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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


In This Issue

  • Dr. Lanfranchi: The perilous pill
  • Dr. de Solenni: Sex is everywhere, love has eluded them
  • Purvis: Running the gauntlet against black genocide
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin standing against contraception since its inception
  • The Pill Kills protests across the nation
Dr. Lanfranchi: The perilous pill

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi is an expert on the perils of the pill. Her first patient was a young woman who had a stroke because of pill usage and as a result was hemiplegic (paralyzed on one side of her body). Now a breast surgeon, Dr. Lanfranchi spends her days operating on cancerous breasts. Many of her patients have been duped by Planned Parenthood and its cohorts into believing that the birth control pill is the ultimate good, and that any risks that accompany it are so small as to be inconsequential.

In her June 2 presentation at ALL’s national symposium on the pill, she outlined the four major mechanisms by which the pill kills women, showing them to be anything but inconsequential: (1) The pill causes blood clots which can result in heart attack, stroke, or fatal pulmonary embolism; (2) the pill causes cancer; (3) the pill makes it easier to get potentially lethal infections; and (4) the pill makes it more likely users will die violent death.

Blood clots: Dr. Lanfranchi presented studies that show that women who use the pill have twice the risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack), twice the risk of stroke, and two to three times the risk of pulmonary embolism, because of increased blood clotting. Women on pills like Yaz and Yasmin that contain androgenic progestins have an additional 60-80 percent risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE). That explains why the manufacturer of these drugs will reportedly pay at least $100 million to settle some 500 lawsuits filed by women who have been victims of the drugs.

Women with hereditary conditions that cause clotting have even higher rates of VTE, yet women are very seldom screened for these conditions and are rarely warned of the extremely high danger they are incurring by taking the pill.

Cancer: In 2000, the National Toxicology Advisory Panel put estrogen on its list of carcinogens. There are metabolites of estrogen which directly damage DNA causing mutations and cancer.

But what about the claim that the pill prevents some cancers, while increasing the risk of others, making it a “wash”? In 2005, the UN’s International Agency on Research of Cancer (IARC) reported in its Monograph 91 that estrogen-progestin combination drugs (the pill) were a Group 1 carcinogen for breast, cervical, and liver cancer. Although the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers was lower on the pill, there is six times more breast cancer in women than uterine and ovarian cancers combined. Any cancer-preventing benefits are greatly outweighed by the breast cancer risk posed.

Long-term pill use increases the risk of cervical cancer. Women who use the pill for five to nine years have twice the risk of cervical cancer. Those who use it for 10 years or more have more than three times the risk of cervical cancer.

In fact, since 1975, the risk of in-situ (early stage) breast cancer has increased 400 percent in premenopausal women.

Primary liver cancer, rare in developed countries, is increased 50 to 70 percent in women who use the pill.

Lethal infections: Women on the pill increase their risk of getting HIV 60 percent when compared to women not taking the pill. Women on the pill were twice as likely to transmit HIV to their partners. And women on the pill are twice as likely to get infected with HPV (human papillomavirus).

Violent death: Two 2010 studies reported a higher rate of violent death among those who had used contraception at some point in their lifetime compared to those who had not, with one study showing that the rate of violent death increases with longer duration of oral contraceptive use.

The Pill Kills Babies: Dr. Lanfranchi explained that the pill is an abortifacient. Women on the pill have light menstrual periods because the pill reduces the thickness of the endometrial lining, resulting in difficulty of implantation of the embryo after conception has occurred, which can result in an early abortion.

The pill also results in biochemical changes such as in the levels of interleukins, which are molecules necessary for implantation.

Dr. Lanfranchi documents all the studies to which she refers in her PowerPoint presentation which can be accessed here. You can watch her talk and our other excellent speakers on our website at

Dr. de Solenni: Sex is everywhere, love has eluded them

With the anniversary of the Griswold decision approaching, we will see an avalanche of articles from Planned Parenthood and its cohorts revering the birth control pill. We will hear that not only does it give women the freedom to decide when and if to have children, it liberates them and gives them a life they could never dream of having without it. It will be portrayed as the ultimate good, one that comes with risks so minor as to be inconsequential, and we will hear that it is actually good for the health of the woman who uses it to disrupt a normally functioning reproductive system.

In fact, we will hear that it is such a great good that not only is it a right for all girls and women to have access to contraception, but it is a free-of-charge entitlement. And, they will say, a church that objects to paying for it has no right to object. Conscience has no place in Margaret Sanger’s ongoing battle from the grave to discredit the beliefs of 2000 years of Christianity, and all religious institutions should be forced to pay for their employees’ contraceptives.

The mainstream media will ignore or ridicule any proof that the pill is deleterious and even deadly for women, babies, families, and our nation. American Life League launched The Pill Kills initiative five years ago to face head on one of the foundational problems underlying the current societal breakdown in America—the pill.

Dr. Pia de Solenni addressed the teaching of the Catholic Church on contraception and sexuality at our June 2 The Pill Kills national symposium.

The Church forms our understanding of unconditional love that is given totally and mutually for the sake of the other—a love that naturally can produce children and a love that should mimic the love of Christ for the Church and the Church for Christ, she said.

Dr. de Solenni underscored the problem when she shared some details of a discussion she had with students after a talk at Seattle University. In her talk to the students, she pointed to sex as conveying many things, among them intimacy, unity, trust, and love. The students said that “sex was a given. Everybody’s having it, it’s happening everywhere, and there is really no discussion there.” But while sex was a given, “love was completely elusive.” The students were intrigued that she was talking about love but they had no idea how to find it.

