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  • Kamala Harris--quid pro quo
  • The truth about ETR Associates
  • Racist Planned Parenthood and Sports Franchises
  • Racist Planned Parenthood--in their own words
Kamala Harris--quid pro quo

By Jim Sedlak

Presumed Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden announced last week that he had selected Kamala Harris as his running mate for this year’s elections.

Harris is a first-term US senator from California who was elected to that position in 2016 and took office in 2017. You might ask, how does a first-term senator rise so quickly to become a vice-presidential candidate in less than three years?

Here’s how I think the scenario unfolded.

In 2015, Harris was in her second term as attorney general of California. She was looking to run in 2016 for a US senate seat being vacated by Barbra Boxer. In July of 2015, David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress began publicly releasing undercover video of racist Planned Parenthood affiliates in California engaging in the illegal sale of baby body parts. As more and more videos were released, Planned Parenthood understandably became very disturbed. Something had to be done.

As the state attorney general, Harris would be responsible to use the videos to prepare a case against Planned Parenthood. In court documents, filed this year by Daleiden, it is charged that “While running for U.S. Senate, Harris had a secret in-person meeting with Planned Parenthood executives in Los Angeles, including witnesses in her investigation, to discuss issues in the investigation as part of Planned Parenthood’s political agenda in California. Two weeks later, Daleiden’s home was raided by the California Department of Justice.”

During the subsequent 2016 election campaign, which Harris won, the Los Angeles Times revealed that “Her campaign website includes a page that asked supporters to sign a petition ‘to defend Planned Parenthood.’”  Remember, this was at the time that serious criminal allegations were being made against racist Planned Parenthood—allegations that her office should have been investigating. 

After Harris’ win, Kathy Kneer, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, the public policy office for the seven California Planned Parenthood affiliates said: “We are so pleased that Attorney General Kamala Harris will take her leadership to the US Senate. As a long-time champion of Planned Parenthood in California, we are confident that Kamala Harris will follow in the footsteps of Sen. Barbara Boxer and continue to fight for women’s health and justice.”

After just two years in the US Senate, Harris, the “long-time champion of Planned Parenthood,” decided to run for president of the United States. In June 2019, she participated in the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s presidential event, “We Decide: 2020 Election Membership Forum.” Planned Parenthood noted that “she offered her vision for greater abortion access … As a presidential candidate, she introduced a plan to require states and localities with a history of violating Roe v. Wade to obtain approval from her Department of Justice before any abortion law or practice could take effect.”

Before dropping out of the race at the end of 2019, she was very critical of Joe Biden’s positions on a number of issues. She was even perceived as “attacking” Biden in at least one debate.

Now, she has put her problems with Biden aside and joined him as the vice-presidential candidate on the 2020 Democratic Party ticket. Racist Planned Parenthood is over-joyed. Alexis McGill Johnson, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said: “Planned Parenthood Action Fund is thrilled to congratulate Senator Kamala Harris on her nomination to be vice president on the Democratic presidential ticket. Throughout her career, she has been a steadfast champion for reproductive rights and health care. With this selection, Joe Biden has made it clear that he is deeply committed to not only protecting reproductive rights, but also advancing and expanding them. There is no doubt that Kamala will electrify the ticket and play a vital role in defeating Donald Trump. This is more than just a historic pick – her role in this election and, hopefully, in the White House will inspire and invigorate our movement and our patients. Everything is on the line in November, which is why Planned Parenthood Action Fund members are committed to electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the two highest offices in the land.”

Given all that has transpired with Harris’ career in less than five years, there is no doubt in my mind that the result of the “secret meeting” between Planned Parenthood and Kamala Harris was a tacit quid pro quo—you protect us in California, and we’ll make you president of the United States.

Remember, if the Biden-Harris ticket gets elected, there is nothing to stop Biden from retiring and making Harris the first woman president of the United States.

Let’s pray that Kamala Harris gets no closer to the presidency than Planned Parenthood’s last “golden girl” —Hillary Clinton.

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

The truth about ETR Associates

By Jim Sedlak

Racist Planned Parenthood’s entire business model depends on promoting comprehensive sexuality education to underage children in schools and elsewhere. In my 1992 book, “Parent Power!!”, I wrote: “ETR Associates began its corporate life as the Education Department of the Santa Cruz Chapter of Planned Parenthood ... ETR Marketing Director Steve Bignell, editor of (ETR’s) Family Life Education curriculum and Family Life Educator magazine, served as education director at Planned Parenthood-Santa Cruz.”

ETR (Education, Training, and Research Associates) proponents frequently deny this truth. As recently as October 2019, the North East ISD in San Antonio, Texas, received a letter from John Henry Ledwith, National Sales Manager for ETR. Mr. Ledwith said that ETR has “not ever (been) a part of Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz.” This carefully worded statement was clearly intended to confuse and hide the connections between ETR and racist Planned Parenthood.

Earlier this year, we asked a STOPP researcher to do a thorough review of the situation and we present to you what she found:

Why was ETR founded in 1981 and by whom?

