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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.


In This Issue

  • The 2020 Election and Racist Planned Parenthood
  • Black Pro-Life Leaders send letter to racist Planned Parenthood
  • The fight against racist Planned Parenthood continues to expand
  • Kanye West speaks out about racist Planned Parenthood and Black genocide
The 2020 Election and Racist Planned Parenthood

By Jim Sedlak

In the last two weeks, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have held their respective national conventions and selected their nominees for president and vice-president of the United States. In this article, we are not going to discuss individual candidates, but look briefly at the contrasting platforms of both parties. Our purpose is to give you a quick idea of where each party stands on questions dealing with the sanctity of the lives of every human being —born and preborn.

The importance of the platforms is that individuals who run for various offices, especially at the national level (president, vice-president, and Congress) are expected to vote for and work for bills that reflect the party platform.

On the matter of abortion, the Democrat 2020 Platform takes the following positions: 

  1. Democrats believe that every woman should be able to access high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion. (stated twice)
  2. Democrats oppose restrictions on medication abortion . . .
  3. Democrats will always protect sexual and reproductive health and rights. We believe that comprehensive health services, including access to reproductive care and abortion services, are vital to the empowerment of women and girls. 
  4. We will support the repeal of the global gag rule (also known as the Mexico City Policy) and measures like the Helms Amendment, which limit safe access to abortion. 
  5. We will also restore and expand American contributions to the United Nations Population Fund to help guarantee access to health care for women and children around the world . . .

These are positions that racist Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have fought hard to get into the Democratic Party platform. Item number two is actually a top priority of Planned Parenthood’s at this time. The specific “restriction” Planned Parenthood wants removed is the requirement that the Abortion Pill can only be dispensed at a medical facility. It cannot be sold in pharmacies or delivered through the mail. Planned Parenthood wants to be able to take orders for the abortion pill through telehealth links and then mail the pills. It will greatly increase the profits for PP and will see more babies die.

The Republicans decided not to create a new platform this year and will adhere to its 2016 Platform. That platform speaks not only about abortion, but euthanasia and other “life” concerns:

  1. We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned Parenthood, so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts . . .
  2. We will not fund or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage. 
  3. We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life.
  4. We oppose the non-consensual withholding or withdrawal of care or treatment, including food and water, from individuals with disabilities, newborns, the elderly, or the infirm, just as we oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  5. We affirm our moral obligation to assist, rather than penalize, women who face an unplanned pregnancy. In order to encourage women who face an unplanned pregnancy to choose life . . .
  6. We oppose school-based clinics that provide referral or counseling for abortion and contraception  . . . 
  7. American taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion.

Obviously, Planned Parenthood is not happy with any of these statements in the Republican platform—especially the stated effort to withhold taxpayer money from Planned Parenthood—by name. Planned Parenthood is so upset that it has already committed to spend more than $45 million to defeat candidates who run on this platform.

In addition to the specific statements on abortion, there is another topic that is of particular concern to Planned Parenthood. For at least 60 years, Planned Parenthood has been pushing, through its sexuality education programs, the concept of sexual fluidity. They tell our children there is an entire spectrum of sexual experience and not just male or female. It is a concept that has been actively opposed by parents and routinely thrown out of local schools.

Here, in the 21st century, this has evolved into the concept of “gender identity.” You are not restricted to being male or female, but can change your identity whenever you want—being a female one day and a male the next, if you desire. Planned Parenthood wants this concept to be accepted and fights hard to get political parties to embrace it.

The Democratic Party platform mentions its support of “gender identity” 14 different times.

The Republican Party platform does not mention “gender identity” at all.

The two platforms present a clear picture of the two parties. You can choose to support unfettered abortion and confusing gender roles from the party of death, or support every human being from its biological beginning with acknowledgement of the gender assigned by God from the party of life. 

When faced with this choice, the Bible makes your decision clear: “I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting racist Planned Parenthood since 1985.

Black Pro-Life Leaders send letter to racist Planned Parenthood

Human Coalition Action, in partnership with the Frederick Douglass Foundation, is calling on Planned Parenthood to turn from its racism, noting that several Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country have disavowed Margaret Sanger’s racist views (and admitted they still promote racism and white supremacy). The national office of Planned Parenthood has not made these statements.

