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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


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  • Foundation funding targets schools across nine states to institutionalize repugnant sex classes
  • How to rebut the Girl Scout rebuttal when they claim no relationship with Planned Parenthood
  • The evil of abortion revisited. Abortionist to baby pieces: ‘Come on, little arm, I know you’re here!’
  • American Life League’s Judie Brown and Jim Sedlak on the road and on the air
  • Ricki Lake will produce documentary exposing the pill; retweets Pill Kills info
  • Bringing Jesus to PP through Mary: Planned Parenthood Birmingham surgical abortion center shuts down
  • Archbishop of New Orleans warns archdiocesan entities will not do business with anyone who helps build PP abortion center
Foundation funding targets schools across nine states to institutionalize repugnant sex classes

Major foundations are lining up to target schools in nine states across the US, with the goal of institutionalizing, or normalizing, the Planned Parenthood network’s repugnant, hedonistic “comprehensive” sex education that pays lip service to abstinence, while scandalizing and warping children with outrageous sex presentations. The foundations are heaping millions of dollars upon the millions being poured into sex ed by the federal government via Obamacare.

The foundations’ vehicle for normalizing sex classes in schools is the WISE initiative. WISE is an acronym for Working to Institutionalize Sex Education. According to the WISE initiative’s “method toolkit,” the initiative is “led by the Grove Foundation . . . [and] supported by a collaboration of funders including the Ford, William and Flora Hewlett, and David and Lucile Packard Foundations.”

The initiative targets geographical areas with “favorable policy climates” for the normalization of sustainable school-based sex education. Current locations targeted by WISE include Washington; Oregon; California; Colorado; Iowa; Georgia; North Carolina; West Virginia; and Rochester, New York.

WISE works from the top down, beginning at the state education board level. By working at the state level, it is much easier to bypass parents in implementing laws that require or promote “comprehensive” sex classes in schools.

What are these WISE-funded schools teaching? While claiming that WISE promotes comprehensive sex education “that addresses abstinence but goes beyond that to address age-appropriate topics such as healthy relationships, contraception, and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention,” the reality of what WISE is doing in these states bears no resemblance to that description.

In fact, the chief WISE operative in Oregon has admitted that he slid the most “progressive” sex education law in the nation under the radar of parents by setting legislation on the docket of the state board as a consent item. Quoting Brad Victor:

There was no public comment at all. And so we went for the consent items, and they said, “Everybody agree on the consent items?” And they raised their hands. And bingo, boom! We’ve got the most progressive law in the nation here. So we pushed the envelope again.

STOPP has written extensively about the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference where children were brought in from WISE-funded schools across the state to hear keynote presentations by a man who identifies as a lesbian and a woman who claims that the “pro-choice” movement is not radical enough and that abstinence is impossible. Teens were recruited to teach a porn class to adults and other teens. Teams from WISE-funded schools in Oregon were required to attend the conference. As we wrote in 2013 following the conference, “The teens in attendance were pelted over a two-day period by a dizzying whirlwind of warped, perverse, anti-Christian ‘sexuality’ training.”

In Georgia, the lead WISE initiative partner GCAPP says,

The WISE Initiative services to school districts include: support in selecting sexual health curriculum, teacher training, parent workshops, and technical assistance as needed throughout the implementation process. Since 2009 GCAPP has trained 200 teachers in over 75 elementary, middle, and high schools to implement medically accurate, age appropriate curricula reaching over 17,000 students in the 2012-13 school year alone. The program is funded by The Grove Foundation. Proven curricula like Making a Difference, Reducing the Risk, Family Life and Sexual Health, Health Smart, and others are currently being taught by teachers in school districts throughout the state with the support of the WISE Initiative.

The Making a Difference program in Kansas caused an uproar recently when a 13-year-old student gave her father a picture she took of a poster from the program that was posted in her middle school listing various sex acts. Included among the sex acts were touching each other’s genitals, masturbation, anal sex, and grinding.

The Witherspoon Institute reports some of the details of Reducing the Risk. Assignments for Reducing the Risk include a trip to Planned Parenthood or a similar agency, recording the address and “services” available there, followed by mapping of the route the student would use to get from school to the facility. A homework assignment involves “a shopping trip to a local condom vendor to list the brand names of the condoms sold there and to indicate whether they are lubricated or not, reservoir or plain.” The students are then asked to decide, using a list, which method of preventing pregnancy seems best for them.

