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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


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  • 100 Years of Debauchery and Death
  • ALL's Culture of Life Studies Program Releases New Margaret Sanger Unit Study
  • ALL and STOPP Cosponsor 100th Anniversary Activity at Planned Parenthood
  • STOPP in Iowa and Nebraska
100 Years of Debauchery and Death

By Jim Sedlak

Next month will mark the 100th anniversary of perhaps the most destructive force ever to be unleashed on the world. I’m speaking of the organization Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its founder, Margaret Sanger. In 1935, author H. G. Wells stated, “When the history of our civilization is written, it will be a biological history and Margaret Sanger will be its heroine.” 

As we move closer to the anniversary date, we will look at several aspects of Planned Parenthood. This week, let’s focus just a bit on its founder, who died 50 years ago this month, but whose legacy still lives on in the organization.

Margaret Sanger brought to Planned Parenthood three basic philosophies that still drive the organization today. Her first philosophy was uninhibited sexual activity. Margaret believed that everyone should be free to engage in sexual activity with whomever they want, whenever they want. It made no difference if the individuals were married or even if they were married to someone else. Sex was to be enjoyed always, she taught. As a young adult, Sanger would attend discussion sessions at the home of Mabel Dodge in New York City. Dodge explained that each week a different member of the group would lead the discussion. She said that, whenever it was Sanger’s turn to lead, the discussions were always about sex. As Ellen Chessler noted in her book about Sanger, Woman of Valor, Dodge said that Margaret was “the first person I ever knew who was openly an ardent propagandist for the joys of the flesh.”

Planned Parenthood continues to push for uninhibited sex in its so-called “medically accurate” or “evidence based” sexuality education programs. As Planned Parenthood noted in its Oregon Team Report, which looked at PP’s success in Europe, the key to Planned Parenthood obtaining its objectives is “the openness and the acceptance that young people will have intimate sexual relationships without being married and that these relationships are natural and contribute to maturing into a sexually healthy adult.” Whenever you hear someone say that we will never stop teenagers from having sex, you must speak out against the claim, or Sanger and Planned Parenthood will have won another victory. 

Sanger’s second philosophy was regarding family size. She encouraged small families, and considered a large family as anything more than two children. She even put forward a “Baby Code” for the United States in which she called for birthing licenses—with the government deciding when and how many babies a couple could have. 

Needless to say, these first two philosophies created a conflict. Sanger wanted lots and lots of sex, but no babies. Her solution to this conundrum was birth control. Sanger is credited by many historians with coining the term “birth control” and she championed its use throughout her life. Despite writing publicly against abortion many times, Sanger considered it as a necessary part of birth control. It was Sanger, and one of her friends, who financed the development of the birth control pill, which prevents implantation of already-created human beings and thereby ends their lives.

Planned Parenthood continues to push for small family size and for the use of birth control. Although Sanger’s Baby Code was never implemented here, PP is a major supporter of the Chinese population control program that includes birthing licenses. PP continues to claim that abortion is needed as a backup for failed contraception. The fact that Planned Parenthood receives huge profits and an income of over $400 million a year from the sale of so-called contraceptives gives it every incentive to push these nefarious products on its unsuspecting customers. Planned Parenthood admits that it has committed over 7,000,000 abortions in its own facilities. In addition, PP has ended the lives of tens of millions of babies through its abortifacient birth control products.

Sanger’s third philosophy advocated eugenics—the purification of a race through selective breeding. Sanger believed the “unfit” people of the world should not be allowed to have children. Early in her career she invited Northrop Stoddard to serve on her board of directors. Stoddard was known for his book The Rising Tide of Color against White World-Supremacy. When Sanger opened the offices of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in London in 1952, the office space was donated by the English Eugenics Society and the furniture in the office was provided by the Race Betterment Society. 

Planned Parenthood continues to push the eugenic philosophies of its founder. Since eugenics became an unpopular term in the 1940s, PP switched its rhetoric to address the phony “overpopulation problem.” There is now, and never has been, an overpopulation problem. But it was a convenient way for PP to hide its eugenics concepts under acceptable language. It is widely recognized at this time that the biggest population problem in the world today is too few children. The world has an aging population and Planned Parenthood’s solution is to support an individual's right to euthanasia, to die with dignity, and the right to suicide. 

