withhold donations to UW until it severed its ties with PP. Once you get the evidence of such funding, a letter-to-the-editor campaign is an effective means of opposing it, as well as picketing at the local UW office.

When faced with protests over PP funding, UW will typically respond with an option for people to designate what organizations they wish their individual contributions to go to. This is but a smoke screen because money is fungible. If UW uses your $100 contribution just for the Boy Scouts because that's what you requested, this will free up some other $100 to go to PP. Our suggestion is that if you wish your money to go to the Boy Scouts (or any other UW agency), give it directly to the Boy Scouts and don't donate any to the UW until it stops giving to PP.

How does one find out if a local UW has given to PP in the past? You should write to the UW chapter and ask for a list of all the donations it made to any organization in the last three or so years. One thing to keep in mind is that UW may not give a grant to PP every year. There may be a year or so between grants. That's why it is important to get several years of history from UW.

Don't write your request letter to UW on pro-life stationery, and don't ask if they give to PP; simply ask to see the entire breakdown of donations. Sometimes a UW will have brochures at its office listing agencies that got UW money. Sometimes such brochures actually list PP. But if the brochure does not list PP and it does not say the list in the brochure covers all donations, then you must write to UW to get the comprehensive list. UW knows that donations to PP are controversial, so don't be surprised if a UW chapter avoids publicizing its donations to PP.

On the other hand, sometimes a UW chapter will freely publicize donations to PP in the newspaper, so it is wise to read all articles about the United Way in your region.

An effective technique is to get a stack of UW pledge forms and fill them out, but under amount write "$0 because UW funds Planned Parenthood in [your city or county]." Pass them out to your supporters to mail to UW. Pastors might also be willing to join a boycott of UW and encourage their congregations as well, but you must provide them with solid written evidence, so write to your local UW today and find out to whom they are giving money.

Victories for free speech at PP clinics

We told you about an important lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm specializing in pro-life matters located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. TMLC has been stacking up an impressive list of victories. Here are a couple of examples.

TMLC recently resolved a dispute between Ann Norton, a 56-year old pro-life grandmother, and Planned Parenthood of South Central Michigan, an abortion clinic located in Kalamazoo. This past May, Mrs. Norton was conducting her pro-life picketing on the public sidewalk in front of the clinic. One of her signs displaying a photograph of an aborted child was resting against a pole. While Mrs. Norton was walking back and forth, a clinic employee suddenly ran to the sign, grabbed it and tossed it into the back of a garbage truck pulling out of the clinic parking lot. The PP employee then physically prevented Mrs. Norton from retrieving the sign, which was destroyed in the garbage truck.

TMLC contacted Planned Parenthood on Mrs. Norton's behalf, and got the organization to reimburse Mrs. Norton for the cost of her expensive sign. They also obtained written assurance that Planned Parenthood's employees and agents would no longer interfere with Mrs. Norton's right to express her views in accordance with the First Amendment in front of the clinic, and obtained a letter of apology from the Planned Parenthood employee who destroyed her pro-life sign. "I'm happy to see this matter resolved," said Ann Norton, "and I thank the Thomas More Law Center for resolving this situation in a professional, speedy manner" (TMLC, press release, 10/1/01).

In August, the assistant city attorney of Great Falls, Montana, banned the use of graphic pictures by pro-life demonstrators in front of the Great Falls Planned Parent-hood office. He claimed such signs were a traffic hazard. In response to a letter from TMLC, the city backed down and reversed the ban, deciding instead to simply provide police to control traffic in front of the PP clinic when pro-lifers were exercising their right to free speech there.

But the city did not respond to a TMLC request that it would guarantee it would not interfere with future pro-life protests. On behalf of several pro-life protestors, TMLC filed a federal lawsuit against city officials for violating the protestors' rights on August 10 by making them remove their signs from in front of the PP clinic (Billings Gazette, 8/23/01).

TMLC is a section 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with the Ave Maria Foundation. The center defends and promotes religious freedom, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life through education, litigation and related activities. The center does not charge for its services. STOPP supporters can contact TMLC at 734-827-2001.

PP closes 3 more Texas clinics

In September, Rita Diller, the coordinator of Respect Life Ministries for the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas, reported some very good news to STOPP. Planned Parenthood of Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle has closed three more clinics in the region! These clinics had been in operation for around thirty years and were located in Canyon, Hereford and Childress.

In 1997, when Bishop John W. Yanta was installed as bishop of the diocese, there were eighteen Planned Parenthood clinics in the diocese. The current closings now bring the number down to only five. This is amazing! STOPP congratulates all those faithful pro-lifers who took part in this effort. Rita attributes these closings to the power of prayer and notes that prayer continues outside the remaining clinics. Some of these prayer vigils also include a get together afterwards with refreshments for the participants.

STOPP published an extensive story on the earlier closings in the June/July 2001 issue of The Ryan Report. Here we pointed to Bishop Yanta's strong stand against PP as another major reason for the closings. STOPP's founder and president, Jim Sedlak, also helped Bishop Yanta educate Texans about PP. Jim gave several talks in the region informing pro-lifers about the evils of PP and how to oppose them.


Front: Pastor Keith Snyder, The James Niemela family, Julia Munson, Sally Snyder, Art Haapala, Back: Todd Olson, John Munson, Ed.

Copper Country Pro-Life picketing the new PP clinic.

Mich. bishop speaks out against Planned Parenthood

The following is taken from a column written by the Most Reverend James H. Garland, Bishop of Marquette, Michigan (pictured), in the August 17, 2001, issue of his diocesan paper, the U.P. Catholic. Portions of this commentary were also published as a letter to the editor of the Houghton, Mich., Daily Mining Gazette on August 11, 2001, under the title "Defend yourselves."