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  • Representative McDermott: Students were used as guinea pigs in sex instruction program
  • International Planned Parenthood increased abortions 24 percent in 2013; Africa is chief target
  • ACTION ALERT: Think taxpayer money doesn't pay for abortion? Here is a list of 15 states where Medicaid funds abortions
  • Iowa court validates medical board decision to stop telemed abortions; reporter describes process as 'induced miscarriage'
  • Planned Parenthood director resigns after offending black radical feminists as PP fights off 'friendly fire'
Representative McDermott: Students were used as guinea pigs in sex instruction program

Led by state representative Bob McDermott, outraged parents in Hawaii continue to fight valiantly to get an explicit sex instruction program coauthored by Planned Parenthood out of their middle schools. Rep. McDermott has just released his second meticulously researched report detailing the impropriety of the curriculum and violations of state and federal law regarding the testing and implementation of the program.

At the same time, television ads have begun airing that feature a Hawaiian grandmother extolling the virtues of Pono Choices—dubbed Porno Choices by those who are familiar with the content. It is the first instance of which we are aware where the Planned Parenthood network has aired paid television ads to promote a sex instruction program in an area where the citizens are clearly rejecting it.

In a video introducing his latest report on Pono Choices, Representative McDermott says, “Pono Choices was a research project. Unbeknownst to parents, their students were used as, well, human guinea pigs.” Rep. McDermott goes on to point out that safeguards and protocols that govern human research projects were not followed in the case of Pono Choices.

He further says that state law was violated when gift cards were given to students for their participation in the project—a fact that renders all the research results “irrelevant and useless due to the financial inducements.”

And despite consistent claims to the contrary, Rep. McDermott states unequivocally that “Pono Choices was never ever deemed medically accurate by anyone.”

Finally, and most troubling, Rep. McDermott says, is that despite incessant insistence by the Department of Education that Pono Choices is age appropriate, there was never any effort made to evaluate the emotional, sociological, or psychological impact or ability of 11-year-old children to deal with the material presented. The only test of age appropriateness was whether the program was written at a fifth grade reading level.

Read Representative McDermott’s full report, Pono Choices: The Credibility Gap Widens, on the Ohana Policy Group website. It contains valuable information for those fighting Planned Parenthood sex ed across the nation.

Here are some highlights of the McDermott report, in addition to those enumerated in the video:

Pono Choices . . . treats homosexuality as a normal, common lifestyle. Yet, based on National Health Interview Survey data from 2013, 96.6 percent of American adults identified as straight, 1.6 percent identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 percent identified as bisexual. The remaining 1.1 percent of adults identified as ‘‘something else,’’ stated ‘‘I don’t know the answer,’’ or refused to provide an answer.

If we must discuss behaviors that are anomalies, then the discussion should be in the scientific context using reliable data. That means including the fact that over half of all new cases of HIV occur from male homosexual behavior. After all, if we love our children, should we not give them the facts? Telling the very few children who will one day engage in homosexual behavior that the risk is the same as heterosexual behavior is a deadly disservice to them.

Pono Choices had no predator protection module, nor an abuse prevention guide. By repeatedly telling 11-year-old children that they are responsible for their decisions, and through the celebration of aberrant behaviors, we are setting our children up for victimization by those adults who practice pedophilia, ephebophilia, and hebephilia. The harm done by sexual abuse is staggering with an abundance of evidence documenting the harm. With the beginnings of an extraordinarily aggressive movement afoot nationally and internationally to accept “inter-generational” sex as just another orientation, the danger is imminent. One only need read the plethora of articles in respected psychological journals to see the path ahead. After all, they tell us, “love is love.” Yet astonishingly, the DOE still finds no compelling need for Pono Choices to include a predator protection module.

The people of Hawaii clearly do not want their children exposed to Pono Choices. A poll conducted by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser showed 84 percent of responders wanted Pono Choices eliminated (62 percent) or revised (22 percent.) Planned Parenthood is counting on its social engineering arsenal, via television advertising and other tactics, to convince Hawaiians that Pono Choices is good for their children.

STOPP has been blessed to work with parents and researchers in Hawaii to eliminate this program since its discovery by locals. Citizens of Hawaii are 100 percent dedicated to eliminating this program. Congratulations to them and to Representative McDermott, who has compiled two major reports and traveled throughout the Aloha state speaking with parents and exposing Pono Choices.