In New York, Rochester City Schools are using WISE funds to develop comprehensive sexuality education curriculum specifically for grades 4–6.

Planned Parenthood’s involvement in WISE: Planned Parenthood keeps a low profile in the structure of WISE. However, looking down the ladder at the structure of the lead partners, Planned Parenthood comes clearly into focus. For instance, a WISE Iowa Project brochure lists Planned Parenthood as a partner, along with the Grove Foundation and the David & Lucile Packard Foundation.

In Colorado, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is an alliance member of Colorado Youth Matter, the organization that is leading the WISE initiative there. Similar connections between Planned Parenthood and WISE lead partners exist in other states receiving WISE initiative funding.

In Oregon, a list of WISE board members includes three Planned Parenthood employees.

In California, one must dig a bit deeper to find Planned Parenthood’s involvement. There we find that ETR heads up the California WISE initiative, with funding for the initiative provided by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. ETR began as the educational arm of Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz. Former ETR marketing director Steve Bignell, editor of the Family Life Education curriculum and Family Life Educator magazine, served as education director at Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz.

The impact of the WISE initiatives is far reaching: From the WISE toolkit website we learn the broad impact of this foundation funding:

In the first three years of the initiative, all of the WISE sites made significant progress toward their objectives. Collectively, over 100,000 students have been impacted due to WISE related activities; over 700 teachers have been trained; and 120 schools have implemented sex education where there was previously no sex education before or where it was significantly improved upon due to WISE.

Many lessons have been learned to date and shared among the WISE grantees and funders, including:

· There are skills, methods, tools, and best practices in institutionalizing sex ed that can be surfaced and shared, and there is a strong appetite among grantees to learn across sites

· Strategically aiding institutionalization of school-based sex ed requires start-up time and investment in organizational capacity, needs assessment, strategic planning, and partnership development

· Knowing how to work with schools is an important asset

· Each state has a unique infrastructure that can be leveraged

· Education agency partnerships are key to sustaining sex ed programming and existing resources, such as DASH-funded state projects, can be successfully leveraged to this end

· The economy is taking a toll on schools’ ability to take on new programs; however, relationship-based outreach can bring districts to the table

Those fighting institutionalized sex education can learn much about the strategy of the enemy by studying WISE materials, such as the WISE Method Toolkit. When we know the battle plan of the opposition, it is much easier to defend our children. Read and study the WISE Method Toolkit today. Then read Jim Sedlak’s book Parent Power!! STOPP is here to help you every step of the way in fighting Planned Parenthood’s efforts to institutionalize and normalize its harmful, perverse sex education. You can contact us by e-mailing [email protected].

How to rebut the Girl Scout rebuttal when they claim no relationship with Planned Parenthood

The national Girl Scout cookie boycott of 2014 instituted by American Life League Associate group Pro-Life Waco has drawn a tremendous amount of media attention. In fact, a February 6 Breitbart article says that a search for CookieCott 2014 returned 35,000 results. Today’s search, performed 12 days later by yours truly, returned 51,300 results.

This huge media response has put Girl Scouts USA in the position of trying to defend itself. Girl Scout hierarchy is sending letters to parents of Girl Scouts saying it has no relationship with Planned Parenthood, that local councils don’t give money to WAGGGS, etc. But the evidence is readily available and indisputable.

At American Life League, we have had several inquiries wanting to know how to find the evidence to rebut these claims. Here are some websites and some tips that can help you.

You can find well-documented evidence about the Girl Scouts’ relationship with WAGGGS here:

WAGGGS "aggressively promotes youth reproductive/abortion and sexual rights, specifically on behalf of its 10 million members.” Pro-Life blogger Jill Stanek said it best, when she said that Planned Parenthood and WAGGGS are “joined at the hip.”

In fact, Girl Scouts USA cofounded WAGGGs and continues to maintain membership:

You will also see on this site that GSUSA paid over $1.8 million to WAGGGS in 2007 alone, and that when a Girl Scout pays her $12 membership dues, this triggers a payment to WAGGGS from GSUSA.

As for the direct relationship of GSUSA with Planned Parenthood, perhaps the most binding evidence is this interview with GSUSA CEO Kathy Cloninger, who says, “We have relationships with . . . Planned Parenthood organizations across the country to bring information based sex education programs to girls.”