Noting that “The time has come for society to stop defending Planned Parenthood” and that “our communities don’t need Planned Parenthood's racism,” a letter signed by over 100 Black pro-life leaders has been sent to Alexis McGill Johnson, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Here is the text of the letter: 

Dear Alexis McGill Johnson,
We are a diverse coalition of Black leaders fighting for the dignity of all human life. Like you, we feel called to action by America’s collective reckoning with its history of racism and unjust violence against Black lives. We affirm, with you, that Black lives matter and that every human being, regardless of race or ethnicity, deserves equal respect, equal rights, and equal dignity.

That’s why we’re writing to you today. We are asking you to use your position at Planned Parenthood to confront the systemic racism of America’s abortion practices and to publicly renounce the racist legacy of your founder, Margaret Sanger.

Since George Floyd’s tragic death in police custody, Planned Parenthood has openly voiced its support of the Black Lives Matter movement and its commitment to combating racism in all its forms. Planned Parenthood National has said that Planned Parenthood will be “turning inward and dedicating ourselves to calling out injustice and reckoning with our own institutionalized racism long-term.” In your own statement about America’s reckoning with racism, you said: “We demand justice…we must demand an end to the inequity that continues to define every moment of life for Black America.” 

But Ms. Johnson, will you confront the iniquity that your abortion practices perpetrate against Black lives? Will you fight the racism that targets Black lives in the womb?

The impact of abortion on Black communities is unequal and disproportionate. Despite constituting only 13% of the female population, Black women represent 36% of all abortions, and Black women are five times more likely than white women to receive an abortion. In some cities, like New York, more Black children are aborted every year than are born alive.

This is no accident. Across the country, Planned Parenthood’s surgical facilities target minority communities for abortion. In fact, 79% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located in or near communities of color. Can Planned Parenthood really claim to care for Black lives while remaining complicit in the targeting of Black pregnant women?

This massive iniquity, and the disproportionate harm it does to Black Americans, is fully in keeping with the racist, eugenicist vision of your organization’s founder. Margaret Sanger wanted to use abortion and contraception to cull minority populations.

When Black employees of Planned Parenthood of New York called for the removal of Laura McQuade as president and CEO, they raised awareness about the toxic culture and systemic racism within the organization, including pay inequity and racial inequities among patients. This is no surprise considering the organization’s founding beliefs about minority and vulnerable populations.

Ms. Johnson, your words about the Black Lives Matter movement ring hollow while your organization perpetuates this racist legacy. While Planned Parenthood of Greater New York and North Central States has disavowed Sanger’s eugenic views, Planned Parenthood National has remained silent.

We call on you to change that. Planned Parenthood National must renounce the views and legacy of its founder and acknowledge and discontinue its ongoing systemic targeting of Black Americans with abortion facilities.

You are right that every American must confront, challenge, and dismantle the racist institutions and practices that surround us. Planned Parenthood must do the same.


View All 100+ Prominent Signers

The fight against racist Planned Parenthood continues to expand

When American Life League was founded in 1979, we were the first national organization to focus energy on fighting the entire agenda of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Not just Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, but its vile sexuality indoctrination programs, its attacks on parents, its harmful birth control (contraceptive) products and life styles, and its spread of the Humanist religion.

It was our honor in 1981 to help launch Human Life International to take on the International Planned Parenthood Federation around the world. We also were excited in 1985 to support the newly created STOPP organization in Poughkeepsie, New York.

As the years have passed, more and more organizations have added a fight against Planned Parenthood as one of their main focus items. We thank God for all of this activity and the joint work of all these organizations, which has created an atmosphere in this country where Planned Parenthood is understood as the enemy of life and of God.

The Wednesday STOPP Report has published continually since May 1985 (previously known as The Ryan Report and The STOPP Report). It remains the only national pro-life news publication focused exclusively on Planned Parenthood—what it is doing and what people are doing to fight against racist PP.

We are excited to bring you news that a combination of pro-life groups have just launched:

Black Preborn Lives Matter Billboards across the country, with calls for defunding racist Planned Parenthood.