On today’s campus scene and largely throughout our society, sex and love have been totally divorced. Traditional families are on the decline as young people shun marriage and children. Sex has become a recreational activity, and the pill and abortions are used to prevent or eliminate children resulting from those encounters. Margaret Sanger’s mission to separate sex from a total mutual self-giving for the good of the other has run the full course, and is cheating today’s young people of the love and family foundations they deserve to enjoy, but have no idea how to attain.

“Intimacy, unity, trust, and love—what they represent is the gift of self, which means I give my mind, my body, and my soul entirely to another person, including my fertility,” Dr. de Solenni said. Contraception says, “I’m giving you my body for the night, for the hour, for a few months, but I certainly don’t want to risk my fertility with you. It’s not a complete gift of self. That lessens our ability to love.” She pointed out that love is something that can be given without being diminished, quite unlike things such as cars, clothes, and other tangible items that, once given, are gone. Love grows when it is given, and it produces more love.

Truly, the understanding of the Church about sexuality and the intentions of Planned Parenthood regarding sexuality are 100 percent at odds. It is no wonder that we have arrived at the point where Planned Parenthood has virtually seized control of the government and is demanding that the Church now pay for sterilizations and contraceptives for employees of religious institutions.

You can watch Dr. de Solenni’s talk here. Use the information presented in these talks to counter the news articles you will see this week that tout the greatness of the pill. Write letters to the editor and distribute the information to schools and other youth organizations in your community that are pushing the pill on young people.

Purvis: Running the gauntlet against black genocide

When the radical socialist Margaret Sanger and her eugenics-focused, sex-crazed friends came on the scene eager to cleanse society of African Americans and others they deemed “human weeds,” and deceptively touted the pill as a woman’s ticket to becoming independent, they met a largely reticent audience. Why? Societal norms and the teaching of all Christian churches stood in opposition to contraception prior to the Anglican Church’s radical departure from that position in 1930.

Sanger—who would go on to found Planned Parenthood—knew she would have to deceive an entire population into thinking she was promoting the betterment of the population, change societal thinking, and eventually discredit Christianity after using it to gain acceptance. She launched a newsletter called The Woman Rebel, promoting contraception and using the slogan “No Gods, No Masters.” She was indicted in 1914 for inciting murder and assassination and for violating obscenity laws. She fled to England to avoid arrest. The government dropped charges against her in 1916.

Backed by wealthy elites like the Rockefellers, Sanger and her cohorts pulled out all the stops and worked tirelessly to engineer a society that would be accepting of a total cultural shift that would embrace abortifacient birth control and sterilization of sex. Sanger’s tree of temptation put down its gnarly roots in the religion of secular humanism and began to bear its tempting, erotic fruit in abundance, leaving a path of unprecedented destruction of the very fabric of society in its wake.

Gloria Purvis opened her talk at The Pill Kills symposium with a discussion about the deception involved in marketing the pill to the African American community. “You hear the terms like better health, women’s empowerment, family planning, and all these things sound good. But when you look at the origins of these euphemisms you will find that they are neither good nor sound,” she said. She pointed to Margaret Sanger. “She came in with her slick talk to try to talk the African American community into buying her program, which is really sterilization, birth control, and abortion.”

She explained how Sanger targeted African American pastors and the African American elite and tricked many of them into embracing birth control by promising better health and better economic development. Many fell for it, and their promotion of birth control has devastated the African American community. Thirty percent of all abortions kill the children of African American women today, while African Americans make up only 12 percent of the total population.

Purvis says that Sanger’s legacy of destruction in the African American community continues today. Once she and her African American friends became pregnant, “it was like running a gauntlet to get to delivery,” she says, with medical personnel at every turn advising abortion, even though the women were married, well-educated professionals who were well-equipped to care for their children and had no intention to abort.

You can hear Gloria’s entire, riveting talk here.

Pro-Life Wisconsin standing against contraception since its inception

“When Pro-Life Wisconsin was founded 20 years ago,” writes state director Peggy Hamill, “we recognized that the deadly spiritual, physical, and judicial connection between contraception and abortion is all too real.

“Our campaign against the contraceptive mentality has always been seen by the right-to-life establishment as defying their silence on birth control. Consequently, here we are, in 2012, reaping the fruit of their silence. What Griswold succeeded in establishing as a ‘right’ is now being enshrined as an entitlement through the Health and Human Services birth control mandate.”

Pro-Life Wisconsin has been holding protests against the pill on the anniversary of the Griswold decision for eight years. In addition to co-sponsoring American Life League’s The Pill Kills national symposium, Pro-Life Wisconsin will hold an impressive array of prayer vigils and protests against the pill throughout the week. You can view a complete listing of the events on the Pro-Life Wisconsin website.

In addition, Pro-Life Wisconsin will be joining thousands of faithful across the nation in Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies, opposing the HHS birth control mandate.

A nationwide listing of Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies is available at

The Pill Kills protests across the nation

Protests, prayer vigils, and rallies were held last week and continue this week across the nation to educate the public about the dangers of the pill. We are establishing a special page on our website, to share your pictures and reports of local protests. Please send yours to [email protected], and check back often to see who is checking in with local news and pictures! We will be updating it throughout the coming month!