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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


In This Issue

  • UT Houston hiding partnership with Planned Parenthood
  • School district lies, says teachers are not Planned Parenthood employees
  • Ten ambulance calls to Planned Parenthood facilities in 20 months
  • Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: Sisters of Life
  • Planned Parenthood dropped from WIC in Oklahoma
UT Houston hiding partnership with Planned Parenthood

The University of Texas in Houston School of Public Health (UTSPH) has removed evidence from its website showing Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast as its “partner agency.” The removal comes after STOPP revealed last week that the UT Prevention Research Center is partnering with Planned Parenthood in its core activity, “the diffusion of effective health promotion programs to health and education agencies, and the provision of training to health agency professionals to develop and evaluate effective health promotion programs locally and nationally.”

On its Facebook page, University of Texas Prevention Research Center (UTPRC) clarifies its core research:

In line with this mission, UTPRC researchers, led by director Susan Tortolero PhD, will focus their work for the next five years on adolescent sexual health. The core research centers around mobilizing community partnerships for effective sexual health education in middle school. Through a collaborative research study, investigators will develop, implement, and evaluate a dissemination intervention to get effective sexual health programs into middle schools in Harris County.

According to UTHealth, “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded $15 million over five years to a team led by Susan Tortolero, PhD, director of the UTHealth Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research. The UTHealth researchers will use the funding to disseminate its computer-based sex-education program, along with other evidence-backed programs.”

Houston parents say a UT Houston representative has flatly denied that Planned Parenthood is involved with It’s Your Game: Keep it Real that is being pushed into 96 Houston Middle Schools by UTPRC.

Here are side-by-side comparisons of a UTH webpage that was linked from last week’s Wednesday STOPP report and that page as it appears today. It is identical, except that Planned Parenthood’s name is now absent.

Side-by-side comparison

In addition, a link from last week’s STOPP article to a YouTube video from the It’s Your Game program posted by UTPRC was changed from public to private after the story was released nationally. American Life League subsequently found a different link to the same video and re-linked it. You can view it here.

Houston parents have also uncovered the fact that the outgoing chair of UTPRC advisory group is Sonya Norsworthy, community education manager for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. The mission of the Community Advisory Group is to collaborate as equal partners to promote child and adolescent health. Still, parents are expected to believe that Planned Parenthood is not involved in the development and dissemination of It’s Your Game in Houston middle schools.

The meeting notes of the June 6, 2012, Community Advisory Group illustrate the lengths Planned Parenthood and UT will go to in swaying parents to overcome their insistence on abstinence-until-marriage education and morality training for their children, so they will accept It’s Your Game. According to the meeting notes, a “social marketing campaign” has been undertaken:

UTPRC is partnering with Luntz Global, a national firm, to identify words and messages that resonate with people to help frame our messages about adolescent sexual health. We are looking for sound bites, but if we find sound bites do not work, a different approach for the public may be needed.

UTPRC has conducted 2 focus groups so far—parents and non-parents

- Parents exhibited a lot of fear and emotion about their child[ren] to where they could not even offer good, rational decisions. They picked moral arguments over social and economic ones. They held on for a long time to the belief of wanting their kids to be abstinent until marriage but finally relinquished it as not practical. They said nothing about contraception and were very negative about condoms. They did not like the idea of being a “partner” with schools; “team” is better. They were apprehensive about the term “sex education” until “curriculum” was mentioned. They wanted to teach biology in schools and values at home, and they saw behavior change as only about knowledge; skills were not included.

- Non-parents chose social arguments over moral and economic ones. They said numbers (economic arguments) do not mean a lot these days. They felt they did not have permission from parents to care or voice their opinion about the issue because they do not have kids of their own. They provided more realistic, open, and practical solutions. They liked the idea of being a “partner” with schools instead of a “team.”

- Both groups supported the terms “accountability,” “responsible,” “personal responsibility,” and “abstinence” (especially the parent group). They do not believe statistics and see teachers as more liberal; there is mistrust in teachers delivering sexual health education. They liked health and life skills, but they did not like the California–Texas comparison. “Evidence” and “evidence-based” had no meaning for either group; they responded to “fact-based.”

The meeting notes continue with the statements that resonate best with parents for getting them onboard with the program.

Houston, we have a problem! And that problem is not limited to Houston, since this program is being pushed across the nation. If you are fighting Planned Parenthood in your schools, please contact [email protected]. We will compile a list of those involved in the fight and those who will step up to fight it in their local schools so that we can share information and strategy.

School district lies, says teachers are not Planned Parenthood employees

Even though school authorities in Salem, Oregon, promised parents Planned Parenthood staff would not be teaching in the Salem-Keizer schools, they are. And they have been doing so since at least 2010. The school district recently signed a contract expanding Planned Parenthood’s presence from two high schools to throughout the district.

Even though Planned Parenthood hired and trained the teachers to teach in its Teen Outreach Program (TOP), the school district is denying that the teachers are Planned Parenthood employees.

