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  • Guttmacher releases new abortion numbers--does it mean anything?
  • Planned Parenthood Sex Education--Minnesota
  • Catholic Bishop speaks out against Planned Parenthood
  • Planned Parenthood's lease canceled before it opens
Guttmacher releases new abortion numbers--does it mean anything?

By Jim Sedlak

This week the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute released their latest numbers on how many surgical and medical abortions occur yearly in the United States. They estimate that 862,320 medical and surgical abortions took place in 2017. This works out, of course, to 71,860 a month, 16,583 a week, 2,363 a day, 98 an hour, and five babies every three minutes.

We need to always remember that when Guttmacher and the media speak about abortions, they only consider medical and surgical abortions. They do not consider the millions of babies who die because they can’t implant in a uterine lining that has been thinned by contraceptives (i.e., chemical abortions) or the hundreds of thousands more who die in IVF labs (i.e., clinical abortions)

In addition to these obvious deficiencies in the abortion numbers, the Guttmacher report admitted some significant shortfalls with its numbers. These problems are brought about, in part, by what Guttmacher refers to as “self-managed” abortions.

Guttmacher says, “Our analysis found an increase in the proportion of nonhospital facilities that had treated at least one patient for a missed or failed abortion due to self-induction . . . For more than a decade, the drug misoprostol has been available over or behind the counter in other countries and has been brought to the United States, and researchers have documented its use for self-managed abortion in the United States.

“More recently, drugs similar to those used in the U.S. medication abortion regimen—a highly effective combination of mifepristone and misoprostol—have become available on the internet, as have websites providing accurate information about how to safely and effectively self-manage abortion using drugs obtained outside of a clinical setting.

“In particular, Aid Access, an international organization that provides medication abortion pills via mail order to people living in the United States, launched their website in March 2018 (after the study period) and reported filling 2,500 prescriptions in that year.”

Guttmacher says, “The increased accessibility of resources to help individuals safely self-manage their abortions outside of a clinical setting, likely accounts for some of the decline in abortions that we have documented . . . Abortion is underreported on surveys of this type, and the actual incidence may be higher. 

“National estimates of the incidence of self-managed abortion are limited and cannot be developed using traditional surveillance at the facility level. However, facility-level reports of the number of patients seen following an attempt to self-manage an abortion may reveal interesting patterns when those individuals seek follow-up care.” “In 2017, 18% of nonhospital facilities reported that they had seen one or more patients for a missed or failed abortion due to self-induction.” 

Thus, Guttmacher admits that the limited medical and surgical abortion numbers it reports—which will be quoted by media, pro-abortion, and pro-life groups until it issues a new report, could easily be off by 18 percent or more and that just the medical and surgical abortion numbers could easily be one million or more in 2017. That would be one dead baby each minute through medical and surgical abortions.

The latest Guttmacher Report shows that self-managed abortions are a growing threat to preborn babies. Guttmacher basically admits that it has no way of counting them. So, what does this report count?

As one reviews this report, it is striking that it is much more a guess than an actual count:

  • The reported 862,320 medical and surgical abortions are based on direct reports of only 59 percent of abortion providers. Reported numbers were then increased based on estimates made by researchers.
  • The numbers of self-managed abortions performed by women is unknown, but 18 percent of facilities reported treating one or more women for what may have been self-managed abortions.
  • Chemical abortions caused by contraceptives thinning uterine lining were not included in the numbers.
  • Clinical abortions in IVF and other labs where human embryos are destroyed were not included in the numbers.

We are a society that likes to deal with numbers. We cite the annual Abortion Surveillance Report numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—even though we know the CDC numbers don’t include chemical or clinical abortions and are notoriously low because they do not include any abortion numbers from California, Maryland, or New Hampshire.

We used to turn to the Guttmacher Institute numbers—which also didn’t include chemical or clinical abortions—because they were more realistic when most reported abortions were surgical abortions done by medical personnel. But, as the various admissions by the researchers in this most recent report document, the magnitude of the unreported abortion classes keeps growing (with self-managed abortions now added to the chemical and clinical abortions). 

Maybe we should just stop pretending to count, and work to end abortion and the sale of all abortion-inducing drugs, including so-called contraceptives.

