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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


In This Issue

  • Melinda Gates and Planned Parenthood targeting Africa with HIV-doubling contraception
  • Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, Refuge of Sinners
  • Dallas pro-lifers explain Texas’ Planned Parenthood defunding on public television
  • Tennessee implements law banning explicit sex ed
  • Victory: Planned Parenthood throws in towel in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Melinda Gates and Planned Parenthood targeting Africa with HIV-doubling contraception

In April of this year, billionaire Melinda Gates gave an extremely disturbing talk where she painted the women of sub-Saharan Africa as “victims” of lack of birth control. The talk signaled the public launch of Gates’ ten-year plan to lend her voice (and millions of dollars) to ostensibly eliminate the controversy that surrounds contraception.

Gates preposterously proposes to save women and children’s lives by increasing access to injectable contraception in Africa. She claims the rate of contraceptive usage in sub-Saharan Africa is low because injectable birth control (Depo-provera) is not readily available. While claiming that women in Africa prefer this birth control method because they can hide it from their husbands, she makes no mention of the fact that Depo-provera doubles a woman’s risk of contracting HIV.

Neither does she mention that when Depo-provera is used by HIV-positive women, their male partners are twice as likely to become infected than if the women had used no contraception. All this is unfolding with an inconvenient backdrop for Gates and Planned Parenthood—the fact that in sub-Saharan Africa, 61 percent of the women are already living with AIDS.

“Some people think when we talk about contraception, that it’s code for abortion, which it’s not,” Gates said in her talk. “Some people worry that the real goal of family planning is to control populations.” These are side issues, she says, “that attach themselves to this core idea that men and women should be able to decide when they want to have a child.” Following those verbal gymnastics, she makes an astoundingly untrue assertion: “As a result, birth control has almost completely disappeared from the global health agenda. And the victims of this paralysis are the people of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.”

But, in reality, the “global health agenda” is in full court press to implant and inject contraceptives and deliver abortions to the women of sub-Saharan Africa, who are already devastated by the AIDS epidemic.

Planned Parenthood states in its strategic plan for Africa that it will push for:

68 percent increase in new family planning users by 2015
82 percent increase in abortion “services” by 2015

Planned Parenthood’s stated goal in the strategic plan: “Increase ‘Access’ as the linchpin of all other priority areas in services and advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, focusing on the most vulnerable groups.”

Gates cedes that “as a world” there are lots of things we need to do to help the poor, but “one of the simplest and most transformative things we can do is give everybody access to birth control methods that almost all Germans have access to and all Americans.” She says that there is a global movement waiting to happen to ensure that access, if the intention is very clear that the goal is not abortion or population control.

After promoting HIV-increasing contraception to these poor women, she then amazingly attempts to paint herself as a “practicing” Catholic, highlighting her Catholic upbringing and the fact that her lineage includes a Jesuit priest and a Dominican nun. She talks about how she went to Ursuline Academy for high school where she learned the lessons she is applying today in her foundations work. “The nuns taught us to question received teachings. And one of the questions we girls and my peers questioned was, ‘Is birth control really a sin?’”

“The nuns who taught me were incredibly progressive,” she says, when queried whether they would be horrified by her talk.

To learn more about the dangers of contraceptives, visit our website, C-Fam is circulating an open letter to Melinda Gates, which you can sign here, urging her to let voices other than pro-abortion population controllers be heard at her July 11 Family Planning Summit that the Gates Foundation will co-sponsor with the British government. There she will join hands with International Planned Parenthood Federation and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to get governments to commit $6 billion per year to foist birth control on some of the world’s poorest women and children—without (she hopes) controversy.

Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, Refuge of Sinners

As we continue to encourage pro-life groups across the nation to bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, we pause to reflect on Our Lady’s central, God-ordained role in stopping the soul-stealing abortion giant.

These reflections are excerpted from a Morning Meditation at

One of the titles which is the most encouraging for poor sinners and under which the Church teaches us to invoke Mary, in the Litany of Loretto, is that of “Refuge of sinners.” Therefore a devout author exhorts all sinners to take refuge under the mantle of Mary: “Fly, O Adam and Eve, and all you, their children, who have outraged God, fly and take refuge in the bosom of this good Mother, for know you not that she is your only city of refuge?”

In the first Chapter of the Book of Genesis we read that God made two great lights; a greater light to rule the day; a lesser light to rule the night (Gen. i. 16). Cardinal Hugo says that “Christ is the greater light to rule the just, and Mary the lesser to rule sinners”; meaning that the sun is a figure of Jesus Christ, whose light is enjoyed by the just who live in the clear day of Divine grace; and that the moon is a figure of Mary, by whose means those who are in the night of sin are enlightened. Since Mary is this auspicious luminary, and is so for the benefit of poor sinners, should any one have been so unfortunate as to fall into the night of sin, what is he to do? Innocent III replies, “Whoever is in the night of sin, let him cast his eyes on the moon, let him implore Mary.” Since he has lost the light of the sun of justice by losing the grace of God, let him turn to the moon, and beseech Mary; and she will certainly give him light to see the misery of his state, and strength to leave it without delay. St. Methodius says that “by the prayers of Mary well nigh countless sinners are converted.”

When we fail to put Our Lady front and center at Planned Parenthood, we fail those poor sinners who are most in need of Christ’s light to illumine their present miserable state of sin. When we fail to give Our Lady of place of honor on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood, we fail in our mission of mercy; we fail to bring the one ordained by Christ to enlighten the souls who need Him the most.

