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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


In This Issue

  • West Texas--Planned Parenthood Direct
  • Judge in civil trial of Baby Body Parts undercover team is clearly biased
  • Virginia elections
  • Marian Blue Wave Update
West Texas--Planned Parenthood Direct

Planned Parenthood was driven out of West Texas a number of years ago and it desperately wants to get those customers back. A couple of years ago, Planned Parenthood announced that it received $9 million in donations that it would use to open two new abortion centers in West Texas. It opened one in El Paso in 2018, but the location of the second one has not, yet, been announced.

This year, Planned Parenthood rolled out its Planned Parenthood Direct mobile app to allow individuals to order birth control products through their smart phone—without having to visit a Planned Parenthood location, or any other medical professional, in person. Everything can be handled through the app.

In the last few months, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas has made it clear that it has targeted residents of West Texas and is trying to get them to use the app. First, it purchased billboard space to simply advertise its Planned Parenthood Direct app. The billboards read: “Odessa [or other city name], WE’VE BROUGHT PLANNED PARENTHOOD DIRECT TO YOU. Download the app.”

This week, there are new billboards that read NEXT PLANNED PARENTHOOD 150 MILES.

What Planned Parenthood hoped to gain from these newer billboards was hard to tell. until we saw the following item published by an advertising industry publication. The article read:

Planned Parenthood's New Texas Campaign by Steve McClellan, November 1, 2019 

Austin-based creative agency Hunt, Gather collaborated with Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas to place 13 billboards throughout West Texas calling out the distance to the nearest operating Planned Parenthood.

The billboards are a part of a campaign to raise awareness of Planned Parenthood Direct, a mobile app that gives patients access to birth control and UTI treatment without the need to travel hundreds of miles to a Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas health center.

For a woman in Amarillo, the nearest Planned Parenthood is 339 miles away. The billboards will be up in the cities of Abilene, Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa and San Angelo until the end of the year. 

Kathy Horn, co-founder of Hunt, Gather stated, “With a lack of access to needed judgement-free reproductive healthcare services and treatment across a wide swath of the state of Texas, the billboards highlight another, more convenient way to access some of Planned Parenthood’s services without having to drive hundreds of miles.”

Planned Parenthood rolled out its new mobile app in September and clearly is trying to find a way to market it. We expect Planned Parenthood will experiment in West Texas and then move to other areas where it does not have many physical clinics. Places like North Dakota and Wyoming will be natural targets since PP has zero clinics in those states.

We ask any of our readers who see Planned Parenthood Direct ads on billboards or in local newspapers to let us know. Just send an e-mail with details to [email protected] and put Planned Parenthood Direct in the subject line. In future issues of the WSR, we’ll bring you information on what people across the country are doing to counter these ads.

Judge in civil trial of Baby Body Parts undercover team is clearly biased

As I write this, the civil trial of the founders of the Center for Medical Progress and the undercover journalists is now in its sixth week and will most likely go to the jury next week. In this particular case, Planned Parenthood is trying to get the defendants to be ordered to pay possibly millions of dollars in damages and lawyers’ fees it says it incurred because of the videos. 

At STOPP, we routinely review news stories from both pro-life and pro-abortion sources. The reporting on this trial has been particularly biased. Pro-life sources point out each time PP has been forced to admit to illegal acts, and pro-abortion sources are overjoyed whenever a particular pro-life witness has to admit to making a mistake. 

As we read all the reports, this case reminds us of NOW v. Scheidlersome three decades ago where Joe Scheidler was found guilty in a similarly rigged trial and then spent well over 20 years and three trips to the Supreme Court to clear his name and get the verdict overturned. 

This week, Operation Rescue published an update from Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel (who are handling Sandra Merritt’s defense in this case). Mr. Mihet is not optimistic. Here are some excerpts from his update:

Despite some limited victories last week in presenting some key evidence to the jury, the defense team remains seriously shackled in defending Sandra Merritt and her colleagues against Planned Parenthood’s revenge “baby parts” lawsuit in San Francisco.

The first major handicap we have is the inability to play for the jury the actual videos over which Sandra and her colleagues are being sued.

With one exception (Dr. Nucatola’s “crush below, crush above” 4-minute video), the Jury is still NOT being allowed to see ANY of the HUNDREDS of hours of video evidence obtained by Sandra and her colleagues, which evidence demonstrates beyond any doubt that Planned Parenthood was violating federal laws with its baby parts sale scheme.