Even though the school district provided a standard-looking health curriculum to appease a concerned parent who objected to the sex-belching organization’s involvement in the schools, a different curriculum that contains material credited to Planned Parenthood has surfaced. It also refers students to Planned Parenthood for “services.”

The TOP program is one of many insidious programs being promoted across the nation via huge federal government grants that super-fund Planned Parenthood in its bid to stealthily override parents and gain access to children both on and off campus, as it adds things like after-school programs and grant money to schools in order to bolster its acceptance.

Disguised as teen pregnancy prevention initiatives, these programs spell disaster for our nation’s children. The huge government grants and the impact they are already beginning to have on communities are driving an impending moral crisis the likes of which our spiraling nation has yet to face.

We recently reported that the TOP program is recruiting children in Portland, Oregon, schools, and that Planned Parenthood is paying children cash incentives to participate.

Parents in Oregon and throughout the nation are organizing resistance to Planned Parenthood’s onslaught into schools via church and other networks. Christian News Northwest reports that “about 60 people attended an Aug. 28 meeting at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Salem that was called by Doug Muravez, a parishioner at the church and parent of two students at North Salem High School.” As a result of that meeting, parents have set out to organize resistance across a broad range of denominations in the local communities.

Jim Sedlak’s book Parent Power!! is an invaluable tool for parents working to get Planned Parenthood out of the schools. You can download a printable version here.

Ten ambulance calls to Planned Parenthood facilities in 20 months

Operation Rescue has documented an alarming number of emergency ambulance dispatches to U.S. Planned Parenthood centers. Here is the list, via Jill Stanek’s blog.

 1. August 16, 2012: PP Boise, Idaho, medical emergency

 2. July 20, 2012: PP Chicago, Illinois, Tonya Reaves died from botched 2nd trimester abortion

 3. July 7, 2012: PP Boston, Massachusetts, medical emergency

 4. March 6, 2012: PP St. Paul, Minnesota, medical emergency

 5. December 20, 2011: PP Sioux City, Iowa, medical emergency

 6. October 14, 2011: PP Virginia Beach, Virginia, medical emergency

 7. April 14, 2011: PP St. Paul, Minnesota, medical emergency

 8. March 18, 2011: PP Everett, Washington, medical emergency

 9. February 12, 2011: PP St. Louis, Missouri,* medical emergency

10. January 11, 2011: PP Boston, Massachusetts, medical emergency

“From June 2009 until April 2010, nine ambulances have been at Planned Parenthood [St. Louis] and each time a client was transported to Barnes Hospital,” said sidewalk counselor Marty Bennet in a written statement.

These calls are undoubtedly just the tip of the iceberg. National pro-life groups are not aware of ambulance calls to Planned Parenthood the great majority of the time. But local pro-lifers witness them on a regular basis. Planned Parenthood’s promotion of “safe abortion” is a farce. Its war on women continues on every level, including the sacrifice of women’s lives in order to insure its seemingly never-ending supply of taxpayer money. Planned Parenthood must be defunded. Today those who care about women, children and our nation must work diligently to elect officials at every level who will pledge to defund the abortion giant. Without taxpayer money, the abortion giant will fall.

Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: Sisters of Life

The pro-life warriors who faithfully pray outside Planned Parenthood in Spring Valley, New York, welcomed the Sisters of Life to day 13 of their 40 Days for Life vigil. The Sisters of Life, in their flowing veils and black and white habits, provided a striking, prayerful witness to all those who passed by, those working inside, and those who entered the facility to end the lives of their children. Experience shows that one of the most powerful ways to minister to souls at these killing chambers is through sisters who wear the outward sign of their faith commitment—their habits.

A beautiful picture of Our Lady with a plea to her to “stop Planned Parenthood” is displayed outside the Planned Parenthood facility on Perlman Drive by the faithful pro-life advocates when they are there—whether in rain, sunshine, or snow. Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic operates the Perlman Drive facility. According to its 2011 annual report, the Planned Parenthood affiliate ended the fiscal year with a $1.6 million deficit. It received 31 percent of its money from “government funding” and another 27.2 percent of its income from “Medicare/Medicaid managed care,” for a total of 58.2 percent of total income from government sources.

If not for taxpayer money, this affiliate would be out of business. Our Lady of Life, please stop government funding to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood dropped from WIC in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is pushing back against Planned Parenthood. The Oklahoma State Health Department has declined to renew WIC funding for three PP facilities in the Sooner State. According to the Health Department, the decision was based on “the needs of the Health Department, the contractor’s performance, and funding availability.”

Kudos to Oklahoma for saying “no” to Planned Parenthood funding. The nation’s largest abortion chain builds confidence with women and children by bringing them in for assistance via legitimate government programs like WIC, then draws them into its contraceptive and sex education programs. When those fail, it sells the women abortions. To learn more about how to stop the advance of Planned Parenthood in your community, visit our website today.