You can see more information about GSUSA’s relationship with WAGGGS and Planned Parenthood on the “Girl Scouts, Why Not?” website:

Pro-life concerns regarding individual councils are documented in detail by Ann Saladin on her website here:

These websites and others have well-researched, fully documented, easily accessible answers to these and other arguments that are being proffered in an attempt to establish distance between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. Take advantage of them as you continue to educate about the necessity of organizations that deal with children, such as Girl Scouts, sincerely and truly severing all ties with Planned Parenthood and its cohorts. It’s one thing to scrub a website and say, “We have no relationship.” It’s another thing to actually sever all ties.

The evil of abortion revisited. Abortionist to baby pieces: ‘Come on, little arm, I know you’re here!’

Planned Parenthood trainers from New York who chant “Abortion all the time!” An abortionist who talks to aborted baby parts, saying things like, “Come on, little arm, I know you’re here! Now you stop hiding from me!” Daily abortion quotas. Threats of being fired for not answering the phone by the third ring to sell an abortion. A young sex slave brought in by her captor for an abortion. A mother who brought her 16-year-old daughter into Planned Parenthood for an abortion under the pretense of a prenatal visit. These are the things that a former Planned Parenthood worker’s nightmares are made of. These are things one nurse experienced working for what she describes as “a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work.”

Former Planned Parenthood nurse Marianne Anderson is now free from her job at the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Indianapolis, but her stomach still ties in knots every time she drives past the building. She is speaking out about what she experienced in her employment there in an effort to “right a wrong.” She was able to escape the nightmare through the help of And Then There Were None—Abby Johnson’s outreach to abortion workers.

Marianne joins a cadre of former abortion workers who now work tirelessly to expose the evil that is Planned Parenthood. They are among the most valuable pro-life resources. They have lived the nightmare. Their testimony cannot be easily dismissed.

We have heard their stories, we have cried with them, and now we rejoice with them while offering a hand to others who have fallen in with evil incarnate presenting itself as Planned Parenthood.

What brought them to Planned Parenthood is often, as in Marianne’s case, a lack of understanding of the evil that resides there. Not until they are firmly invested and entrapped financially and emotionally, in many cases, do they come to understand how truly devious Planned Parenthood is. In that regard, they are not unlike the great majority of Americans. Those of us who have been fighting this evil for so many years tend to take for granted that everyone else knows what we know.

Marianne’s story is a reminder that they don’t. Fueled by personal experiences of women who have attempted self-abortion, or just platitudes that make abortion seem necessary, they go with the flow of the culture of death.

Education about what goes on inside Planned Parenthood is vital to stopping the abortion giant. Thank God for former abortion workers like Marianne Anderson and Abby Johnson, who have stepped out of the darkness so that they can shine a spotlight into the abyss of death that is Planned Parenthood’s “happy place.”

To learn more about Planned Parenthood, visit our website,

American Life League’s Judie Brown and Jim Sedlak on the road and on the air

ALL president Judie Brown will be among the world-renowned speakers at the Cleveland Right to Life Symposium entitled “Bringing America Back to Life.” Mrs. Brown will address “The Legacy of Pope John Paul II: Creating a Culture of Life,” presenting the Holy Father’s blueprint of pro-life/pro-family efforts, on Friday, March 7.

The symposium and exhibition will take place in Ohio at the Embassy Suites, Rockside Independence on March 7 and 8. To register for the symposium, visit

ALL vice president Jim Sedlak will be the featured speaker at the Defenders of the Unborn annual banquet at the Column Banquet Center in St. Charles, Missouri, this Friday, February 22. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. For more information visit

Don’t miss Jim’s Radio Maria talk show “Armed for Battle” on Friday, February 22 as well. His guest will be Catherine Adair, a former Planned Parenthood abortion counselor who will be talking about what really happens with counseling at Planned Parenthood. Tune in online at noon for the live show at You can also listen to all the archived editions of “Armed for Battle” at the same web address.

Ricki Lake will produce documentary exposing the pill; retweets Pill Kills info

LifeSiteNews editor Ben Johnson alerted us to a breaking story this week: Ricki Lake is teaming up with director Abby Epstein to produce an exposé on the dangers of the pill and other forms of contraception. That came as quite a surprise to us, since Lake has been a very outspoken promoter of contraception for many years, and as recently as three months ago wrote a piece on behalf of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy trying to persuade parents to talk to their daughters about contraception in a positive way.

But it really is happening. Not only that, Lake recently retweeted this message from The Pill Kills.