If you are one of those hoping for the Supreme Court to overturn its Doe, Roe, and Casey decisions, you better add the 1965 Griswold decision to your list. Griswold found the right to privacy in sexual matters “emanating from the penumbra (shadows) of the constitution” and legalized, with the help of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the birth control pill and other so-called contraceptives that kill millions of preborn babies every year

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, a host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

Planned Parenthood Sex Education--Minnesota

Planned Parenthood has a business plan that was announced by former PPFA president Faye Wattleton in 1986. That plan begins with getting mandatory K-12 sexuality education programs in every school district in the nation. Planned Parenthood recognizes that the biggest obstacle it has to getting this goal implemented is concerned and involved parents.

Because of the actions of parents throughout the country, 33 years after establishing its goals, only five states mandate the kind of sexuality education Planned Parenthood wants—and none of them mandates K-12.

Over the last few years, Planned Parenthood in California tried to get its programs mandated in the state. In the end, although it managed to get a horrible bill through the state legislature, the final bill fell far short of Planned Parenthood’s goals. The current California Education Department requirements do not require sexuality education be taught below the seventh grade; allow parents the absolute right to opt-out their children from the classes, testing and surveys; and require the subject be taught once in junior high and once in senior high. Parents continue to fight this outrageous program—as they should.

Having not fully succeeded in California, Planned Parenthood is now trying to force its programs into the schools in Minnesota. An article last week in the Faribault Daily News gave details on what is happening and Planned Parenthood’s involvement.

A state bill (HF 1414) sponsored by Rep. Todd Lippert, DFL-Northfield, “would require sex education to be medically accurate and age-appropriate. In addition, curriculum would be expected to cover a wide variety of topics, including gender-based violence, affirmative consent and contraceptives, and would be required to be inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community.”

The paper reported that one of the largest groups in support of the new legislation is the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “Lippert’s bill passed in the House last session, but stalled in the Senate. Conservative opponents of the measure reacted with outrage, arguing the measure would pre-empt local and parental control of sex education.”

“On the House floor, Rep. Eric Lucero, R-Dayton, cited (concerns about) the book, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” as an example of what he believes sex education could look like if the new guidelines are approved. “It’s Perfectly Normal,” by Robie H. Harris, first published in 1994, is intended to teach children 10 and older about sexual health. The book includes cartoon depictions of naked people engaging in acts of a sexual nature. Many school libraries across the nation have banned or restricted access to the book, but a limited number of Minnesota districts have it in their collections.

Former State Sen. Al DeKruif reportedly commented on the book: “I thought it was closer to pornography than sex education. I don’t think our schools in Minnesota should even be considering anything like this . . . (but) I absolutely believe that if this is what is presented to districts as appropriate, districts will be pushed into teaching it.”

STOPP has consistently fought against It’s Perfectly Normalfor the last 25 years and have used it to turn the tide against these outrageous state-wide sex indoctrination programs. We also have a free book, Parent Power!!,that has been used successfully in numerous school sex education fights across the nation and in other countries. You can get the book to read online or as a PDF to download at:

Parent Power!!
How Parents Can Gain Control of the School Systems that Educate Their Children
Click here to download a free PDF

Catholic Bishop speaks out against Planned Parenthood

This week, Breitbart ran a story with the headline, “Catholic Bishop: Planned Parenthood ‘Evil Organization’, ‘Founded by a Racist’”

Bishop Richard F. (Rick) Stika, the Catholic bishop of Knoxville (TN) has decried the hypocrisy of those who condemn the use of blackface years ago yet still support Planned Parenthood, founded to purge the world of “inferior races.”

“I just don’t understand in this world of political correctness and so many attacking others because of blackface in the past,” Bishop Stika tweeted Friday. “The folks like the Democratic Party support Planned Parenthood. It was founded by a racist who wanted to eliminate people of color and the poor . . . This evil organization gives an award named for its racist founder that Hillary (Clinton) received and she said she was proud to receive it.”

Bravo, Bishop Stika!

Over the years, STOPP has noted that there is a long history of Catholic bishops and cardinals who have spoken out against Planned Parenthood. We present to you here five statements from seven bishops who made their opposition to Planned Parenthood publicly known:

1. As your bishop and shepherd, I ask all Catholics not to use Planned Parenthood's services, not to belong to any of their boards, not to serve as a volunteer and not to be employed there. In resigning your employment there, I will be happy to assist you in finding employment elsewhere so you will not be cooperating in these immoral practices and being a source of scandal both within and outside the Church and community. I make this plea, in love, as my duty to continue the mission of Jesus Christ: to teach, to sanctify and to govern.