Margaret Sanger’s philosophies run deep at Planned Parenthood, and our world is worse off because of her actions. We have rampant sexual activity among our young people, an acceptance of killing preborn children and old or handicapped individuals, and a body count that continually climbs with every passing day. Sorry, H.G. Wells, rather than seeing Sanger as a heroine, we believe author George Grant got it right in his book Killer Angel, where he described Sanger as “the progenitor of the grisly abortion industry and the patron of the devastating sexual revolution.”  

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League and founder of STOPP International. He has been leading the fight against Planned Parenthood since 1985.

ALL's Culture of Life Studies Program Releases New Margaret Sanger Unit Study

As the world mourns the fact that Planned Parenthood has been plying its deadly trade for 100 years, the Culture of Life Studies Program of American Life League has released a new unit study on Margaret Sanger. The unit study contains a 3-part video series on Sanger and detailed study material that can be used at home or in classrooms.

Pro-life pastors Walter B. Hoye II and Rev. Clenard Childress are so excited about this new educational video series and unit study that they recorded a special promotional video. You can watch it at They are eager to reach as many people as possible with it because they know that Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? has the power to touch hearts and minds and to nudge those on the fence in the right direction, as it exposes the truth about Margaret Sanger and her warped agenda—an agenda that Planned Parenthood continues to implement even today. 

For instance, did you know that, in 1939, Sanger initiated her Negro Project to eliminate the unfit among the black population? Tragically, this perverse project continues today, as Planned Parenthood locates its abortion facilities in minority neighborhoods.  

It is urgent that, over the next month, with much hype anticipated from Planned Parenthood surrounding the 100th anniversary of its founding, the truth about the organization and its founder be shown.

We urge all our readers to use this time to obtain a copy of Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? and show it to every organization and every young person you can. If we are to defeat Planned Parenthood, the truth about the organization must be known. Only you can make that happen in your town.

Get your copy of this revolutionary program here.

ALL and STOPP Cosponsor 100th Anniversary Activity at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Federation of America dates its beginnings to October 16, 1916, when its founder, Margaret Sanger, and two of her friends opened a clinic in Brooklyn, New York. This means, of course, that Planned Parenthood will officially mark its 100th anniversary on Sunday, October 16, 2016.

American Life League and STOPP International have been cosponsors, with 60 other groups, of the #ProtestPP effort since its inception last year. As part of that effort, we are cosponsoring peaceful, prayerful activities outside of Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation on Saturday, October 15. On that day, #ProtestPP will confront Planned Parenthood with prayer—solemn Jericho Prayer Marches and Candlelight Vigils. 

Planned Parenthood operates the largest abortion chain in the nation and admits to the killing of over seven million babies in its own facilities since it began doing abortions in the state of New York on July 2, 1970.

To find a scheduled event near you or to register an event you are organizing, go to Please join with people in your community to pray for an end to this organization that has done so much to destroy American families. In addition, encourage your local churches to participate in these times of prayer at Planned Parenthood.

STOPP in Iowa and Nebraska

STOPP International’s founder, Jim Sedlak, recently returned from a speaking tour of two cities in Iowa (Council Bluffs and Clarinda) and another talk in Omaha, Nebraska. People in these cities are actively trying to block horrible “evidence based” sexuality education programs from being forced on their children.

What Jim found was a group of motivated individuals who are already taking action. Jim’s talks were all highly energized and well attended, with many pastors joining their congregations at the various meetings. Jim explained the background of these programs and their connections to the humanist religion. Attendees, who are already working hard against the programs, told Jim that the information inspired them to work even harder to protect their children.

The depth of the opposition to these sex programs in the schools was seen a number of weeks ago when the Omaha Public Schools scheduled what they expected to be a routine parent information and comment session. However, over 1,600 people showed up to express their opposition. The school board was shocked and now knows that parents in Omaha will not sit back and abandon their children to the false teachings of secular humanism.

This trip was an inspiration not only to those who attended, but to Jim himself. “To meet with so many parents and their spiritual leaders who are already working hard to protect their children was an incredible experience,” said Jim. “It has renewed my strength and I’m ready to travel anywhere and talk to anyone in an effort to save all our children from the abuse that these sex programs heap upon them.”

To invite Jim to speak in your town, e-mail Mike Sedlak at [email protected].