Life Site News quoted ALL’s Rita Diller:

“Planned Parenthood, The Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Big Pharma, and others that generate huge amounts of income from contraceptives have intentionally hidden the truth from women for decades,” Rita Diller, national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project, told LifeSiteNews. “The truth about contraception is finally being made known, at the cost of the lives of untold numbers of women and girls who have died or suffered irreparable harm because of the pill.” . . .

“As the stories of lives cut short by dangerous drugs that were touted as the key to a long, healthy, successful life emerge, more people like Ricki Lake will be forced to acknowledge the lies they have promulgated,” Diller said. “When women know the truth about contraception, they will reject it.”

To learn more about the dangers of contraceptives, visit our website To be a part of the discussion, join The Pill Kills on Facebook.

Bringing Jesus to PP through Mary: Planned Parenthood Birmingham surgical abortion center shuts down

Planned Parenthood’s Birmingham Center in Alabama has shut down, at least temporarily. It was the last remaining abortion facility in the Birmingham area. The abortion business currently lists no hours on its website. A note on the website says: “Services at our Birmingham health center are temporarily slowed.” However, a sign on the door says that the facility has been temporarily closed and refers customers to other facilities.

LifeNews reported that “pro-lifers on the sidewalk witnessed the facility’s director being escorted from the building, followed by a repairman changing all of the locks. Three days later, a sign from Planned Parenthood Southeast (PPS) appeared stating that the facility would be closed until January 6, 2014. After the 6th, sidewalk counselors say the facility did reopen, but only briefly.”

The facility has been the site of intense pro-life prayer, and pro-life forces are crediting the closure as an answer to those prayers. quotes Jim Pinto of Birmingham March for Life. “If we can close all the abortions clinics, that’s what we’re looking for,” says Pinto. “Something has happened here that hasn’t happened in 30 years. No abortion center is functioning in the city of Birmingham!”

Kudos to all who have been faithfully bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary in Birmingham. We look forward to celebrating the permanent closure of this facility one day soon.

Archbishop of New Orleans warns archdiocesan entities will not do business with anyone who helps build PP abortion center

Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond is not pulling punches when it comes to warning Catholics not to cooperate with Planned Parenthood, as he holds the line against the building of a new Planned Parenthood abortion center in New Orleans.

“There is no justification,” he says in a January 27 pastoral letter, “that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood, or any abortion provider, acceptable. Additionally, affiliation or support of Planned Parenthood by Catholics is a matter of serious scandal.”

Here are excerpts from the archbishop’s January 27 pastoral letter:

We cannot be silent in view of the grave injustice presented by the abortions that will be performed at the proposed Planned Parenthood facility. The archdiocese is obliged to remind every person and organization involved in the acquisition, preparation, and construction of this or any abortion facility that they are cooperating with the evil that will take place there. For this reason, the archdiocese, including its churches, schools, apartments for the elderly and nursing homes, will strive in its privately funded work not to enter into business relationships with any person or organization that participates in actions that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality.

This policy applies to all businesses, regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation. Our fidelity to Church teaching and our conscience necessitates this stance.

There is no justification, including economic hardship that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood, or any abortion provider, acceptable. Additionally, affiliation or support of Planned Parenthood by Catholics is a matter of serious scandal.

We will continue to pray for those that are blind to the destruction caused by abortion and invite those involved with Planned Parenthood to prayer and dialogue. There are many issues, from violence in the streets to poverty, which hurt this community. A regional abortion center will not solve our problems; it will only create more. This is not the future the New Orleans metropolitan area needs.

We hope that the community invested in the City of New Orleans and in her future will join us in standing for life, not more abortion.

All citizens of the New Orleans area must stand together for a peaceful community, not one with more abortion and more Planned Parenthood.

If you have questions, need resources, or would like to participate further, please contact me or Peg Kenny, Respect Life Office at (504) 286-1119 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Wishing You God’s Blessings, I am,

Sincerely in Christ,
Most Rev. Gregory M. Aymond
Archbishop of New Orleans

Thank God for Archbishop Aymond’s strong statements on the evil of cooperating with Planned Parenthood, and for his firm stance in refusing to do business with those who facilitate the building of the New Orleans Planned Parenthood killing center. The Catholic Church is the entity that Planned Parenthood fears most. When her leaders stand firm, Planned Parenthood cannot prevail.