During a virtual news conference this week, Black Preborn Lives Matter partners Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action along with the Frederick Douglass Foundation and Human Coalition Action announced the launch of a series of billboards across the country, calling for President Trump and other pro-life leaders to defund Planned Parenthood to address the wrongs of their racist past and present and to prevent a future in which Black lives are lost disproportionately to abortion. 

The billboards, now live in Philadelphia, Detroit, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Charlotte, with the messages BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER and PRESIDENT TRUMP, PLANNED PARENTHOOD ABORTS 360 BLACKS EVERY DAY. HELP US., are the first of those going out across the country. Other billboard messaging may be added during the campaign, click here for updates and to see the designs. The billboards are part of an on-going project involving Black Prolife leaders, from local to national levels, and Students for Life. 

“We are working together to confront the racist past and present of Planned Parenthood and to prevent a racist future in which Black lives are ended through the violence of abortion because of the way in which Planned Parenthood chooses to sell its deadly product,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action. 

“What cities haven’t allowed in paint on city streets will be displayed on billboards because BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER, and we will not be silent,” said Students for Life of America’s Kristan Hawkins. 

“As organizations and institutions across the country wrestle with the enduring harm caused by racism in America, it’s about time Planned Parenthood does the same,” Dean Nelson, Frederick Douglass Foundation and Human Coalition Action. 

We wish this coalition great success with its billboard campaign and we will continue to bring you news of fights against racist Planned Parenthood as they get launched.

Kanye West speaks out about racist Planned Parenthood and Black genocide

Those of you who routinely follow pro-life developments are most likely aware of rapper Kanye West’s prolife views. Just yesterday, September 1, 2020, Breitbart did an article on Kanye’s pro-life beliefs. We present here some excerpts from that article and we encourage you to read the entire article.

Poring through the news every day, we come across a lot of abortion stories and many about Planned Parenthood in particular. We also become aware of the racist nature of abortion in general and Planned Parenthood in particular. But, even we were forced to stop and read the article that began:

“Planned Parenthood uses abortion as part of a ‘black genocide’ project, billionaire fashion mogul and gospel rapper Kanye West said in an interview with actor and Masked Singer host Nick Cannon on his eponymous series, Cannon’s Class.”

Kanye is then quoted: “There’s some harsh facts that deal with the black genocide that is abortion … In 50 years, there’s been 22 million — over 22,500,000 — black people aborted strategically and on purpose. Planned Parenthood was set up and placed in minority communities to kill black people.

“Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States,” Kanye said. “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortion kills more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, accidents, cancer, and heart disease combined.” 

Kanye had previously told Breitbart: “Planned Parenthood abortion facilities exist in cities on behalf of ‘white supremacists to do the devil’s work.’”

Remember that just a couple of weeks ago, we brought you statements from Planned Parenthood affiliates where they described the “structural racism and white supremacy” that exists in Planned Parenthood today.

Using data from the Life Issues InstituteBreitbart News Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson added context to some of the claims West was making. He pointed out that the data show that 62 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities were located within walking distance, or two miles, of neighborhoods with high black populations. Thirty-three percent are within walking distance of a census tract that is at least 50 percent Hispanic.

“Support for lawful abortion is predicated on dehumanization of unborn children,” noted West. “Abortion culture teaches people that a child isn’t a real soul,” he said. “It was my wife that said this is a soul, and the scariest thing is she had two pills. You take these pills … and the next morning the baby’s gone. She had the pills in her hand.

Last July, Kanye reflected on what he said was his wife’s contemplation of aborting their eldest daughter, North West. “I cried at the thought of aborting my first-born and everyone was so concerned about me … I’m concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry about this subject.”

We found Kanye’s statements over the last year to be accurate and, at the same time, encouraging. God and our Blessed Mother are touching the hearts and souls of many people in all walks of life. A pro-life army is gathering. We began our Marian Blue Wave effort to have people saying a Rosary a week for the demise of Planned Parenthood and abortion. Right now, we have over 3,000 people who are saying their weekly Rosary and positive things are happening.

There is still a very real battle out there. The struggle is a long way from over. But it is becoming clear that Planned Parenthood is in real trouble, more trouble than any we’ve seen in the last 40 years. We implore you to keep your efforts going strong, and we will see the eventual demise of the most satanic organization in the world—racist Planned Parenthood.