International Planned Parenthood increased abortions 24 percent in 2013; Africa is chief target

International Planned Parenthood Federation recently announced it increased its abortion “services” for 2013 by 24 percent, exceeding its targets for the second year in a row. The announcement came in its 2012-2013 performance report. IPPF claims its interest is in ending extreme poverty. But the report is so obsessed with abortion that it mentions the word abortion 151 times.

Thirty-six percent of IPPF’s 72 million dollars in grants went to Africa and 19 percent to Asia—areas Planned Parenthood says have the highest human development needs, areas heavily targeted by the abortion giant. Africa is so heavily targeted, in fact, that International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPFAR) stated in its 2010-2015 strategic plan that it will increase abortions in Africa by 82 percent by 2015. After extensive coverage of that statistic, IPPFAR denied it, and removed the strategic plan from the Internet. It was fortunately preserved online by

Acting through the United Nations, Planned Parenthood has worked tenaciously to include “sexual and reproductive health and rights” (SRHR) in the UN Millennial Development Goals targeted to be fully realized by 2015.

IPPF is ramping up its SRHR agenda as 2015 nears in preparation for its continuing depopulation “framework,” Vision 2020. Vision 2020 is IPPF’s manifesto to world governments, demanding to have sexual and reproductive health recognized as a human right by 2020. Planned Parenthood’s demands include not only dramatic expansion of abortion and birth control, but also make mandatory its “comprehensive” sex instruction for all, with an obsession on normalizing and celebrating promiscuity, homosexuality, transgenderism, sadistic and masochistic sex, and other perversions. It seeks to impose its sex instruction on very young children.

And if you think IPPF is incapable of forcing its genocidal demands on impoverished nations, consider this. At the recent U.S.-Africa Summit held in Washington, DC, both President Obama and Vice President Biden warned African leaders that, to ensure more funding and partnerships with U.S. companies for desperately needed economic development, they must emulate the “norms” of American companies and society, making specific reference to homosexuality.

For all its talk about eliminating poverty, Planned Parenthood’s deadly population control programs only exacerbate poverty. People are the most valuable asset of any nation. Without young people to work at producing goods and income, the population pyramid is turned upside down, resulting in a lack of younger workers to support the aging population. Read our coverage of how Planned Parenthood’s aggressive population programs have resulted in unprecedented, irreversible population aging.

For more information on Planned Parenthood’s targeting of impoverished nations with extinction in the name of economic development, read the searchable archives of the Wednesday STOPP Report at

ACTION ALERT: Think taxpayer money doesn't pay for abortion? Here is a list of 15 states where Medicaid funds abortions

We continually hear from Planned Parenthood that government funds cannot pay for abortion. The National Network of Abortion Funds website proves Planned Parenthood is lying. It lists 15 states where Medicaid will currently pay for abortion. They are Alaska, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Connecticut, New York, Hawaii, Oregon, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington, Minnesota, West Virginia, and Montana.

NNAF takes advantage of Medicaid’s preference for enrolling pregnant women by telling abortion-bound women to apply in person and say they are pregnant in order to expedite enrollment. “You do not need to tell them you are planning to have an abortion,” the website advises.

NNAF also gives readers several different ways to fund abortions for others, and features a story about a 14 year old who needs “a second chance” that will come through an abortion, they say, that costs “more than [the family’s] rent.”

It is a violation of state law in every state to have sex with someone below the age of 16. Disregarding the law, Planned Parenthood and its cohorts in the abortion industry will make sure this young girl’s sexual abuse is covered up by an abortion—funded, if not by taxpayers, then by willing donors. In the end, Planned Parenthood et al will have some extra change in their pockets and this young girl’s abuse at the hands of the person who is responsible for having sex with an underage child will be covered up. The evidence, an innocent baby, will be killed and his remains obliterated. And a unique opportunity to right the wrong being perpetrated on this adolescent will have passed, with the obligation placed on our government and those who knew of her abuse swept under the rug.

Why does government funding of Planned Parenthood persist? STOPP’s analysis of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s annual reports shows that the abortion giant admits that around 45 percent of its annual income comes from government sources. That figure has held relatively steady since 2010 at half a billion dollars. How many children have our tax dollars killed? That is a question we will never have a straight answer for. With 15 states openly using Medicaid funds to pay for abortions, it’s a cinch that the government-funded death count is thousands upon thousands.

Since Planned Parenthood relies on government sources for 45 percent of its income, it is clear that cutting off that funding would result in Planned Parenthood’s demise. Please write your state and federal legislators today and remind them that you strongly object to your tax dollars being used to pay for abortions through Medicaid and other government programs. You can find contact information here. Ask them to let you know as quickly as possible what they are personally doing to stop government funding to Planned Parenthood.