. . . A SECOND major handicap imposed on the defense in Planned Parenthood’s revenge baby-parts trial is that we are forbidden from showing the jury the EXTENSIVE evidence that David, Sandra and their colleagues obtained BEFORE the recordings took place about Planned Parenthood’s atrocious crimes in selling baby parts for profit.

. . . And guess what Planned Parenthood’s response to our evidence is? That’s right! They say it’s superficial and unconvincing.

Our hands are tied, and the deck is stacked. 

As bleak as things may look, we all understand that God is in charge. We ask all our readers to pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the minds and hearts of the jury in this case and bring about a “not guilty” verdict. For those involved in the Marian Blue Wave, please say an extra Rosary this week and next that the pro-abortion forces be handed a defeat.

Virginia elections

Over the years, Virginia has become an increasingly important state in the abortion battle. Many national pro-life groups are headquartered in the state. In addition, you may recall that, after Governor Cuomo in New York celebrated passing the most outrageous abortion bill in the nation, the Virginia legislature, with the obvious support of Governor Northam, tried its best to pass a law that matched, and some say, exceeded New York’s license to kill babies even after being delivered alive. A post-birth abortion—as some described it.

Fortunately, the Republican Party had a very slim majority in both the House of Delegates and the Senate and killed these bills instead.

Yesterday, all 140 seats in the House (100) and the Senate (40) were up for grabs.

We are sad to report to you that, with just a few races left to be decided, the pro-abortion Democrats have secured a slim majority in both houses. They have at least 21 seats in the 40-seat Senate and 53 seats in the 100-seat House.

The motto that appears on the Virginia license plates is “Virginia is for Lovers.” Obviously, that no longer applies to those who love God’s children prior to birth.

Virginia, of course, was not the only state to suffer pro-life losses on Election Day this year. It is time that we all realized that the effort to protect the lives of innocent preborn human beings will never be won through political means. 

As the introduction to the Marian Blue Wave states, “The Marian Blue Wave is a call to action involving the praying of the Rosary with the specific intention of ending abortion. Our goals are many, but the first and most important one is to engage as many of our fellow Catholics as possible—especially priests and bishops—in projects to extol the virtues of praying the Rosary and use it to advance a call to holiness and evangelization.

We need this because the biggest reason why so-called pro-life politics does not work is because, even now, in 2019, few people realize that every abortion kills a child of God—a unique human being with his own DNA.

With each and every Rosary we pray, we ask Mary to intercede for us in this struggle and to open eyes to the fact that every pre-born child—from his single cell embryonic stage forward—is a member of the human family. 

If you are upset about this year’s election results, join the Marian Blue Wave and make a difference.

Marian Blue Wave Update

In our October 9 issue of the Wednesday STOPP Report, we brought you news of a new effort by American Life League to close all Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States and to end abortion in this country—the Marian Blue Wave.

One month later, we are excited to tell you that this effort has caught the attention, and the participation, of people all over the world. As of today, we have over 2,000 people who are praying a Rosary a week for the intentions of the effort. Surprisingly, these people reside on six different continents and represent 28 different countries. In addition to the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico, the following countries are included: Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand.

More importantly, in the coming month of November, over 8,600 Rosaries will be said for the following: “With the grace of God and the intercession of His beloved mother, we pray the Rosary for the conversion of our nation (and all participating nations) for an end to the killing of the innocent, and for repentance and healing.


  1. Shut down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States (and every International Planned Parenthood Federation in the world).
  2. Shut down every abortion facility in the United States (and in all participating countries).
  3. Expose Catholics who advocate for or promote abortion in any way so that we can pray for them and reach out to each of them in love. Our goal is to change hearts by teaching the truth.

Our prayer petitions include:

  1. The Holy Father, bishops, priests, and deacons. May each of them have the courage to defend Christ in the Eucharist and lead their people in praying the Rosary and asking Mary to intercede for us in this struggle.
  2. Families damaged in any way by abortion and its aftermath. May they all find peace in God’s mercy.
  3. Expectant mothers who fear they cannot carry their babies to term, as well as those who will help them and comfort them. May they all feel the hope of Christ’s loving embrace.

Everyone on the planet can join the Marian Blue Wave. Just go to commit to one Rosary a week. It’s that easy.