Most Rev. John W. Yanta
Bishop of Amarillo, Texas
1 October 1998

2. Last week, for "Respect Life" Sunday, I wrote about my experience of a prayer march on behalf of life. A march of this kind is a positive action to counter the practice of abortion. Today, sadly, I must share with you some negative information. As your pastor I have been greatly troubled to hear that sometimes Catholics are misled into supporting the organization known as "Planned Parenthood." For that reason I feel compelled to provide you with the following facts:

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is the single largest abortion provider in the United States. During 1998, Planned Parenthood clinics performed 167,928 surgical abortions. At an average cost of $350 per abortion, the organization grossed $58,554,300 in abortion income (Planned Parenthood 1998-1999 Annual Report, page 9).

Despite Planned Parenthood's "choice" rhetoric, it provided adoption referrals to only 4,892 women and prenatal care to 16,065. Planned Parenthood provides 34 times more abortions than adoption referrals. It provides 10 times more abortions than prenatal services (Planned Parenthood 1998-1999 Annual Report, page 9).

Planned Parenthood opposes the right of conscience—the right of Catholics and Catholic hospitals to abide by Church teaching on health care issues. In an October 1999 speech outlining Planned Parenthood's four-part agenda for the millennium, Gloria Feldt, the group's current president, exhorted the audience to "get religious people out of medicine" (Gloria Feldt in a speech delivered at the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, October 19,1999).

Planned Parenthood operates "Teenwire," a provocative website aimed at adolescents, which through the use of coarse and vulgar language, educates on, among other things, sex, masturbation, oral sex, contraception and abortion.

In September of 2000, Planned Parenthood introduced a "Joe Sperm" costume character to children parade-goers who were attending a Eugene, Oregon, city parade. Planned Parenthood admitted that the target of its campaigning featuring "Joe Sperm" is lower income people (Randi Bjornstad, "Birth Control Gets a Lighthearted Boost," The Register-Guard, September 19, 2000).

Planned Parenthood's activity generates enormous revenue each year. During its 1999 fiscal year, the group reported a $125.8 million excess of revenue over expenses. (Planned Parenthood 1998-1999 Annual Report, pages 18-19).

Planned Parenthood remains a significant beneficiary of federal money. In 1998, Congress gave Planned Parenthood and its affiliated organizations, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the Alan Guttmacher Institute, $142,976,618 to support its domestic and international "family planning" agenda (Government Accounting Office, July 18, 2000, memo to members of Congress).

Most Reverend Leonard Blair
Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Michigan
8 October 2000

3. The faithful are prohibited from maintaining membership in any condemned, prohibited or disapproved societies or organizations. These include . . . Planned Parenthood . . . Any members of the Diocese of Lincoln who retain membership in [Planned Parenthood] after having learned of [its] forbidden nature, are bound by an automatic interdict after the passage of one month. If after the passage of a second month, they have likewise failed to dissociate themselves from membership, they are bound by an automatic excommunication. This means they may not participate in the sacramental life of the Church, and, if their membership is public and well known, then other ecclesiastical rites may likewise be denied to them.

Most Rev. Fabian W. Bruskewitz
Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska
1 January 1998

4. From its inception, in philosophy and actions, Planned Parenthood has been contrary to Catholic teaching about the sanctity of life and its origin in the heart and mind of God.

Very Rev. Roger Mahony
Archbishop of Los Angeles, California
23 February 2000

5. In early November, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) broke ground on a new headquarters and clinic in northeast Denver. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains purchased this property secretly under the guise of Fuller 38 LLC.

Planned Parenthood told The Denver Post that PPRM planned to complete the entire project in secrecy to avoid protests and delays that other Planned Parenthood buildings have encountered around the country. The new PPRM location is 7155 E. 38th Denver. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2008 and the general contractor for the project is the Weitz Company LLC.

The public deserves to know the facts about Planned Parenthood. The national organization is among the leading abortion providers, performing across the nation 264,943 abortion procedures in 2005 alone, a 29 percent increase since 2000. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has stated that it served 125,000 patients in five states, including Colorado, last year and of those 8,800 received abortions.

Teens and young people are the primary customers for their services and information, which include the distribution of contraception, emergency contraception and chemical and surgical abortions. Nationally 70 percent of Planned Parenthood's customers are under age 25 and 27 percent are under age 19. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is a supplier of graphic and explicit sex educational materials. These materials are being used in some of Colorado's public schools.

Planned Parenthood calls itself pro-child, pro-woman, and pro-family. Yet it is an organization based on falsehoods about the human person, the family and community life.

When a minor comes to Planned Parenthood, she is provided information on contraception, sex education and treatment of STDs without parental notification. How can Planned Parenthood justify calling itself pro-family or pro-child when it intrudes itself between a child and parent?

