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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


In This Issue

  • Planned Parenthood finally admitting Sanger's racism
  • Federal and State funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Planned Parenthood closings and openings
  • Victories at Supreme Court
Planned Parenthood finally admitting Sanger's racism

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has always dated its beginning to the opening of a birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York, on October 16, 1916. The clinic was opened by Margaret Sanger and two of her friends.

Sanger was a dynamic leader who spread her racist philosophies while posing as a person who cared about the plight of the poor. In various speeches and publications, she talked about the need of stopping the births of “unfit” people by limiting family size through birthing licenses and strict legal limitation of family size. She spoke often of her vision of a future of a human garden of children while taking the necessary steps toward eliminating the human weeds.

Two illustrations of Sanger’s racism include the welcoming of Lothrop Stoddard to her board of directors. Stoddard was well known for his book, “The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy.” The other was her development of her 1939 Negro Project to send Black ministers throughout the South to convince Black families to stop having children.  

Planned Parenthood has long denied the racism of its founder and the fact that the organization is filled with that racism today. In recent years, there have been some cracks in Planned Parenthood’s façade as it quietly stopped giving out its Margaret Sanger Award in 2016 and renamed its Maggie Awards to Excellence in Media Awards.

But these superficial changes did nothing to stop the racist nature of the organization as a whole nor the racism that permeated its internal operations. Planned Parenthood still operates 62 percent of its facilities within walking distance of high minority populations. Its internal racism spurred employee unrest and erupted into a public confrontation when Planned Parenthood of Greater New York issued an open letter to its board of directors. 

Among the demands in that letter were the firing of PPGNY’s CEO—which was done within the week after the letter was made public—and the removal of Margaret Sanger’s name from PPGNY’s Manhattan center.

The official removal of Sanger’s name was announced this week by Planned Parenthood of Greater New York!

According to PPGNY board chair, Karen Seltzer, “The removal of Margaret Sanger’s name from our building is both a necessary and overdue step to reckon with our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color. Margaret Sanger’s concerns and advocacy for reproductive health have been clearly documented, but so too has her racist legacy.  There is overwhelming evidence for Sanger’s deep belief in eugenic ideology …”

The group is also talking to city leaders about replacing a street sign outside its offices that proclaims the area “Margaret Sanger Square.”

In a statement, Planned Parenthood Federation of America said it supported the New York affiliate’s decision to strike Sanger’s name from the center. Melanie Roussell Newman, Senior Vice President of Communications and Culture at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said: “Planned Parenthood … is reckoning with our history, and working to address historical inequities to better serve patients and our mission.” 

American Life League has been actively fighting Planned Parenthood for 41 years. From our very beginning, we educated all who would listen on the racist nature of Margaret Sanger and the organization as a whole. While we are gratified that the organization has finally admitted that we have been telling the truth about Sanger all along, changing the name of one facility and one street sign does not change the nature of Planned Parenthood.

In the discussion this week, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York revealed it has internal problems well beyond using Sanger’s name. Commenting on this week’s development, a Planned Parenthood supporter, Dr. Lynn Roberts, Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Alumni Relations, CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy, said: “I am heartened by the decision by PPGNY to rename its Manhattan Health Center … I am even more encouraged that this symbolic gesture is also accompanied by a deeper commitment to take even bolder steps toward institutional transformation.”

While agreeing with Dr. Roberts that dropping Sanger’s name from its Manhattan health center is a “symbolic gesture,” we do not share her optimism that this will lead to an institutional transformation within Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates.

Planned Parenthood has clearly shown that it is, and always has been, an organization that, at its roots, is dedicated to suppressing minority rights, eliminating the minority population and killing as many of God’s preborn children as possible. Every now and then it tries to make a move to fool people into thinking it is something more. The recent hiring of Dr. Leana Wen as its president was done to show its dedication to health care. When Wen actually began to implement that vision, she was terminated in less that a year and replaced by a Black political operative who believes that Black women must be allowed, even encouraged, to kill their Black preborn children anytime they want.

Sanger’s name may be disappearing, but the organizational legacy she put in place is still fighting for her beliefs. American Life League will continue our fight against Planned Parenthood until it closes all its doors—permanently.

Jim Sedlak is executive director od American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a talk show on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

Federal and State funding of Planned Parenthood

Federal funding

In a surprise move, the Trump administration has given Planned Parenthood Heartland $2 million over three years for sex education. As The Family Leader points out: “This, despite federal studies that show Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs not only fail to reduce teenage pregnancy, but in five states even increased the number of pregnancies among those subjected to Planned Parenthood’s ‘education.’”

At the beginning of Trump’s term, HHS tried to shut off existing money going to Planned Parenthood for sexuality education. Now, they give it $2 million in new funds. Clearly, the swamp is not, yet, drained.