To better understand why the apparent secrecy about ETR’s origins, we need to look at the backstory. A picture forms when we consider what Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz (PPSC) had been doing in the years prior.

In 1974, PPSC began teaching sex ed in public schools under a curriculum its employees developed, called Family Life Education. This program is credited to Steven Bignell.

In 1976, PPSC trained teachers to teach sex ed in a Santa Cruz County public school named San Lorenzo Valley High School. There was significant parental pushback against the program for undermining parental rights. It included information about contraceptives and a teenager’s right to abortion. 

Parental opposition was downplayed by PPSC in its defense of the program, but the parents prevailed. PPSC was kicked out of San Lorenzo Valley High School. PPSC’s director, Sandy Orwitz, stated that Planned Parenthood saw the “need for its program – or a similar program – in the American classroom.” 

A few years later, PPSC received a $140,000 grant from the federal government, as well as a state grant, which PPSC used to expand its efforts to indoctrinate students into a Planned Parenthood sexual lifestyle. It taught young people about sex, contraceptives and abortion in 13 California public school districts. According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, PPSC received additional grants from the Hewlitt Foundation and the Packard Foundation of Los Altos. These funds were used to enlarge the PPSC office with an annex which would house the growing education department and library. Additional staff was hired.

The growing push by PPSC to teach youth in schools and away from parents was met with massive opposition. An estimated 500 parents from the region gathered in late 1980 to learn about Planned Parenthood’s presence in their schools. 

The Santa Cruz Sentinel, the local newspaper, painted quite a scene. The pro-parent rights speakers were interrupted by a PPSC representative who claimed the offending parts of the sex ed curriculum had been removed. The crowd “jeered” at that claim. The Sentinel also reported that PPSC had begun to involve parents and teachers on a committee which would help them develop an elementary school level curriculum. 

Parental opposition was not just in California, but elsewhere, as parents began to learn Planned Parenthood was being allowed into public schools by administrators. 

A Cover is Needed to Further its Goals?

Sometime in 1980, the PPSC board of directors voted to establish a new entity to take over its education wing and to expand its services nationwide.

The board selected the name Education, Training and Research Associates (ETR Associates). Having just endured several years of opposition, Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz’s decision would remove any obvious ties to the abortion provider as they expanded into more and more schools. In addition, this new name would have the ring of being educational, informative and science-based.

Who founded ETR?

The top three officials of Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz at the time were:  

Executive Director, Sandra Orwitz
President of the Board, Dr. Robert Keet
Vice President of the Board, Doreen Schack  

These three PPSC officials filed articles of incorporation with the state of California for ETR in 1981. ETR used the offices of PPSC for HR functions for a brief time. Several employees, such as Steven Bignell, Ellen Wagman, Lynne Cooper and Nancy Abbey-Harris, moved from PPSC to ETR.

In documentation provided to the IRS with ETR’s 501(c)(3) application, ETR revealed that its in-progress projects were Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz projects. In other words, employees and projects shifted from PPSC to ETR.

Official filings also indicate ETR Associates received its funding from PPSC grants, as a subcontractor, as well as direct grants from both Hewlitt and Packard with whom PPSC had previously established a funding relationship. 

Present day

While it is important to understand the true history of ETR, it is also critical to know that its adherence to pushing Planned Parenthood style sexuality indoctrination programs is still a strong component of ETR’s work. ETR has a long list of manuals and curriculum such as Get RealReducing the Risk, HealthSmart and Draw the Line, Respect the Line. 

In addition, current ETR people have ties to Planned Parenthood. To name just two:

  1. The CEO of ETR is Dr. Vignetta Charles. She was listed, in 2015, on Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s websiteas one of the organization’s “Defenders.” The site says that the Defenders “ensure that women, men, and young people here and abroad have the tools for family planning and reproductive health care. By supporting legislation and securing funding for programs, they look after our physical, mental, and economic well-being.” It states further that “We have a long history of public engagement — from fighting for suffrage, integration and health care — and we need our Defenders to advance our causes.”
  2. 2.     The current ETR website lists Gina Lepore as “a Project Coordinator and Trainer with extensive experience in reproductive and sexual health and sexuality education.” Lepore’s LinkedIn page gives her background work activities, which includes a current position of managing the Pure Pleasure Shop. It also includes working at Planned Parenthood and assisting in abortions. 

Finally, we call your attention to the fact that a program called YTH has merged into ETR. The announcement of the merger describes YTH as “a pioneering Oakland-based organization with over 17 years of experience designing technology solutions to advance the health of youth and young adults.” ETR’s announcement says that former YTH executive director, Bhupendra Sheoran, is now ETR’s Vice President of Global Development and Managing Director of the YTH Initiative.

Despite all the clear evidence of the Planned Parenthood—ETR connections, we are sure that ETR will continue to deny the truth. We suggest you save a copy of this article so that you will have the facts to give to your local school board when necessary.

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

Racist Planned Parenthood and Sports Franchises

In several statements from various affiliates, Planned Parenthood has admitted to being a racist, white supremacist organization. Despite that, many sports franchises have decided to continue their association with the group. 