Iowa court validates medical board decision to stop telemed abortions; reporter describes process as 'induced miscarriage'

Iowa Right to Life is rejoicing after a Polk County district judge upheld the decision of the Iowa Board of Medicine to ban telemed medication-induced abortions across the state. According to a Des Moines Register article, Planned Parenthood has committed more than 6,400 abortions using the videoconferencing remote pill-dispensing scheme.

Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards vowed to appeal the decision to the state supreme court, claiming the decision is unconstitutional.

STOPP reported recently that Planned Parenthood is telling women that the abortion-pill-induced abortions started at PP are not abortions—that the women are instead having voluntary miscarriages. Interestingly, the Des Moines Register article on the ruling against Planned Parenthood’s telemed abortions describes them as “induced miscarriage.”

Catholic moral theologian Msgr. William Smith has observed that “all social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering.” Planned Parenthood is a master of both.

Planned Parenthood director resigns after offending black radical feminists as PP fights off 'friendly fire'

A Planned Parenthood director has resigned after she allegedly insulted organizers at a screening of the documentary entitled We Always Resist: Trust Black Women. According to an open letter in response to her actions, Planned Parenthood’s Melissa Flournoy not only insulted women of color, she said she wanted someone to put state legislator Katrina Jackson and feminist leader Deon Haywood in the ring so that Haywood could “kick [Representative Jackson’s] ass.” Jackson had recently sponsored legislation that Planned Parenthood opposes.

A post attributed to Kris Ford, who identifies herself as “a member of the Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, a queer black femme woman, a New Orleans native, and a daughter of a mother who taught me not to think about my body on anybody else’s terms but my own,” wrote a scathing open letter to Flournoy which no doubt prompted Flournoy’s resignation.

This back-story was posted on the Women’s Health and Justice Initiative website: “The documentary [We Always Resist: Trust Black Women] touches on the ways that the pro choice framework abandons black women. It talks about solution oriented community activism and the ways that black women are left in the lurch when the conversation about reproductive rights focuses only on the single issue of abortion.”

Let’s take a look at the central players in this pro-abortion v. pro-abortion rift. The Trust Black Women Partnership was formed to defeat the Radiance Foundation’s pro-life billboards exposing black genocide. Sister Song is the group that organized The Trust Black Women Partnership and put together the documentary. In a talk last year, Sister Song founder and head, Loretta Ross, described her organization as the radical wing of the pro-choice movement. Planned Parenthood’s tax form shows it gave $20,000 to Sister Song in 2011-2012. Read STOPP’s coverage of Ross’s shocking talk at the 2013 Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference.

The text of Ford’s open letter to Planned Parenthood’s Flournoy shows the very high level of animosity that is surfacing between Planned Parenthood and radical black feminist groups. It is lengthy, but a must-read for those fighting Planned Parenthood. Here is a slightly condensed version. You can read the entire letter at this link:

You [Flournoy] felt that last night’s discussions should have centered on how organizations like Women With A Vision, the communities they serve, and women of color as a whole could “show up” for Planned Parenthood’s pro-choice fight.

Since I’m fairly certain that you didn’t spend a lot of the meeting taking in what by the women around you said, let me sum it up: . . .

  • The pro-choice/pro-life framework that Planned Parenthood supports and fuels largely leaves marginalized women behind. We gain nothing from joining your parade or lending our faces or our children’s faces to your billboards.
  • You, Melissa Flournoy, are a perfect example of the schism in work around reproductive rights. Your refusal to listen, your insistence on centering the conversation on your personal wants, and your flippant disregard for the work that organizations led by women of color have done. Worse, the huge organization that supports you is guilty of the same.

Part of why I’m wary of Planned Parenthood is that I lead an intersectional life by default. All black women do. We are not only black, only women, only disabled, only lesbians, only trans, only genderqueer, only poor, only southern, only indigenous, or only anything. We actively resist spaces where we are the only ones. In those spaces, we are profiled. We are shamed and abused. You push us to the front of one charge after another so that you can wave your diversity banners. We fall first and are left bleeding every time.

Last night, I got together with a bunch of members of my community. . . . We got together to view Trust Black Women and eat some pizza. The film was short, but powerful. We watched person after person talk about the ways that the reproductive rights dichotomy leaves behind black women.