State funding

A week ago (July 15), The Daily Signal ran a commentary by Andrea Jones (a research assistant in the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society). In her commentary, Jones made note of the current push in Congress for the federal government to provide bailout funds to states that are in economic distress. Jones took note of the states being named as possible recipients of federal bailout money and looked at money those states have given to Planned Parenthood. Using state databases, she found that “over the course of the last four fiscal years states have paid out more than $300 million to Planned Parenthood affiliates. Now, some of the biggest contributors are asking for federal money to cover their non-pandemic-related budget shortfalls. 

Jones documented 10 states, in particular, and provided the total funding of Planned Parenthood in those states over the period from 2016–2019: New York ($115 million); Washington ($64 million); Minnesota ($35 million); Oregon ($22 million); Michigan ($21 million); Maryland ($15 million); Massachusetts ($10 million); Connecticut ($9.9 million); Illinois ($3.1 million) and New Jersey ($1.15 million).

In a very revealing scenario, Jones writes:

“Planned Parenthood chose to stop participating in the Title X program and relinquish all Title X funds rather than comply with the requirement to physically and financially separate its abortion-providing arm from its other services. In order to make up for this loss of funding, California appropriated $100 million in state money for abortion providers. A few short months later, Gov. Gavin Newsom was sounding the alarm about a massive budget shortfall in his state, claiming a federal bailout was the only solution to his state’s fiscal woes.”

Jones provides two observations of particular note:

  1. A federal bailout would represent a massive transfer of funds from states that have been fiscally responsible and have chosen to minimize funding for abortion providers to those that have not.
  2. Bailing out fiscally irresponsible states would not only enable their reckless spending habits and discourage them from changing their behavior, it could also result in even more taxpayer dollars being funneled to an already well-funded organization that is dedicated to providing abortions above all else.

We encourage you to read Jones’s complete article here.

Planned Parenthood closings and openings


Planned Parenthood relocates to new building in Birmingham, Alabama. Planned Parenthood Southeast (PPSE) has completed the long-awaited move into a 10,000 square-foot building at 1019 First Ave N in Birmingham. Although it is expected that Planned Parenthood will eventually commit surgical and/or medical abortions at this site, it is not, yet, advertising the availability of them. 


The Planned Parenthood West Hollywood surgical and medical abortion center, operated by Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA) and located at 825 N. San Vicente Boulevard has a “For Lease” sign on its building. Canyon News spoke to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Jacki Schechner. Schechner confirmed that the West Hollywood center will be relocating later this year. The new location will also be in West Hollywood, but the exact location has not been specified. PPLA operates 19 facilities in the Los Angeles area—18 of which commit surgical and/or medical abortions.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK) announced the closure of its Elkhart, IN, center. Last day of operation will be July 17. According to Planned Parenthood, beginning Monday, July 20, customers will be referred to another existing Planned Parenthood facility 12 miles away—in Mishawaka. Neither the Elkhart nor the Mishawaka facilities commit surgical or medical abortions, but both distribute abortifacient birth control products. The closure will leave PPINK operating 15 facilities in Kentucky and Indiana—four of which commit surgical and/or medical abortions.  


At the current time, at least three dozen Planned Parenthood facilities across the United States are, at least temporarily, closed. The reasons for the closures vary, but most, in some way, are connected to the coronavirus pandemic. This leaves Planned Parenthood with 559 centers in operation. This is down from 938 facilities in 1995. It means that Planned Parenthood has closed 40 percent of its facilities over the last 25 years. These are, of course, fluctuating numbers as we wait to see which of the closed facilities reopen as the pandemic comes under control. The official 2020 report on Planned Parenthood facilities will be issued, as usual, at the beginning of 2021.

Victories at Supreme Court

On July 8, the Supreme Court voted 7-2 to uphold a Trump administration ruling that allows employers with religious or moral objections to not pay for their employees’ access to birth control. This ruling does not only apply to religious groups, like the Little Sisters of the Poor, but to any employer that has moral objections to contraception.

Predictably, pro-contraception and pro-abortion groups were outraged by the decision. Planned Parenthood Federation of America president, Alexis McGill Johnson, tweeted: “This is not over. We will do everything we can to ensure those who need birth control and other sexual and reproductive health care can access it — no matter who you work for, where you go to school, how much money you make, or the color of your skin.”

In another July 8, 7-2 vote, SCOTUS said California Catholic schools could not be sued for job discrimination in firing teachers. The decision, written by Justice Samuel Alito, said: "What matters, at bottom, is what an employee does." He further stated that "The religious education and formation of students is the very reason for the existence of most private religious schools, and therefore the selection and supervision of the teachers upon whom the schools rely to do this work lie at the core of their mission." 

Although the Supreme Court has clearly shown that the majority of the Court, including Chief Justice John Roberts, have no problem with the direct slaughter of God’s preborn children, these decisions help Americans to adhere to other religious principles.

All of this, taken with the continued medical problems of Justice Ginsburg, demonstrates the importance of the upcoming elections. If we can focus on electing a pro-life president as well as pro-life majorities in both the Senate and the House, we may be able to improve the plight of preborn children in future SCOTUS decisions.