Years ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Dallas Cowboys football teams came under fire for supporting Planned Parenthood. Last year, it was revealed that the Green Bay Packers Foundation supports Planned Parenthood and the Seattle Storm WNBA basketball team did the same.

Just last week, the World Tribune ran an article that discussed the National Basketball Association and its new NBA Foundation, a social justice fund that will start off with $300 million in seed money to fund “black empowerment.” Columnist Joe Schaeffer observed that Kate Jhaveri was appointed Chief Marketing Officer of the NBA in 2019. Her official bio proudly states that “Jhaveri serves as secretary of the national board for Planned Parenthood Action Fund.” Jhaveri’s LinkedIn page boasts of her role at Planned Parenthood right under her NBA listing. “Working with a supremely talented organization to ensure millions of women have access to the healthcare they deserve,” it reads. This woman is simultaneously serving as a top staffer for the world’s preeminent basketball league and the Western world’s leading baby murdering operation.

As racist Planned Parenthood seeks to gain greater inroads into the sports world, those who oppose the organization need to use the new weapon Planned Parenthood has given us to defeat its plans. Planned Parenthood is admitting it is a racist, white supremacist, organization.

We must make all sports leagues aware that supporting Planned Parenthood is supporting racism. Clearly, letters to the editor in newspapers that have major sports teams should drive home this point. There are lots of other ways to make the point, including meetings with team officials, and holding signs while attending sports events. Remember, the key word for all of this is RACIST— the word Planned Parenthood calls itself!

Every sports team needs to know that Planned Parenthood equals racism. One way of driving this point home is to never just write or say the words “Planned Parenthood” —always say “racist Planned Parenthood.”

The neat thing about that is if anyone should demand to know why you are calling Planned Parenthood a racist organization, you can simply reply, “Because, it says it is!”

Racist Planned Parenthood--in their own words

In July 2020, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced that it was removing Margaret Sanger’s name from its clinic in Manhattan, New York City. The reason PPGNY gave for the action was that Sanger was a racist. 

Planned Parenthood Federation of America said it supported the New York affiliate’s decision to strike Sanger’s name from the center. Melanie Roussell Newman, Senior Vice President of Communications and Culture at the racist Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said: “Planned Parenthood … is reckoning with our history, and working to address historical inequities to better serve patients and our mission.”

Five separate Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country have issued statements on this. Unlike PPFA headquarters, most of these affiliates noted that not only was Planned Parenthood involved with historical racism, but that racism still permeates the organization today.

Below we present excerpts from the five statements, along with a link to the full statement from each affiliate. In most cases, the statement came from the affiliate organization, published on its website, not from one particular spokesperson.

We call your attention to the words these organizations chose to use about Planned Parenthood. We added the underlining to the statements to emphasize words like racist, white dominant, harm, white supremacy (past and present), bias, and structural racism.  

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York 

The removal of Margaret Sanger’s name from our building is both a necessary and overdue step to reckon with our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color … Margaret Sanger’s concerns and advocacy for reproductive health have been clearly documented, but so too has her racist legacy.  There is overwhelming evidence for Sanger’s deep belief in eugenic ideology … Removing her name is an important step toward representing who we are as an organization and who we serve … we will

  1. Divest from and dismantle white dominant organizational cultural norms and values
  2. Adopt Individual and Institutional practices that value people of color
  3. Center communities of color voice, experience and knowledge of self
  4. Build accountable relationships with communities of color

Planned Parenthood of Pacific Southwest

  • We must confront how white supremacy of the past and present continue in the institutions we are a part of today — including our own organization.
  • We acknowledge how the faults in our history have manifested today, including the implicit bias within our own organization, and recognize that this is part of the problem.

Planned Parenthood of the North Central States

We are owning our organization’s history and are committed to addressing the implicit bias and structural racism within our organization and communities … Sanger’s promotion of eugenics was egregious and wrong … we are owning our organization’s history and are committed to addressing the implicit bias and structural racism that continues to exist within our organization.”

Planned Parenthood of California Central Coast

Planned Parenthood … is reckoning with racism in our history, and looking inward to address our historical inequities … Margaret Sanger, was a part of a eugenics movement that was rooted in ablest and racist ideals … We cannot condone that behavior. And we cannot ignore how her behavior and associations have shaped Planned Parenthood today … Planned Parenthood is committed to racial justice. We also recognize that we cannot address structural racism or white supremacyin this country and communities without addressing our own.

Virginia League for Planned Parenthood

We also acknowledge our past and our present participation in white supremacy and are committed to stopping, learning, growing and living our values through the hard and uncomfortable work of progress. As we mourn, we are also forced to take a look at ourselves and to reckon with change.

If you want to know more about the racist culture inside Planned Parenthood, read what employees of PPGNY had to say. “After years of complaints from staff about issues of systemic racism, pay inequity, and lack of upward mobility for Black staff, highly-paid consultants were brought in three separate times to assess the situation. Each time, employees of color were brutally honest about their experiences, but nothing changed. It is not possible to do justice to the scope and gravity of this issue here. Black women and other staff of color created a space to speak directly to their experiences.” Please take the time to read this.