When we bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, we bring the illumination that she reflects from the face of Christ to all poor sinners, ourselves included, and in a special way to those who work at Planned Parenthood, teens and young people who are victimized and sexualized by Planned Parenthood, and those who go there to end the lives of their children.

Mary, please give us light to see the misery engendered by Planned Parenthood, and give all those who work there and those who are customers there the grace to leave it without delay. Blessed Mother, bring conversion on our land and stop Planned Parenthood.

Dallas pro-lifers explain Texas’ Planned Parenthood defunding on public television

In April of this year, Dallas Catholic Pro-Life Committee head Karen Garnett participated in a videotaped panel discussion with Kenneth Lembrecht, CEO of Planned Parenthood of North Texas. Also participating were Dianne Edmondson, executive director of the Republican National Coalition for Life, and Stephen McKernan, DO, who runs a federally qualified health center (FQHC) in Texas. The program aired June 25. The discussion centered around Texas’ defunding of Planned Parenthood and its impact on women’s healthcare.

Edmondson and Garnett did a superb job of exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood, while Lambrecht continually repeated all the canned messaging of PP, patting himself on the back for running “the most trusted provider of healthcare services” and saying that women will be deprived of healthcare if Planned Parenthood ceases to be funded.

The pro-life women took advantage of the opportunity to get lots of important information to the public about the abortion giant. Edmonson explained how defunding Planned Parenthood gives economically disadvantaged women a chance to get a full range of healthcare at non-PP facilities, rather than just abortion and the very limited offerings of Planned Parenthood. She pointed out that women can actually see a physician and get comprehensive healthcare at one of 2400 federally qualified health center service sites in Texas, as opposed to limiting them to very narrow offerings provided at the 44 Planned Parenthood facilities in the state. Women never see a physician at Planned Parenthood, she pointed out, unless it is just prior to an abortion.

She also said that Planned Parenthood bills out 43 percent more per client than non-Planned Parenthood providers, so eliminating funding to Planned Parenthood represents a huge savings to the taxpayer.

Lambrecht indicted his own organization, saying that Texas has the third highest rate of cervical cancer and fourth highest rate of teen pregnancy in the nation, all the while boasting that Planned Parenthood is the “largest provider of women’s healthcare” in the state.

Despite being repeatedly interrupted by the host of the show, Garnett was able to point out that every Planned Parenthood facility feeds the abortion business, and that the contraceptives being given to women by Planned Parenthood are Class 1 carcinogens, resulting in an increase in the rate of cancer. She said that even though women have had broad access to contraception for decades, 52 million children have been aborted.

Kudos to Karen Garnett and Dianne Edmondson for so capably bringing the fight to Planned Parenthood, and for continuing to keep pressure on the abortion giant! You can listen to the 28-minute show and chime in with your comments here.

Tennessee implements law banning explicit sex ed

A law designed to protect children from Planned Parenthood-style sexual indoctrination in schools was implemented in Tennessee this week. The bill overwhelmingly passed the state legislature and was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam last month.

Prompted by a 2010 classroom demonstration of “safe oral sex” using a “sex toy” in a Nashville classroom, the law prohibits classroom use of “devices specifically manufactured for sexual stimulation.” It also bans teachers from talking about “gateway sexual activity”—such as genital touching—in sex education courses, and requires sex ed to “exclusively and emphatically promote sexual risk avoidance through abstinence, regardless of a student’s current or prior sexual experience.”

Planned Parenthood of the Greater Memphis Region opposed the law, saying that the law “guts the state’s ‘family life’ sexuality education program.” Planned Parenthood expressed chagrin that “[t]his new law also allows teachers or outside contractors to be sued for ‘encouraging’ or ‘condoning’ nonspecific ‘gateway sexual behavior.’”

Kudos to the parents of Tennessee who fought hard to protect their children from classroom predators, and to the legislature and governor who stood strong with parents, despite the best efforts of Planned Parenthood and the media to portray the new law as unjust and unwise.

Victory: Planned Parenthood throws in towel in Auburn Hills, Michigan

An 18-month battle between Planned Parenthood and pro-life forces in Auburn Hills, Michigan, to keep the abortion giant from opening an abortion facility has culminated in a major pro-life victory. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society announced this week that Planned Parenthood has apparently thrown in the towel and put the still-gutted building on the market. In addition, the group reports, “In a completely unexpected move, PPMSM agreed to a new covenant deed restriction with Comfort Inn Suites—an agreement that prevents . . . any abortion procedures in the building it purchased in November 2010 at 1625 N. Opdyke Road in Auburn Hills, Michigan.”

According to the CPLS website, soon after Planned Parenthood announced it would open an abortion facility at the address, Dave Theisen of Real Estate for Life was commissioned by CPLS to function as an investigator for the pro-life group. When he interviewed all hotel managers in close proximity to the PP building, he discovered the deed restriction held by the owners of the Comfort Inn Suites under the name Shri Sai-Krishna Group, L.L.C. That original deed restriction restricted the use of the building to restaurant, retail, or office use.

Congratulations to CPLS, Central Oakland County Right to Life (COCRTL), and other pro-life groups who brought the fight to Planned Parenthood and built a solid wall of resistance at every turn. You can read a short summary of the history of the fight here.