Planned Parenthood vigorously opposes any legislation that would provide advance medical information pertaining to an abortion procedure, and opposes any legislation that would provide a woman, who is seeking an abortion, knowledge of her unborn child's development or information regarding alternatives to abortion. Considering the psychological and physical effects of abortion on a woman, how can Planned Parenthood call itself pro-woman and oppose widespread access to advanced information?

We, the Catholic bishops of Colorado, deplore the negative impact of the actions and philosophy of PPRM. We urge the Catholic community and all people of good will to defend themselves and their beliefs against Planned Parenthood by every legal and ethical means at their disposal. We ask all Catholics to pray, within their families and parish communities, that the dignity and sanctity of every human life will be upheld at all stages of development.

Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Denver, Colorado
Most Reverend Arthur N. Tafoya, D.D.
Bishop of Pueblo, Colorado
Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan, S.T.D.
Bishop of Colorado Springs, Colorado
8 November 2007

We will bring you additional statements from bishops and cardinals in the future as space permits.

Planned Parenthood's lease canceled before it opens

Planned Parenthood is trying to open a new center in Kansas City, Kansas. A local group, Planned Parenthood Exposed, is running a campaign, Stop Planned Parenthood in KCK. That group recently had a noteworthy success that shows there are a great number of ways to stop Planned Parenthood. Our friend, Cheryl Sullinger, at Operation Rescue wrote an article about this victory and we bring it to you below with her permission.

Planned Parenthood Thwarted from Opening Abortion Facility in Kansas City, Kansas

By Cheryl Sullenger (Operation Rescue)

“Kansas City, Kansas – When a Kansas pro-life group got wind that Planned Parenthood Great Plains was attempting to open a new surgical abortion facility in Kansas City, Kansas (KCK), they jumped into action. Ron Kelsey, board president of Planned Parenthood Exposed, uncovered documentation that Planned Parenthood had signed a lease at 1854 Minnesota Avenue, just yards from a local high school. Kelsey also found out that Planned Parenthood was trying to keep their new clinic location a secret. 

“I was at a public meeting last Tuesday that PP held at the KCK public library at 6th and Minnesota,” Kelsey stated in an e-mailed copy of a letter to Larkin & Garcia, owners of the office building that would have soon housed a new Planned Parenthood clinic. An attendee at that meeting stated that she had heard that PP was opening a location in KCK. The PP presenter responded that they were planning on opening a location within two miles of downtown KCK, but that PP would not discuss this further at this time. PP is also advertising for positions in KCK.” 

Operation Rescue confirmed that Planned Parenthood Great Plains has in fact posted job openings in Wyandotte County, Kansas, where the new proposed facility is located. Also confirmed is the fact that there is no current Planned Parenthood facility in Wyandotte County. 

Kelsey’s group conducted a public information and prayer campaign on the street at the Minnesota Avenue building on September 14, 2019. This exposed Planned Parenthood’s intention of opening an abortion facility at that location, which is a heavily residential neighborhood.

Soon after, Kelsey heard from Larkin & Garcia, who also operate a funeral home across from the office building. The property owners informed Kelsey that they were cancelling their lease with Planned Parenthood.  They promised they “will not be leasing or selling the building to PP or anyone similar now or never.” They also pledged that if they ever sell the property, they will place a restriction on the deed to ensure that no abortion business ever occupies the building.

“This is a great victory for Kansas pro-life supporters, and for the community. Planned Parenthood Exposed did a tremendous job blocking this Planned Parenthood facility opening in a location where they could target teens at a nearby high school,” said Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman.  “We appreciate Larkin & Garcia for making the tough decision that will actually benefit the neighborhood. Abortion businesses create many problems for nearby residents and businesses, who are likely all relieved that the lease with Planned Parenthood has been canceled.”

But Kelsey isn’t letting down his guard. It is likely that Planned Parenthood will seek to open in a different location. He plans for his group to keep reaching out to local government officials with the message that Kansas City does not want a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in their community. 

Currently, there are four abortion facilities in Kansas. Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood, which serves as headquarters for Planned Parenthood Great Plains, and the family-owned Center for Women’s Health are both located in Overland Park in the northeast corner of the state. Trust Women, an independent surgical abortion facility, and a small run-down Planned Parenthood office that distributed abortion pills, are located in the south central Kansas community of Wichita. 

STOPP congratulates all those involved in the NO Planned Parenthood in KCK campaign. Your tireless and quick action saved KCK from a new Planned Parenthood abortion facility and, undoubtedly, saved hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of lives.