After we watched We Always Resist: Trust Black Women, Deon Haywood and Paris Hatcher took the floor for a discussion about their reproductive justice activism. . . . [Deon] spoke about how important it is for women of color to be not just partners but leaders in defining what reproductive rights mean to us. Paris spoke about her reproductive justice work as the cofounder of SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW. She talked at length about the importance of viewing reproductive rights outside of the pro-choice v. pro-life framework. . . .

You started by introducing yourself as the Louisiana State director of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. After that, you proceeded to ask Deon what she could “do about Katrina.” Though you didn’t pause to give context, you were talking about Katrina Jackson, the state representative out of Monroe, Louisiana, who penned HB388. The bill effectively shuts down some of the abortion providers here in Louisiana. You complained about the representative’s unwillingness to hear your pleas, and jokingly said that you wanted to “put (Deon) into a ring and let you kick her ass!” Didn’t we JUST get done talking about how hurtful it is for black women to constantly be profiled as dangerous? Violent? Subhuman? How is this helpful? . . .

Deon stated that she’s not going to go fight any other black women. She’s not doing this work to go be the black person who can tame other black people for you. None of us are. . . .

I explained that I rejected the pro-choice v. pro-life framework because it leaves behind many of the communities represented in that room. . . . Here’s more of what I want to say:

How dare you, Melissa? How dare you show up to an event by and for women of color, then go ahead to tell us that we’re not focusing on YOUR organization enough? That we aren’t showing up for YOU enough? We afforded you every opportunity last night to get a feel for where women of color are coming from on this issue. The answers to why we aren’t as common as we could be among the Planned Parenthood ranks was staring you in the face, and you turned away every time. You heard it from black women, you heard it from black men, you heard it from faith leaders and scholars and activists and average folks walking down the street. You even heard it from Laura McTighe, a white ally who was so upset by your behavior that she stepped forward to name that you had effectively derailed the entire conversation and wrapped it around yourself, and that it was inappropriate of you to ask women of color why they weren’t doing more for YOU. Did you listen to her? Did you listen when she said that she felt the more appropriate question to ask was how you, your organization, and white people in general could show up and be better allies for US? . . .

After last night’s distasteful experience, I’m left with three very real truths:

  • If the Louisiana state director of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast can listen to the lived experiences of women of color and then try to mock us and disrupt our meetings, then what hope is there for Planned Parenthood to work in an anti-racist framework? Why should I bother with trusting or investing in any of your political ventures if you can’t see the merit in my community based activism?
  • Black women’s bodies are the scapegoat here. No matter how you turn it, when we view ourselves on your terms, the jokes fly about how we should go fight people for you. We are damned for having children, damned for having abortions, damned for refusing to navigate our bodies within your framework, and then chastised for not showing up for you.
  • I trust black women. I trust us to know what is best for ourselves, our communities, our families, and our well-being. I do NOT trust YOU. . . .

Rather than listen to the young people in the room, you reminded us that you’re 53. Rather than resist the urge to stack oppressions like a playground contest, you tossed out you’re a lesbian from Shreveport and that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I think I judged you appropriately. I think I had you figured out when I reluctantly had to lump you in with the rest of the big money nonprofits that just want to hijack our stories for convenient marketing. I think I had you right when I assumed that you wouldn’t be able to simply be a member of the community that night. I think I was correct in assuming that you and the organization that you represent have a long way to go. If you commonly behave this way professionally, expect to alienate more and more people.

To sum it up, you cannot cry foul when black women and our community-based organizations are not always interested in working with you. You cannot wonder why backs were turned and feelings ran high in that room last night. The kind of disregard for us, our bodies, and our spaces that you displayed last night showed us that we knew already. You don’t. We are the right people to decide what happens to our bodies. We know what is right for our communities. You don’t. We love our families and our friends and our neighbors. You don’t.

I thought our meeting would go to hell as soon as you spoke up about who you were, and I was right.

Do better.

Planned Parenthood subsequently promised to rectify the situation with Flournoy, who resigned shortly thereafter.

Infighting in the “sexual rights movement” spells big trouble for Planned Parenthood. Its apparent attempts to placate Loretta Ross and company are failing, as repetitive, public attacks have recently been vollied at Planned Parenthood for not having the best interest of black women at heart.

While these groups try to bring Planned Parenthood to a more radical—if that is possible—embrace of “reproductive rights,” we watch Planned Parenthood dodging “friendly fire,” realizing that the more fronts on which Planned Parenthood is forced to defend itself, the weaker it becomes.